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   Chapter 8

The Heir's Bride By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 7976

Updated: 2017-12-13 12:03

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He was here. Flesh and bone in front of me.

I watch his eyebrows turned slightly upward before he tightened his grip on my shoulder, steadying me.

"Lou? Is that you?" He slid his hands down my shoulder and I felt a shudder down my spine. My mind had to take a couple of seconds more to completely believe of the fact that he is truly here. Right in front of me. "What are you doing here in Seattle? Are you---?" I shrugged. A rather wrong move I did because that made the ring on my finger catch a little bit of the suns rays- which blow my cover.

Oh, damn.

His eyes trailed up from my finger to my face. I could almost see his brain processing it all-the night we spent together at his engagement party and the happenings after that-retrieving every memory he could get from his blurry ones.

In an instant, I was pulled away from the alley and down to a narrow street. His grip on my wrist makes it impossible for me to move but I still tried to break away from it. After a couple of tug from him, I felt him halt as he turned abruptly, eyes aglow with anger.

"You didn“t even tell me goodbye back when we were in Paris!" I breathe out a sigh, thanking my luck of being so discreet. I am so lucky to find a way of still continuing this act-of me being another person- and not being caught. "You just want the ring, right? You“re not even contented with that because you decided to even snatch my dress shirt!

"Not to mention my pants..." I almost laugh at this as I watch him fume with anger.

Who would“ve thought that a prince- I mean a crown prince- will be so worried of a stranger, stealing his pair of pants?

I couldn“t contain it. I bit my finger to stifle a laugh. "And you think I“m trying to be funny here?" He snapped at me, turning my mood, sour.

He yanked at my wrist again before a large limousine stopped in front of us. He open the doors and pushed me in. "Wait! I haven“t said goodbye to my family!"

But his glare is enough to shut me up as he got inside. He signalled something to the driver as I watch the city blur past me. "There“s no time for that, princess."

Guess I should say goodbye to Seattle for a while?


It wa

go on forever.

"Argus," his voice startled me that I“m even more surprised of the sudden appearance of a royal knight beside him. "This is Lou. Lou this is Argus." I silently acknowledge him, staring at the badges on his chest. "Argus, please accompany the lady to the dining hall and ask Marlee to serve the food I asked for her."

Luke pulled at my hand and transfer it to Argus, who gladly took it and settle it on his own arms, "Yes, your grace." Argus started to pull me but Luke“s voice made Argus pause.

"And afterwards, Argus, I would like you to guide her to my office. I will be waiting for her presence to discuss to her about the royal matters concerning the king," with that, Argus bowed his head at Luke before answering.

"Yes, your grace. I will make sure that the Lady will be at your office once she finishes her meal."

I snorted. I do not need a baby sitter for goodness sake!

So much for being royal...


Forgive me my royal and elegant fans! I“m deeply anguished of the fact that I could not write no more faster than a turtle“s crawl. I“m afraid that I will be writing lesser words and shorter chapters because of the fact that I need to focus on my education.

I am really sorry about this.

But do not be so foul. I also came here to tell you that as long as I find an opportunity, I will write more so I could update frequently for the time being.

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