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   Chapter 9

The Heir's Bride By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 7591

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Luke cleared his throat which made the man stopped the thing he was doing. He offered me a smile and a slight bow to Luke as he recognised his face. "What can I do for you, your majesty?" His voice slightly quivered as he look back at me and to Luke.

"Not for me. I need you to assist on taking off the ring on her finger." He pointed at me and shrugged. The man asked for me to show him the ring and I did not hesitated. The lights reflecting from the glass shown down on the diamonds on the ring making it glow. The man shook his head and look at me before looking at look. "This-this is the royal ring given by the king to his wife....I, I“m very honoured to have seen it in real life!"

Luke just nodded at him, looking so bored as he scratch the back of his head. "I“ve never had seen something like this before. It was very--"

"I do not care on what you have seen or what you haven“t. Just work on it already! You are wasting my precious time..." Luke snapped at him making the poor man tremble with fear as he poured a liquid on my finger. He pushed some kind of a wire between my finger and the ring and after a couple of minutes, the ring slipped off and twirled before it completely stopped.

Luke snatched some money from his jacket pocket before he wrapped the ring with his handkerchief. The poor man bowed his head and I watch Luke as he made his way out. Before he completely had gone out of the door, he turned around and said, "We don“t have all the time in the world m“lady...we still have to broke off the deal and I“ll ask you to be the one who will assist me on looking for a bride."

And with that I find myself treading my way out of the shop and back to the mansion.

I guess I“m not as free as I thought I would be.


It was drizzling when we went out of the shop. I wanted to scold Luke for acting so rude awhile ago but I decided not to. Scolding him might give him some clue on who I really am and based on the way he“s acting before we even have our conversation awhile ago, I know that snapping at him won“t do us any good.

Clamping my mouth shut,I was surprised when a man suddenly bump at Luke and soon enough, we are surrounded by three more men.

"Give it to us." The shaggy blond guy snapped at Luke and tried to sli

ng“s retirement and that the prince have finally found his bride."

"But we have broken it off. I--"

"You know that it is not that simple, dear."

"So I really can“t escape this now?" Argus shook his head no before he tranfer his gaze to look. "There will be changes on your routine now for the sake of your safety. I believe that the princess--"

"Elle, you mean?" Argus nodded and continued, "She will be leaving in the mansion soon. Your brother is part of this plan. We have talked things with your brother and he agreed that this will strengthen the ties between your family and the royals."

"Wait, you loss me here. How can my family be related to the royals?" Argus just sighed and opened the door out.

"I guess, it is not part of my job to discuss this serious matters with you. You have to ask your brother or the king about this, princepessa..."

Folks! So sorry if this chap is a little bit short and rushed. Well I haven“t had much of the time to write this thing. Plus, exam papers and projects are already peeking on the side which is why I apologise for not updating soon enough.

However, I“m expecting that I would be able to upload much frequently after my exams. Anyways, what can you say about this chapter?

Do you have anything to suggest about this chap? Any violent reaction or sweet endearings? Ideas, opinions, and the like?


Do you love the book? Or maybe this particular chap?


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