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   Chapter 2

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? s a f i e

I know that I have left you all wondering about the prologue. Now, now....Where were we?



I gripped the file tightly as I feel the anxiety eating me out, slowly I feel the gravity pulling us down and--

"Mr. Stevens, are you alright?"

"I am," The words came out from my tight jaw as I tried to ease up my nervous stance. The feeling of bile rising up my throat is almost imposible for me to control yet I can, maybe, hold it for another five minutes.

"I“m perfectly, fine. Thank you." I answer back at her with a smile, trying to resist the urge to gag. She nodded back at me in understanding and I watch her took her place back on the front as she announced our landing.

"All passengers, please be informed that in any minute now, we would be taxiing down the airport. Fasten your seatbelt and just relax." She smiled at me and winked.

Oh, gals.

I was almost ready to throw up when there“s sudden change. The plane started to shake vigorously as it prepared to land down. I can feel its wheels scrape as it rolled unto the port.

Then, all movement stopped.

I can hear mutterings all around me as the passengers prepared themselves to go down the plane, attendants guiding them on the exit.

All things that I should do as I go down the plane blurred past me. I was so used on going out and about that it felt like a breeze. Soon, I was situated on the back seat of a cab; the driver sneak past each vehicle, as a slight drizzle moistened my hair. Looking out the rolled down window, I glance down the street and smiled. This is the place where I truly belonged:


I arrived on my apartment just before it started to rain hard, my vest soaking wet. I was struggling to open the door when someone called my name.

"Luke," it repeated.

I turn unto my left to see no one but the fog blocking my line of vision. "Who“s there?"

"Mr. Lucas Hansel, I“m here to collect you as the king have ordered. " I watch as the wind blew, sweeping the dried leaves making them scrape on the pavement. A tall man stood there in front of me with his jaw tight, gold buttons traced his shoulder and pins littering his chest.

He really is fit for some kind of a royal knight or guard. He“ve paraded himself all too well.

"What? You“ve mistaken. I am Luke Stevens. Mister--?" I stared at the man as he bowed down in front of me.

"Argus Johansson. Call me, Argus." He smiled, looking me down and up, "I“m appointed by the king, to fetch you."

"And why would the king want to fetch me? I just came back from Germany. I need to attend to my company“s needs..." I turn around and picked at my keys, trying to open my front door.

"But you are much needed on the palace, my lord. The king, he really needs you..." He pleaded as he bowed once again.

"But I don“t understand." I turn back around and scrutinize him under my gaze. " Why would he want a commoner, like me, on his grounds? I“m barely recognized by any royalty, much more by the politics and the media...why the sudden change?" I arched an eyebrow at his direction, as I lean on my door.

"That, I don“t know. I was just called to fetch, not to give answers. Come, the king is waiting." He suddenly pulled my hand on my back as I struggled. A black limo came rushing down the road as Argus tied my wrist using some cable ties.

"Urrgh, Argus! My company needs me now. You better make sure that all this is not just a prank!" I snapped at him as he forced my head down before opening the door on the back seat. "Don“t kill company, it can“t--"

"I“m sure that this is much more important than that of your dilapidated company." He smiled, showing off his silver teeth as he pushed me down the open door, "And may I just add, I am a royal guard. Not some-some random prankster or serial killer or whatever that floats in your boat...." With that, he locked the door and rolled the window up.

But before the engine started, Argus produced something from his pocket, smiling once again as he covered my eyes with the thin black cloth, "Uggh," I kicked and trashed around in a very worthless manner, sighing. Great...I“m kidnapped, thrown at the backseat with my eyes covered just for some prank or maybe for some kind of harassment then they will surely kill me...

"I guess, today is my lucky day..." I said as he switch the engine on and drove down the city.


I breathe a sigh when the engine stopped.

