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   Chapter 4 3 THE BALL

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I stared at the king as he lean back on the table, his teeth glistening as he continues to smile at me. "Son, you're just in time."

I dismiss the idea on my head of just pushing this king down the stairs. Instead, I gave him a curt nod, "Just in time for what exactly, Grandpa?" I emphasize the words as I took a seat beside the counter.

"We're heading off to France tonight, " He pressed a button on his chair and I watch as it whizzed nearer, "We'll have the ball tomorrow at Paris. I've sent off the invitations to the other royalties and known people Tomorrow will be the official day that you will be presented as the crown prince. In addition to that, you will choose your bride during the party seeing as you didn't have any girlfriend or lover..." I groan internally as I listen to his speech.

In a matter of minutes, I was already dismissed and was sent back to my room. Indeed, I have my own room inside the so called 'castle'. I do not know why it mattered to them so much that I have to find a bride soon. I can rule alone for all I care.

With that thought running inside my mind, I grab the phone again and dial the same number.


"Elle?" I pulled my luggage off the dresser before putting it on top of my bed, 'Oh, thank goodness. You are still alive'

"Yes, yes. I am still alive. Are you still open for my offer?"

There was a pause and I take this as an opportunity to pack my things. I was about to head inside the bathroom to get my shaving cream when she suddenly spoke, 'Luke, I am so sorry but I can't. I am already married to Gabriel. I can't just go there and pretend. I hated to destroy the happiness we have achieved after all the sacrifices we made.'

"I understand, " I sigh and stare back at the mirror, "I just choose someone from the ball, then. I'm sorry if I bothered you but I hope you understand my desperation'. I ended the call, running my fingers on my hair as I gaze back at my reflection.

"Ugh, I guess shit really happens..."

The plane landed down on Paris at exactly five in the evening, in accordance to their so called 'schedule'. A limo pulled up from the airport and headed towards another hangar where we were fetch by a helicopter.

The skyline is beautiful as the setting sun cast a shadow over the buildings around the Eiffel tower. I gaze at the window to see couples kissing, bunch of people laughing; having fun.

We arrive at the royal castle, not to far from the tower. A couple of women came bouncing beside the helicopter, anxious to meet the king. I was surprise when a woman appeared beside me, " Luca..." she whispered making me remember the last time she groom me back there in London.

"Genova." I nod at her direction before guiding my Grandpa to his wheelchair.

"No, I can do this by myself..." He push my hands off as the wheelchair whirred, descending down.

A couple of picture frames containing unfamiliar faces dotted the hallway as I follow my grandpa, "These are our ancestors. As you can see, this monarchy have reigned for the past century or so. I can even remember my grandpa, passing the throne to my father. It was very momentous, and I can't believe that I'll be doing the same to you and not your father." The wheelchair whirred as he turn around, his face is mask in a different facade as we proceed to my room.

I open it and momentarily stop as I see three ladies standing beside my bed, holding out a different varieties of suits. I am about to ask my grandfather when one of the women bowed in front of me. "Bon jour, monsieur." I gave her a smile before I turn towards my grandfather.

"What is this for, grandpa?" I ask, examining the suit with my hand. It looks very regal.

"It's for you to choose from, " he muttered, his face still unreadable.

"But Grandpa, this is all too much!" I stared down at the suits the three ladies prepared for me. "I cannot accept this. These are all expensive and not suited for me, I-"

"Son, " he lays a hand on mine and continued, "this is all I can do for you to make up with the things you didn't savor from the moment you were born. Please, just for tonight...let me introduce you to our world." He smiled glancing down on the suit before looking back at me again. "Now, dress up. We don't have all night to prepare you to your destiny, majesty..." I watch him walk out of my room on his wheelchair, shutting the door behind him.

I look down again and let out a groan, "Okay, maybe I can bear this." I gave a smile to the lady before I enter the bathroom and took my bath.

After countless times of trying out the suits, I chose the white suit lined with blue on the collar and wrist. It looks simple and elegant at the same time. Perfect for this night. The three ladies gave me a thumbs-up and nodded before pushing the smallest of them towards me, "Our lord, the ball would be a masquerade. The King ordered us to hand you this..." She provided a white mask behind her back and give it to me.

It was simple, with only a blue lining on the sides. It reminds me of my past, the simple life I'd had about two weeks ago. But now it felt like it was from a different lifeline, a life I almost forgot to live.

I put it on, took a deep breath then I was out.

"I would like to present, the crown prince of Rose...Lucas Jonathan Hansel." The band came alive as I walk through the gold carpet with escorts by my side.

I stand beside my grandfather and watch him as he took his place in front, his crown glistening as he says. "Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thirty years ago, I was standing right here in front of the different royalties and aristocrats all over the world to pass the throne to my son, Jacob ...may he rest in peace. Unfortunately he pass away and now I'm here again, standing beside my heir." He smiled at me before turning back on the crowd. "I'd never imagined that I'll be able to have a flesh of my own as my successor. I thought t

hat this bloodline will end but I am wrong. Now, may I present to you, the heir to my throne, my one and only grandson...Lucas Jonathan Hansel." And once again I was presented to the crowd of masked people.

