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   Chapter 11

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"Zia! Ziaaaaa..." I pulled at my skirt. I remember my ten year old self struggling as the rain pour harder on me. "Where are you? Zia!" I opened the front door only to be pushed back on the porch steps.

"Idiota!" I could feel my hands struggling to protect myself as I feel the pain slash through my arm, the belt slapping on my flesh. "You little vermin stole my money, aye?" I covered my face to protect it from my uncle and his belt.

"Zio. Zio Benny! Zio Benny, I didn“t stole anything..." I cried out as he pulled at my hair. "Zio, please..." I sobbed, still trying to get away from him and his belt.

"Mama mia! Benny, what are you doing?" Zia Alonza pushed my uncle and held me on her arms as they both fight again.

I could still hear myself screaming at them to stop fighting. I tried to call for my papa and my brother but they did not come for my aid. They weren“t always there to save me...



I stared at the spitting image of my mom, her brown hair greying on its roots as she stood beside my uncle.

"Zia Alonza," she smiled at my words as I hug her. I look at my uncle and said, "Uncle Benny." Maybe he thought I“m going to call him “Zio“ after all those years he had hated me.

My uncle just nod at me. His face has sagged that the frown he has been holding almost look pathetic. He is now supporting himself with a cane to steady his posture. Zia Alonza pulled at my hand making me smile at her, "Oh mama mia, princepessa! Your brother told me you are with them when they arrived but then you left right before our visit. I was worried sick when you didn“t turn up for dinner and yet, here you are. Tell me about all of it, child. All that I missed!"

She urged that I couldn“t help but smile again and asked Argus if I could tour them around on the garden I was glad though, when my uncle Benny refuse to join us on our walk. He was such an old dog that he always frown on things or glare at them. He was always the negative one.

The royal guards opened the sliding doors and we walk through them as they bowed down, "Mia princepessa Loisa, tell are things in New York? " she sat on the bench and I can“t help but sit on it too. "Everything“s fine. I“ve finished my degree and I“m now a paediatric nurse. I“m currently assisting in the paediatric centre for the young cancer patients. It was so sad, Zia-To see those little angels struggle to live-I can“t bear to see them hurting." Zia Alonza pulled me on her arms and sighed, "You“re always so kind mia princepessa. You always have been."

A long moment have passed and I just shrug my shoulders,

is is a long shot I“m asking of you. "

I weight the consequences of the actions I shall take and the benefits I will gain from it. I am still pissed on what he did but it was five years ago. Plus, I cannot deny what I feel. I know that I have fell for him five years ago when we met at the hospital and no matter how long it had been since, my feelings hasn“t change.

Gripping his hand, I said "Then let“s give this a shot. I do not care of what had happened five years ago because it“s in the past. I do not have much of a choice, either." I offered him a smile and he simply returned it with a much charming beam. "I want to figure out my feelings for you and if we really are meant to be, then no matter how hard it is for me to accept the responsibility...I will do it for you. As long as you are with me..." I vowed and feeling the sudden wetness on my eyes as I look at him.

"Then let“s do this. Although it might be awkward at first or seems to be very inappropriate for you and me, we will try to be together for the sake of this empire." He smiled at me and I was surprised when he held out a hand, "Hello, I“m Lucas Stevens I mean Lucas James Hansel and you are?"

"I“m Neola Loisa West."

"Hello Neola, nice meeting you. Mine if I ask you one question?" I raised an eyebrow at him and realised that he has been smirking at me. The guts of this lad!

With a pause, I decided to just nod.

"Will you be my Lady?"


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