Hearing somebody conversing with Argus as the back door opened, I was surprised when someone suddenly snatched me up and slung me on their shoulder like some kind of doll. I can feel his struggle as he shifted me and threw me on something flat; well, not actually flat because I can feel myself sinking and-

"Mornin“, rogue... " I felt my eyes sting as I opened it into a bright room. I looked around only to see Argus standing on the far side of the room, eating some apple and a guy, whom I assumed is the one who carried me, sat beside me.

"What are we goin“ to do with this, mate?" Oh yeah, a Scottish lad. Nice One!

"Wayne, will you just keep your mouth shut and wait for Genova to arrive? She“ll be the one to take care on this. She will groom him just before six according to our timeline..." He said in a nonchallant tone, enjoying his apple as he took another bite out of it.

The two "royal" guards watch me like a predator on their pray, observing every move I take as I struggled with the cable ties. I was almost delighted when the door opened yet, out came a dark and very healthy lady. Very, very healthy lady.

If you know what I mean.

"Such a delicious young man..." She licked her lips before she settled on the chair beside the bed, grabbing my chin, inspecting every inch of my face. "What a nice piece of sculpture. These features are rare, kept within the royalty for a long time hmm....and this nose and lips," She chuckled before taking up her pair of scissors and brush.

"Gentlemen, you may now leave the room. I“ll take good care of this lad."

The two men look at me and back at her, giving me a thumbs up before they took an exit out.


As what Argus said awhile ago, I“m now prepared just before six. Genova really was good on her job, giving me a nice hair cut and a shave on my jaw. Yet I am quite not sure if the blush on my cheeks is one of her works.

The vehicle arrived not long after we went down the apartment, just in accordance with their “timeline“. Argus strapped me once again on the backseat right after he pushed me inside the limo. He closed the door then settled on the driver“s side with Wayne on tow, chewing some gum as he sat on the passenger seat.

The engine roared into life as he insert the key, turning it on reverse as my adventure continued.

It was a long ride, trees outline the sides of the road as we go further out of the city, outside of London, before we stopped outside the main gates of the castle. It“s far from what I imagine it was, far from the pictures or is this another version of the royal castle?

The gates opened as Argus entered the passcode, two buff guys opened my door and unstrapped me. They inspected my coat, then my trousers before they let me pass; Argus following me with Wayne in tow.

The interior of the castle is magnificent; the victorian architecture well preserved by the keepers as time pass by with it staying intact.

While walking down the hall, I cannot help myself but to reminisce the day; those days that me and my dad went out for trips or adventure, like what he calls it.

The Cinco Maria, our ship. My childhood and teenage years; and also my mom and dad snatched away from me by that tragedy, the happening.

I shook my head, not wanting another headache to come knocking inside my cranium, ruining my already blasted mood.

Such a mess, I had today...

I was distracted out of my thoughts when suddenly Argus opened the door, he waved his hands through and nodded at me. "The king awaits your presence inside, my lord."

I took three steps forward and myself in absolute darkness as the door closed.

With my heart beating wild on my chest, I look around to see a bed on the far corner, an old man lying down on it, "Son..."

I leaned closer to him, feeling my eyebrows knit in confussion, "Did you just call me, son? Aren“t you too old to be my father?"

He nodded as he let out a chuckle, his eyeglasses glistening as the light from the window reflects on it, "Ahhh, as straight forward as ever..." He pushed himself up and I was surprised when someone bolted on his side and fixed his pillow, "There...okay. Take a seat first, will you? Now, how do I start this..." He frown and scratch his head, his thumbs dancing as he began to wriggle his eyebrows, "Oh, well technically, you are grandson..."

"And, you are my Grandpa? Haha, that“s very funny!" I clutch my hand as I erupted, laughing. I momentarily stopped laughing to catch my breath and notice that the old man is staring at me, "You are kidding, right?" He shook his head a little as he continue to stare at me.

