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   Chapter 9 8 THE HAPPENING

The Heir's Bride By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 10477

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"Your grace, you can't just ask a stranger to marry you just like that!" I stared at him as I tried to appear taller than usual on the chair I was sitting on.

"Well, you are not a stranger to me anymore, " his voice slither down the nape of my neck as he whispered on my ear. "Oh really?" I push his head off and he let out a sigh.

"It was true, love, you weren't a stranger to me fact, you remind me of someone I really knew. Someone that I have known from the past, " His fingers paused beneath my elbow before he draw them back to himself to thread them on his hair.

I gulped. Is it possible that he finally figure that I am who I think he knew I am? The Neola West that he hated because I can't be with him which is also the reason why he left me in the first place?

"You know what? Forget it." I snap out of my trance as I hear the irritation on his voice. I watch him walk back to his seat and lean on his table. "Gran-I mean the King, wanted me to marry you soon to secure the royalty but because of the reason that you refuse my proposal then I concluded that I should just let you go..." His words cut through my heart but a part of me felt relieved. Not because I would be able to live as Neola again but because I'll be able to ditch the responsibility.

I started to back away from him and to the direction of the door when I realise that he was already beside me and is already holding my right hand. "Not so fast, love. I need you to take this off..." He pointed at my ring finger and I just sigh.

I started tugging at the ring but to no avail, it still wouldn't budge. Seeing my struggle with the damn thing, Luke moved closer and tug at it gently at first but soon, both of our hands are struggling to pull the ring off my finger.

"Bloody hell! What did you do to make it stick so bloody tight? Did you ate so many?" His voice is tinted with irritation and concern as he stared at my finger which is already turning pink.

"I didn't, I swear. I have tried to take it off for a couple of times but it just wouldn't budge of my finger!" I snap at him with my lips curled, my frown deepening as I concentrated on removing the damned thing off.

I stole a glance at him and almost pull his hair off as I saw him fiddling with his phone. Soon enough, he showed me the screen only for it to project an image that look like a store. "This is five blocks away from here. We could walk from here to there in less than ten minutes and get that thing off. I'm pretty sure that they've handled things like this." He muttered more to himself that it appears that he is only assuring himself the solutions of taking the ring off my finger and not me. "Argus shan't know about this. We'll do this secretly. I don't want my grandfather knowing about this for he'd surely wring my head."

He push the door open and we both went out of the mansion. He gave me a hat and a scarf to cover half of my face as he wore his pair of sunglasses. "Don't look up. Some media men and paparazzi's are spying everywhere specially now that they know my fiancée is with me. Just bow your head, and follow

him in this condition. Even though I felt tempted to just get the hell out of here, I know I can't.

Staring back at the knight, I watch as he called for an ambulance. It was only about five minutes when the sirens blare near us.

Everything passed into a blur as I was asked who are the men that had attacked the prince. Several media men are taking pictures of me and I couldn't help but hide behind Argus as we tried to make our way towards the ambulance.

Once the door shut behind us, the tears flow down my cheeks that Argus pulled me in close and offered ne a handkerchief, "It's gonna be alright, ma'am"

I nodded at him and cried harder, "But there's so many blood lost. The king will be angered by this. This is all my fault. I should have agreed to be Luke's bride so he wouldn't need to get this thing off my finger!" I glared at the ring on my palm and wish I could throw it out the window of the ambulance.

"Shh, do not blame yourself. I, for one, is in very deep trouble. I had let the prince out of my sight. I should be very mindful of him specially now that he has you..." Argus confessed, bowing his head. "Your lives will be at stake the next few days because they know about the king's retirement and that the prince have finally found his bride."

"But we have broken it off. I--"

"You know that it is not that simple, dear."

"So I really can't escape this now?" Argus shook his head no before he transfer his gaze to look out. "There will be changes on your routine now for the sake of your safety. I believe that the princess--"

"Elle, you mean?" Argus nodded and continued, "She will be visiting the mansion soon. Your brother is part of this plan. We have talked things with your brother and he agreed that this will strengthen the ties between your family and the royals."

"Wait, you loss me here. How can my family be related to the royals?" Argus just sigh and opened the door out.

"I guess, it is not part of my job to discuss this serious matters with you. You have to ask your brother or the king about this, princess..."


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