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   Chapter 7

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The taxi stopped after ten minutes of travel from the suburban place I“ve came from to this setting which I“ve been led unto by that mystery caller.

It was just a small diner right in the middle of the city. The bright green lights blinded me for a moment before they change to a dull yellow that it was almost comforting to my wrecking nerves. I entered the diner by pushing open the glass door.

I am about to pull my phone out of my jacket pocket to call the mystery voice when a hand bolted from my side and snatch it from my grasp. "What the f--"

"Bon soir, mademoiselle..." I was surprised to see a middle aged woman bow down in front of me. She straightened up right after and offered me a smile before she speaks, "I am Lizy Caine, I“m the one who called you."

I just nodded at her, still observing the way she carry herself around with undeniable confidence of a true soldier. I am a very aware that she was a woman but she acts like a man-Specially with the way her eyebrows furrowed as she clutch her hands on her sides, her medals gleaming on her chest as it catch sunlight.

She led us back on a more secluded area and to one of the tables. We both took our seats, the attendants sliding the mahogany chairs smoothly after we sat. "The Queen asked for me to tell you this myself..." Her voice held reverence bringing me a slight shudder down my spine. Geez, her voice is full with raw emotion.

She really honours the Queen so much that it seem like she would offer her life for the Queen. But, isn“t she not present at the ball?

"It was unlikely for the Queen to ask favours like this but it seems to be really necessary. She is very anxious for her grandson. She wanted to make sure that you and the prince will be married soon as to assure her of the safety of the prince and of the King." She said all these words while she stare at me with her blie powdery eyes; her hair shone, gold as it catches the suns rays. "I“m sorry but, can you please repeat it? I didn“t quite catch it that well..."

She sigh before she held both of my hands, which surprised me. "Dear, the Queen wanted you to stay with his grandson. She wanted you to marry the prince so as to not worry the king anymore. Her majesty wanted that to happen very very

surprise for Lisa is beside the old woman. "This is just overwhelming for a normal person like me. I am not cut out for this. I do not know how to handle a situation involving kingdom and, that invitation you sent me doesn“t even say that it“s a royal gathering."

"It was not just for royals!" Lisa inserted before she earned a pinch from the queen. The queen glared at her before she cleared her throat, "It was not intended for royals but for all ladies that has a social standing for centuries and your family is one, because you are a West. Given that you and Luke have a history and Elle knows you, I kind of hope that this will be a best shot for both of you."

I direct a glare at her before saying, "I can“t believe how desperate you all could be!"

With that, I turn away from them and run the opposite direction. I could feel my legs trying to make the distance farther from the queen as I broke into a jog. I couldn“t stomach the fact that they wanted me to be a pawn just so they could save their empire. It won“t be too easy for them to convince me to join their force, though. No matter what, I won“t give in. I shan“t

I could feel myself chanting it inside my head, trying to believe every word of it as it comes out of my mouth.

"I won“t be. I will get away from this mess. I will--" I momentarily stopped from mumbling to myself as I collapsed with something.

Or should I say, someone?


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