"But my father...he told me that he“s an orphan. He escaped the his town because he is hunted by his dad..." I frown at him and phase, "This is all impossible! How come you didn“t look for me? Why did you chose to meet me just now? Not fifteen years ago after the tragedy? Surely you have heard of it. Why now?!" I stared at the man lying down on the bed with machines hooked upon his body. My a

nger was boiling up that I cannot help but throw word after word at him, not caring that he was a king, "We could“ve been saved; maybe my parents is still alive right now...and my sister?! We could“ve grown together, spend our birthdays together; Maybe then, I wouldn“t dawn into a decision that I should just left her so she can have a good life, that she may still eat three times a day with me not worrying about what will happen to me and to her!" I raked my hands on my hair an wipe the tears that I didn“t know had fall, "You don“t know how it kills me when I ran out of there, when I chose to not turn back even though my sister calls out to me..."

He gripped my arm as he cried out, "My boy! I“m so sorry. It“s all my fault. I am a selfish man. A very selfish man I should be the one to be blame. Not the happening nor the storm. It“s I who planted this problem."

"What? What are saying--I can“t-" He look at me and sighed "About thirty years ago, your father was the next heir to the throne. In accordance with the law, I forced him to marry a girl he doesn“t want, then right before their wedding, he left. No note, nor trace. I“ve searched for him and return empty handed. He“s a smart lad. You and him are much alike..." He bowed his head and sighed.

"I continue to rule, waiting for him to come back but then one night, I received a devastating news that made me howl in anger and guilt." He pulled a tattered note beside him and handed it to me.

Prince Jacob III found!

After ten years of looking for the prince, there“s a witness telling us that CINCO MARIA, the ship of the next heir to the throne, was found wrecked not far from the main port of Wales.

Unfortunately, the prince and his wife, Joanna Rosabelle Jacques, were found dead on the wrecked ship. Though their children, named Lucas James Hansel and Mikaela Jane Hansel is assumed to have survived...

Continued search and rescue for the orphaned heirs“ is done by the royal guards. Various agents are hired and sent globally for the search.

The said heir, LUCAS JAMES HANSEL is needed immediately in the castle due to the feeble condition of the king.

"I“ve sent agents and guards to look for you and your sister after the happening. But then no one found you until last year, when Argus came barging inside my room, kneeling beside my death bed to announce that you are found. I didn“t recognize that it“s actually you.." He gave me a smile but I cannot help it but gaze down only to reread the paper on my hand. "What can I say? I haven“t seen you in real life. I don“t have any current pictures to show to the media besides a picture of you when you were five and your name. And Ela, your sister...I heard she“s already married and had a boy of her own. I didn“t even get to witness her wedding or even give her my blessing..." He pursed his lips and stared at me.

"I“ve waited for so long, my boy. My time, I know, is coming and “tis almost done. As what is stated on the law, I“ll have to leave you all of my properties, my position, right at this very moment. Here sign this..." His servant rose from his side and provided a couple of papers, handling it to me with a pen.

"But I just met you like, five minutes ago?" I pushed the papers off and stood from my seat. "I don“t even know if you are telling the truth. How can you be so sure that I am the one you are looking for? I mean it“s been one and a half decade! That boy in that picture is gone. I“m not the same boy, okay?" I leaned down on the man and whispered, "I“m happy to live with my life. I don“t want any complication ruining my career. I hope you understand but this is a lot for me to take in. You can“t just go around telling someone that he“s your grandson and the heir to your throne. We“re talking about a whole kingdom, not just some bet on who will win on a football game..." I straightened up and look at him, "You“re just so unbelievable! How can you entrust your whole kingdom to some random guy?!"

"You are not random!" He rumbled, his voice vibrating inside the four walls of his room as he huff and puff. "You are my grandson! I know it from the very first moment I saw you here." He stated waving his hands in front of him as he struggled. "That birthmark on your left hand shows it all..."

I glance down at my hand, a bruise-like pigment stood clear on the side of my hand, although I tried to cover it with a tattoo, it still is there.

"How“d you know this?" I glared at him, he trully is teasing my temper.

