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   Chapter 6

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Oh well. Hello there my lovelies. So you know both of the characters playing in this story. I would like to introduce you further in this story by presenting, the ring. (No creepy white lady crawling out of the screen, though...)



Landing in Seattle at eve is just beautiful. I turn my gaze back to the wonderful boy on my arms and his crazy mother on my side as the car rolled down the streets. Taylor was the one who collected us from the airport which surprises me because I know that my brother has been dying to be with his family.

That chimp, I wonder what he is cooking?

"Don“t you think he was fooling with me? I mean, Hey! We are moving to this goddamn place somewhere in the outskirts of the city where possibly, no neighbours would even help me if your brother tried to kill me!" Taylor stared at us from the rear mirror and averted his eyes quickly as Jacob pointed around.

"He won“t kill you," I muttered, running my hands in Jacob“s curls, "you“re just acting so crazy..."

"Me? Crazy? I don“t even know this place where we are moving in!"

"It“s on Seattle"

" “It“s on Seattle“" She quoted, rolling her eyes at me before saying, "I am aware of that. Isn“t it that I am the one who bought our tickets? Still, I am thinking about how rainy it is there and what if there are vampires?"

"You really are a psycho!" I stated, earning a glare from her. I tried to distract myself by braiding Jacob“s curls, saying, "I get it, Elle. This is a change but my brother really wanted something that will be best for the both of you and Jacob. He wanted his son to grow on a place where he will feel belongingness. This is where we grew up, where we find ourselves." I smiled at her but bit my lips as I remembered. "Oh, by the way, our foster parents are just a few kilometers from where you are moving..."

I was surprised when I felt a pinch on my side, "Oww, Elle!" Jacob suddenly let out a squeak as I accidentally let go of him. "Sorry, baby. Oh, Elle...what is that for?"

"You know about this? You know about the place where we are moving in? I thought there will be no secrets between us, Neola!"

I gritted my teeth knowing that I lose. I muttered a sorry before I hear her speak again, "Your parents? But your mom had died giving birth to you and your father..."

"No. I said foster parents." I look down, not wanting to talk further.

"Foster parents? They never existed before in my and Gabe“s life. They seem so detached from your brother and you. I thought you are talking about your true parents but they are long dead. Now knowing this, I never expected that it will seem peculiar and...awkward. " She added the last word silently that I almost did not hear it.

"I know. I figure that my brother did not mention them because for Gabriel, they do not exist. Zia Alonsa js the one who took care of us when mom died. She is my Mom“s twin and she is very

lue of ring on your finger right now. Not only the price but also the responsibility and symbol it brings."

"How did you know that I have the ring?

"We have tracked your location with it. We“ve been following you around the city of Seattle now since you left France. I am here waiting for you at a restaurant in the city. There is something that I need to tell you." the voice sound shaken that I can“t help but feel afraid.

"How should I know that you are not lying to me? For all I know this could all be a twisted prank for some show. Are you from Jimmy kimmel“s show? "

"I assure you that this is not a prank. It is every bit of reality. And I would like to remind you that you are halfway done of becoming a part of the french royalty."

"This is insane!" I signaled a thumbs up at Elle as she asked me about the call. She just shook her head at me before Gabe ushered Jacob inside the house with her.

" I know that it sounds every bit as insane as it should to a normal person like you but believe me, you needed to be here in the next fifteen minutes. We worry that the media will know about all these before you even have the chance to grasp the reality..." the voice sighed, sounding troubled. "Believe me. This is all for your safety. "

"Fine, just tell me about the directions."

I put the call on hold before sending my goodbyes to Elle, telling an excuse about some old friends I would be meeting at the city.

With one last glance at the house, I hailed a cab, thanking my lucky stars that I have already situated inside it before I saw the ghost of my past standing on the porch steps just a few miles away from Gabe“s lot.

Oh goodness.

Short, yeah. I“m very busy my lovelies but don“t worry because next day, I will be updating again!

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