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   Chapter 5

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Guys I“m back :) so sorry for the long , loooooooooong wait. I“m currently fixing the first book. Anyways I don“t want to keep you waiting again, now..let“s dug right in.

BTW, JACOB IS ON TOP, he“s so beautiful :



I never wanted for this to happen in reality but it is always been on my dreams.

You know those things that only happen in the movies? The magical part where a random boy falls in love with a girl because they were in Paris; shared a drink, kissed and did IT? Well, I think it wasn“t that magical and not like the movies; in fact, the man didn“t even fall really for the girl. Maybe you can consider it happening in a book but not considered romance or comedy“s far worse than worst.

A horror story, maybe? Let“s just say that it is a rom-hor, a romance horror...okay, I“m sounding like an idiot here.

Uggh, I wish just I did not dream for this.

I gripped the sheets tightly as I felt the skin beneath me, the way this particular pillow rise and fall, really creeps me out. Oh, wait! I think it“s not actually a pillow, because it“s fleshy and hairy.

It“s a chest, of the guy, with whom I slept with.

I bit my hand to avoid screaming bloody murder, exerting much effort to pull myself away from his death grip. I am very much aware that I“m naked and so is the way, I won“t get into the raw and gory details, all I want to do now is to get out of here, right at this moment.

I am almost disappointed that I didn“t get to remember anything from last night; That my first time is simply composed of a very blurred memory of me and him kissing.

Getting rid of his body was such a very tremendous and terrifying act. I do not know the guy for crying out loud! Yet, I did slept with him.

The warmth left my body and I shivered, shaking as I recovered my conscious mind. I leap out of the bed in my pure nudity and was shocked when he suddenly let out a groan.. He turned his head unto the side and I was shocked to see his face.

Non, it can“t be!

Without thinking I pulled a pair of white pants from the floor and a dress shirt. Grabbing my purse with my left hand, I proceed to open the window with my other hand before I trample down on it; thanking my lucky stars because I made it out, safe.

I was walking down the street, getting weird looks from almost everyone. Of course, it“s not everday that you“ll see an almost naked woman walking early in the morning-looking all haggard, sweating like a pig as she nurse a hangover, dressed only in a pair of dress shirt and pants-Not to mention that it “s white and well, this is Paris not Vegas...

I know. I probably look like a ridiculous psycho who just came out of the rehab.

Entering a café, I slipped inside a booth and stared at the menu. I was startled when a young lady came barging beside me, "Bonjour, mademoiselle..." I just stared at her not knowing what I would say. I can understand her of course but my mind has some problem on processing right now because it“s drowning inside my cranium from too much liquor I drank last night.

"Oh, ma“am? Would you prefer me speaking english now?" I cringe at her grammar as she spoke. I urge for her to dictate the menu, ending up with some black coffee and the famous croissant of Paris.

I almost jump out of my seat when my phone rang. Pulling it out of my purse, I answered in a non challant tone, "Hello?"

"Neo! Where are you?! We are boarding on the plane in the next thirty minutes. Now get your ass here right at this moment or I“ll be leaving for Seattle without your sorry bum!" She ended the call, not giving me any chance to respond.

I stared at the young lady as she scurry off, bringing back a disposable cup, "You, take it out?" She asked. I just nodded at her as she pour the remains of my coffee on the cup. I didn“t wait for her another blubber as I grab it, handing her a tip "Merci, Celine..." She gave me a toothy grin before I stood and ran out of the shop.

"Come again! Au revoir!"


I wasn“t surprise when almost all of the passengers are looking at me with curious stares. I just shrug off my shoulder and stare ahead, looking for that particular brunette mother and child. I was almost delighted to see her not far from the entrance, carrying a very hyper Jacob whom I assume is having another sugar rush.

"There you are! Oh gosh, you don“t know how I“ve been so worried that you didn“t came back home from last night. I guess you really enjoyed the party because I gave you my invitation card-and oh my gosh!" She gave me a sweep from head to toe before pointing a finger at me, "You should rather keep hold of your nephew right now while I get you a shirt and jeans of mine. You look ridiculous, lady..." I just shrug another shoulder as she hand me her son, getting me a pair of jeans and shirt from the duffel bag on the floor.