"I have the same one..." He showed his hand and look at me, "It“s our family“s mark, anyone who has it, is the next heir to the throne. The next king that is destined to lead my people will be the only one who would bear this mark." He pointed down on my mark and made me look at him by pulling me down, "Son, I have lost your father, I cannot bear to lose you too."

I pulled away and shook my head, "No. You just want me because I“m your only heir. That“s the only thing important to you, your power and wealth staying within your cave. I-"

"Stop." He raised his hand and stared hard at my eyes, "My time is running out and so is yours. I need you to sign this all so that everything will be in good hands when the time comes. Trust me, son, you need to do this. "

I look down at the papers as he pleaded; pure white stacks situated between me and the man who claimed himself as my grandfather.

I took a deep breath and weighted the possible outcome of the situation at hand, my argument be on the losing or the winning side.

I know there will be nothing for me to lose yet there will be much to gain. Considering me as a royalty is a great boost on my ego but letting go of my simplicity, is an insult to my personality.

My principle is just to live life the way it was given to me. I don“t strive for greatness nor power and wealth and now? I“m appointed to be the next heir, to rule a whole kingdom, much to my distress.

I frown and look at the dying man, his pale blue eyes pleading behind those eyeglasses as he took each breath that his lungs can“t simply take with just one pump, lips pursed, locked jaw, perked nose and the way he leaned on the bed like a knight ready to fight. He really did look like a king even when he was dying; it“s in his blood.

And also my blood.

I stared down at the paper once again, my hands moving on their own accord as they grip the pen tightly, scribbling my name in every end of the page.

"Is this all?" I asked after finishing all the eight pages.

"Yes, son." He gave me a grin before nodding at his servant who scurried off with the paper on his hand. I was about to go out of his room and back to my place when he called out.


I stared back at him as he struggled to breath evenly, "Did you read the agreement on the last page?"

"Do you mean the one that requires me to leave my small company?

"Yes, and the other-"

"The training and rehearsals for the--royal ball?" Oh, who the heck calls such party a royal ball?


"Indeed, it“s very much needed for the other thing, my boy..." his eyes shone with mirth and excitement as he gestured his hand, urging me to go further.

"The maids? The cook? The suite? Visitors?"

"No...the other thing!" I just look at him with one eyebrow raised. Is this man a psycho? Maybe some kind of lunatic? Is he trying to play tricks on me? Even though he“s a royalty, he needs medical attention, real quick.

"What thing?"I exclaimed, looking at him as I pull my hair, annoyed.

"The marriage!" He cried in excitement as he clasped his hands together. "The happening on which you“ll be tied down."

Tied down?


"Marriage? Marriage! You“re kidding me, right? First, is a kingdom and now, a bride?" I just laughed at him with tears trying to escape my eyes with so much force I“ve exerted not only on my stomach but also on my face.

"You. Are. Crazy!"

"I“m not. It“s on the law, son and it“s on the agreement you just signed. You cannot back off nor could you just ignore this. You need to find me a bride as soon as possible--"

"But how do I do that?" He look at me with his brows raised and a knowing smirk on his lips.

"You“ll have to be with someone; have a girlfriend, introduce her to me or, but seeing that you“re single, " He purse his lips and pointed his gaze at me, "We“ll need to have the royal ball, which is next--"

"The royal ball?"

"Yep, the royal ball. All of the royal maidens around the world will be invited. Heiress to throne, princesses and such; every single women with a rank that is still a bachelorette will be here at the thirteenth day of January in accordance to your twenty-ninth birthday." He smiled as he pat his other hand with his left one.

"But if I didn“t find someone--" I purse my lips and began biting the insides of my cheeks.

"Simple. You“ll be stripped out of this title, then to your possession, and this family and“ll be killed, secretly." He look down on his hands as I back off, turning around to walk out the door and to the hall.

Thinking about how I can find myself a bride, I took my phone out of my pocket, calling that particular person who could help me find one.

"Hello, Elle?"



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