The king descended down the platform with me in tow, heading on the royal table as he greet every royalty from all over the world before introducing me as the crown prince. I sat down on the table beside my grandpa as the dinner began.

I silently start with my soup and the first course, sniffing the savory tenderloin presented to me. I was about to start with my desert when the ladies bounded on me as soon as I grab my spoon.

"Oh Prince Luke, I just wanna lick that lips of yours and-"

"Stop it, Anesa." I am glad to be able to remember her name, their names to be exact. Letting out a deep breath I look around the table and realize that it's impossible for me to escape this hellhole.

I currently have forty-eight princesses dining on the table with me; Forty-eight girls to dance with; forty-eight bride-to-be's. Forty-eight girls on which I would choose my future wife.

I push Anesa off me yet another girl pulled at my arm, again. "Prince Luke, oh...I'm dizzy." She raise her hands unto her eyes as she leaned on my shoulder, "Mia, stop it-I"

"Son, " I stared back at my grandfather as he stares at me, his eyes full of warning. "I'm sorry grandpa, I just-"

"Don't, " He held out his hand before giving me a tight smile. " You might want to bond with the princes from the east. I guess they need a companion..." He pointed out his finger to the three guys sharing a drink on the bar before offering me a smile. I nodded in response and was glad to escape the vicious girls of America.

I am making my way across the room when the door on my left, open. Out came a lady in red; a lady that just captured my interest.

I wonder where she's been hiding for the past three hours? My body must have known that this particular woman will attend my party. I am clearly excited by her appearance. "M'lady..." The blonde beauty didn't stop as I address her. She continue to run across the room, staring left and right like she was lost in some kind of a maze.

"Mademoiselle!" The girl stop running and stared at me; her red mask covering half of her face; concealing the true color of her eyes as it cast a shadow on them. "Where were you headed to? You are ruining the party by running around here like a child. Are you out of your mind? " She looked down on her shoes to avoid eye contact from me though her actions only made me develop an interest to this beautiful distraction...

"That door, " I pointed at the Oakwood door on the far side of the room and gave her an exasperated sigh. " Is locked. It will be impossible for you to open that for the royal guards have put a special passcode on it. Specifically, a biometric passcode that could be access by the highest guard. Haven't you thought about it?"

She shook her head, no, before answering "I'm so sorry. I do not know." Her accent thrilled me, she sounds like someone I know.

"Do you have a company? Your parents, or friends, colleagues, maybe?" I ask, grateful with the little bother from this particular lady. She shook her head again from my question and let out a little sigh. I pulled her beside me and lead her to the bar, "Well then, I might as well proclaim myself as your company." I gave her a grin and she smiled a little.

Her smile was contagious that I can't help but smile back. We reach the boys and I greet them as she curtsy. She sat beside me and was shaking slightly. I whispered, "It's okay dear. You are safe as long as I am with you." I notice the slight blush that peppered her freckled cheeks.

I was astounded. My mind went blank as I remember the girl that made my heart stop. It was like that night again. Could it be possible—oh. It is not possible. She was in New York. I am in Paris. There's a huge chance that she hated me for leaving. She would probably wring my neck if she ever sees me.

I watch as the girl smiled back at the lads as they offered her drink after drink.

I never wanted to say this but, I think she will do just great pretending as my bride.

I stared back at the blonde woman as she groggily spoke between gulps of beer. It was only the two of us now, sharing drinks. The three lads have retired to their room with their girls while I'm here spending time with this mysterious blonde girl named, Lou.

"Now, Lou. Tell me where you came from?"

"nowhere…" she smirked before letting out a laugh. It sounded like a dying seal making me laugh out loud. "Seriously, Lou, how come you're here on this party, alone? Are you a royal or do you belong to some kind of a--" My rambling stopped as soon as her lips landed on mine. "You talk to much, monsieur..." She whispered as she grabs my chin, kissing my ear. I pull her off the stool and carried her up on the flight of the stairs.

I am so high. It felt like I am floating away from this world. I do not care where my grandfather had gone to. After he place the crown on my head, he disappeared on the crowd of people and I am not sure where he was, seeing that he have so much things too prepare for the next "dynasty".

I opened the door to my room and laid her down on the bed, " Oh, Lou.. you are so beautiful even with that mask. I just want to rip it out off your face and see the beauty behind--"

"Non!" She pulled away as my body shivered from the sudden lost of contact to her skin, "Luca..." She pulled my face before kissing my lips, "Let's just say that I would want to keep my identity a secret, until tomorrow. All I want to do now is to have you in me..." With that she pounce on me. I came into a realization that I should make her pretend as my bride.

This is a benefit I wouldn't dare to turn my back unto. Even though all of this might just be a dream, at least, it's worth the shot.

I'm getting laid tonight!


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