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   Chapter 5 Crisis

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Although no one dares to escort Luo Zheng, but Luo Zheng is very conscious to come to Yanwu Hall.

Although Luo Zheng is very dissatisfied with Luo's rules nowadays, his two uncles don't respect the family rules and their sons also defiant the family rules

For example, Luo Peiran and Luo Chengyun never care about the family rules too? This is the reason why some servants in Luo's family are dare to be so arrogant and naughty.

However, even if others trampled the family rules, others despise the family rules, but it doesn't mean it can represent Luo Zheng not to comply. He is not pedantic, but a perseverance. Atmosphere in Yanwu Hall is somewhat different from usual.

All people know Luo Zheng beat Fang and Huang Ge yesterday, it has been spread throughout The Whole Luo family.

Two years ago, Luo Zheng became the convicted person and dismissed as a slave of Luo, becoming a meat target in Yan Wu Hall.He always turns his other cheek to violence. No matter how the Luo children attacked and beat him, he endured, let it go and be quiet, as if he is just a docile sheep.

People have forgotten that Zheng was the young master of Luo family and they also forgot the strength of Luo Zheng, who also possesses the "flesh refining " level.

Now, these Luo families' children realize that Luo Zheng was not always tolerate everything come on him. Luo's children could assault on him anyway they want is because they are Luo family members.

Other people are not qualified to treat him anyhow.

Because of this, children of the Luo family looked at Luo Zheng with their respect. When coach Luo asked Luo's children to pick out their meat targets, it's surprising that there was no one to pick Luo Zheng.

This result is against his will, this is not the result he wants ...Luo Zheng reveals a bitter smile, what he needs most now is to exercise and refine his own flesh body, but these Luo children ignore him directly, he doesn't know what to do now?

He Can not stand out and say "I really deserve a good beating, come and beat me."

Seeing all meat targets around have been chosen one by one, he is the only one left in the corner of Yanwu Hall, Luo Zheng very unhappy, Luo's children should not be so frightened!

He walked himself toward Luo Dalong who was practicing with a stone man and said: "Long, what a good to fight with a stone man, I'll accompany you practice."

"Well ... ..." obtrusion as Luo DaLong, his face also shows his hesitation.

"I am a meat target, it's my duty to accompany you to practice! Don't worry, my leather is thick, it can protect me, I can safely say that." Luo Zheng patted his chest and said.

After hearing what Luo Zheng said, Luo DaLong feels embarrassed to say no.otherwise it shows he is too weak, although his true thought is not to get a rise out of him

However Luo Dalong is still feeling worried, the strength of his fist is not the same as usual, if his strength could get 100marks but now his strength can only get 50or 60 marks.

The power comes from Long's soft fist is not good for Zheng to refine his flesh body, the effect is not good as it used to, it only produces little warmth in Zheng's body, which makes Luo Zheng very dissatisfied.

"More Strength! Hit right here hard !"

"Your Fist is too slow, what are you worried about?"

"Now is much better but it is still much worse than how it was yesterday."

Seeing a meat target teaching others how to beat him combined with so much persuasion and contrivance, a group of Luo's children in YanWu Hall are too astonished, their mouths opened big and looks like their jaws are gonna fall out, they really can not guess what Luo Zheng is thinking about.

However, Luo Dalong doesn't not think too much now under the guidance of Luo Zheng step by step, his condition is also slowly becoming better, his four limbs feel more comfortable now, the power returned to normal levels.




The power of the fist pass from the chest to the inner flesh, thrashing the body of Luo Zheng crazy, the warm flow is passing through Luo Zheng's body continuously and flowing inside his body the impurities in his bones is refining out like reeling silk from cocoons.

Each punch makes his bones pure, bone strength, toughness also increase.

Every punch is like natural-made magical pill for his body, the joy of this qualitative change can not describe with words. He pretends to show the pain on his face, but his true feelings is he wants to shout out loud: let the fist come more violently!The copper pot used to count the time has dropped the whole three pot of water, it means three hours have passed.

At this time Luo's servants sent food, both Luo's children and their meat target need to rejuvenate and replenish, Luo's children are eating delicious delicacies, but what the meat targets eating is cold water and hard bread ... ...

After three hours'refining and practicing, Luo Zheng also feel very hungry, refine his physical costs him a lot of physical energy, he would not mind the food is unpalatable, grabbed the bread and about to stuffed into his mouth.

Just then, a porcelain basin suddenly handed in front of Luo Zheng, which is full of exquisite fragrant meat, exudes attractive meat flavor.