I give Jacob the cup of coffee that is now empty and he happily wave it up on the air, "Darth Vader! Pingpingping," the coffee cup flied on the space around my head as Jacob made sounds. "Silly, Jacob..." I shook my head as he giggled, pursing his lips for a kiss. I lean on him and was surprise when he suddenly grab my hair and pulled "Jake-"

"Aunt Ne-la," he whispered on my ear before puffing

his cheek and letting go of the air slowly through his lips. "Brblrrblrrr..." Rains of slobber wet my cheeks as I closed my eyes, shaking my head at my nephew who is now laughing at me. He love to act like a baby!

God, he just told me yesterday that he is a big boy already and that I shouldn“t baby him much.

"Neo, here...."She handed me the clothes and I happily passed her Jacob. I blew him a kiss before I scurried off to the rest room, entering a cubicle and began stripping out of this clothes.

Oh this clothes, his clothes. Royalty...

Goodness, what am I thinking?! Have I gone nuts? Pssh...I don“t even know what I“m doing last night. I should“ve been more careful but my heart wants what it wants. And the odds led me to it.

Sighing, I undo the buttons, reminiscing how my weekend had flip unto this confusing end. It started out right, composed of the three of us landing in the city of love; Elle carrying his son as I carry our things. Have our reservation at the hotel exactly facing the tower, going out on the park to watch the sunset with my nephew as we waited for his mother to win a deal from her client.

It was all good, but then that invitation has to ruin that all.

Of course, I didn“t expect that the outcome would be like this when Elle urged for me to go. I agreed because of the reason that I“d rather try to attend to one of this “royal“ balls in my lifetime, rather than babysitting my hyper nephew, which is very addicted on playing with his stupid robots and light sabers.

It was all good! It was perfect but when that evening came; When I was suddenly fetch by a limo and I came face to face with different people, I know it won“t end good.

And I was right.

First, I was intoxicated. Drunk myself to death and and probably was out of my mind. Second, I talked and flirted to different people not caring who they were. And third, I slept with a man and gave my v-card without even knowing who he really was. Not until I saw his face a while ago...

Lovely? No! Absolutely not.

I was rambling with my angry thoughts, pulling the jeans up on my leg when I was suddenly distracted by a sudden gleam that caught my eye.

God, I can“t believe this.

There on my right ring finger, was a platinum band, littered with small diamonds. The oval shape sapphire located on the center made me go weak.

Did he propose to me?

Well, according to the ring, the answer would be “yes“ but not to my memory; I don“t remember any proposals or him getting in his knee, or this freaking ring!

With pure and utter angst, I slipped out of the restroom before dumping his dress on the nearest bin. I tried for countless times, pulling at the ring but it won“t budge. Not one inch or even a millimeter.

I was almost delighted when they announce our flight, urging us to prepare and board in; in that way it kept me distracted, my thoughts focusing on finding Elle, rather than the stupid ball last night.

As I spot them, I offer to take Jacob on my arms as we pass through the gates. We proceed down an aisle and then there we are, a thousand steps away from the lovely seats. I pulled Jacob nearer as he began to squirm, trying to bang both of his favourite robots as he tried to make sound effects with his mouth. I waited for the security checks to finish before we boarded inside the plane and sat.

I glared at Elle as she pinch my sides, pulling Jacob back to her arms. Frowning, I just stare at her and say, "What“s with the pinch?" I screamed, my voice now an octave higher. She just giggled, focusing her attention to his son. "I would love to inform you that it hurts, like a bitch, if you wanna clarify..." I shrug again, lowering myself down on the seat.

"Neo, now tell me....TELLL MEEEEE" she urge, pinching me again.

"Ow, fudgee balls...Elle, what? What would I tell you?" I whinned, earning a bunch of curious stares from the passengers on our left. I just glared at them and was delighted to them her duck their head down, "Tell me about last night." She blurted out of the blue as she gave me a grin. Her son matching her smirk.


"Noooooo, I won“t believe that. You just say that there“s nothing because you hide the fact that something“s up." She stated, pulling my arm as Jacob nuzzled his head on my shoulder. "Tell me, Neeeoooooo...I know there“s something. The way you forgot that this morning will be our flight, the way you reacted, that hangover thingy, the cup, the clothes and not to mention....that ring!" She pointed at it with her eyes shining

Oh, Geez...I“ll be dead before we even reach New York.

I turn my gaze out on the window and sighed, watching as we flew up on the sky, "No, Elle. There“s nothing and as much as you insist..that“ll be all for now," I heard her sigh as I also let out one.

I don“t know how I“m going to face all this.

With that I urge for sleep to come, but I know as sleep grab me, memories of last night will hunt like nightmares I used to have.


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