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   Chapter 10

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It was dark and cold.


My voice echoed around me as I struggle to stand straight. And suddenly, I was filled with confusion as I felt pain on the side of my stomach.

"Where am I?" I didn“t have the time to hear the echo of my voice as I found myself staring at myself and is that--?

"Neo?" My words echoed again to myself as I look at her wide blue eyes that have taken me away the moment I met her at the hospital five years ago.

"It was you? I knew it!" I tried to back away from the image only to find myself getting dizzy as the world around me blurred. I can see Neola and me looking at baby Jacob as he sleeps. Those nights we spent together at the hospital, drinking our coffee is all that I could keep as good memories.

But the rejection and hurt I felt when I left-it is unbearable.

I was about to touch Neola“s face but when I opened my eyes, I saw my father looking at me, his hands holding my mother“s hand as I felt myself sinking on the water.

"Pa? Ma? What“s the meaning of this?" My father smiled at my question before he pulled me up from the water and hand me the crown. He gave me a tap on the back and i was surprised to see them fade in the never ending darkness.



"I“m so sorry, Argus. It was my fault. I didn“t listen. I am so stubborn..." I hugged myself closer as I look at him-dressed only in a casual hood and pants seeing as it“s his day off-and sighed.

"The prince could be very impulsive most of the time..." He laid his hands on my back as his voice washed away my guilt, but not all. I still know that I am one of the reasons why he was in an operating room right now.

I shrug again before I muttered, "But still..." I sighed, shaking my head as we both waited. My gaze was drawn back to the ring on my palm as I held it close to me-The diamond on the middle gleaming as I twirl it around and around-making me think about the happenings.

I was about to stand up and get myself a coffee when the doctor came out of the doors. He removed his face mask before he said, "The crown prince is stable now. I would like you to sign a couple of papers before we proceed on transferring him to his private room. " he smiled at me before handing me a stack of documents.

I look around and bit my lip. I didn“t bring a pen with me nor could I ask Argus for a pen. He just had ran the way from the park to the hospital. I won“t expect him to have a pen with him all the time. But because of my desperate self, I look at him and pretended to scribble something on the air in Argus“ direction.

"What?" His question made me slap my hand over my face."Well?" He raised an eyebrow at me before I squeaked, "I don“t have a p

asked to return, Elle." A long paused from the other line made me almost regret the words I said but a small “and“ oppose that idea and urge me to continue. "I think he already knows who I am which endangers your--"

"Miss Dayle." I turn around to see a maid about my age-clad in blue checkered skirt and white blouse-smiling at me. "There is someone who is asking for your presence inside the mansion. They are hoping for you to come in soon as to not waste any time..." She bowed before scurrying off at the back part of the garden.

"Elle, I“m so sorry but I have to end this call. There is someone who wants my attention inside. Do you think you could maybe, call me later? Or should I be the one to?"

"But I have so many things to tell you! Who is that person to be more important than us?" I momentarily stopped listening to her as the maid from earlier usher me in with her hands. "I“m really sorry but I really need to go now, Elle!"

"Fine! Go now. I wil be waiting for your call. Jacob miss you so much..." I just nodded at the maid before answering Elle. "I know..."

I dash for the doors as I slipped the phone inside my pants unable to stop the giggle as I almost collapse because my doll shoes are far too slippery. Hearing the voices echoing on the floors, I reach the main arches only to see two people standing across me.

The two people I hated and also loved the most.


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