Luo Zheng looked up, unexpectly it is Luo Dalong handed over his rice bowl, Luo Dalong smiled and said: "Let's eat together."

Luo Zheng doesn't refused, eating a mouthful of meat and a mouthful of bread. "You beat Huang Ge, second young master will put you into trouble" Luo Dalong whispered.

Luo Zheng gobbled food, he has not eaten such delicious food for a long time since he became a meat target, he nodded, he knew it's Luo Dalong's kind- hearted reminder.

After all, he was the young master of this family, he knows more clearly about these family stuffs than those patricians.

His Uncles can let him go unchecked and stay in Luo's family this long, the biggest reason is not them being mercy, but his strength is too low, like a dispensable ant, they think Zheng is no threat to anyone.

But if Zheng, this ant, bites them, let them feel a little bit pain, they will not hesitate to kill him.

"However, you help us relived our anger about Huang Ge, we don't approve of this old man long time ago." Luo DaLong said with a smile.

Not only Luo Dalong vent his spite upon Huang Ge, b

ut also all the Luo's children work off their anger by seeing Zheng beating him, except the second and third branches of Luo.

Although Luo's children in Yanwu Field did not say the same as Luo DaLong, their eyes had already explained everything.

This two years, the other two branches'behavior can be describe as "retroaction". A substantial deduction of the various monthly allowance of offshoot's children, and even the drugs for practicing and refining also been exploited. And even a few servants Can be so arrogant to the Luo's family members.why can they behave this way?

Almost all of the resources are inclined to Luo Peiran and Luo Chengyun, it's gonna be strange if those paranoid children can feel mentally balance.

Everyone now yearn the time when Luo Zheng's father was the head of the family. At that time, the clan system was very strict, but there didn't have so much intrigue in Luo's family, nor did anyone dare to take advantage of the situation, and no servants could be rude to other people, not to mention that there didn't have so many unfair things!

It is a pity that such a good day has gone and will never return.

Even this kind of nostalgia, Luo family children are only hidden in there heart, afraid to talk with each other about it. for fear of falling out of an evidence that can be got hold of in some villain and being pinished by the "ethnic rules".

Luo family is already waned! Luo Zheng plaints, if there is a chance, when I grow up and have enough strength and power, I will definitely set off the "rotten sore" of Luo's family!



In front of the magnificent mansion of the third branch of Luo.

Huang Ge's head wrapped over and over with gauze, only can see his nose eyes and mouth, people wouldn't tell it's human face or not.

He thuddled, kneeling on the ground, snarled his throat and cried: "Chenyun master, judge in my cause please!

A teenager in cyan leans back in the chair in front of Huang Ge, this teenager looks handsome, but you can feel the arrogant and self-conceited in him, he is the second young master of Luo, Luo Cheng Yun.

"I heard that you want to ask Luo Zheng to be a servant to take care of your diet?" Luo ChengYun tilted his head and laughing.

"Chenyun master, it's not true ... ..." Huang Ge denied with a kind of sob.

Luo Chenyun did not listen to Huang's explanation, laughed: "Although Luo Zheng was devalued into a slave, but no matter what happened, he also surnamed Luo, and he was also the young master of Luo, even if I want him to be my slave is not appropriate, You are really a fool to do such a boring thing, did you burn your brain with a high fever? you deserved being beat. "

Huang Ge gives Chenyun a kowtow and continue to cry: "Chenyun master, it's my fault this time, but you have to help me out and judge in my cause ... ..." He was crying, and quietly made a gesture to the side. There is a middle-aged woman about 40 years old at the side, she quietly walked to Huang Ge without any words and kneeling down with Huang Ge.

The middle-aged woman is Huangge's wife, but also Luo Cheng Yun's nanny, she takes care of Luo Chenyun since he was young. Luo Chengyun lost his biological mother in early childhood, he has s very good relationship with this nanny, like mother and son.

"Godmother, you do not need to kneel down, and you can also stand up, Huang Ge!" Luo ChengYun waved his hand and said, "Chenyun Master, you promised?"Huang Ge's vioce shows some excitement.

Luo Chengyun stood up from his chair and walked few steps and said: "Peiran cousin had said that he didn't kill Luo Zheng is because he wants Zheng alive and watch how he has became, but Luo Zheng is not important at all, and now Peiran Cousin will soon leave for Qingyun Zong, I will help Peiran cousin dispose him!

Huang Ge heard what Chenyun said, that shapeless mouth grin open and said: "Thank you so much Chenyun master!"

"But we need to wait and solve this thing later, " Luo Chengyun touched his head and said: "I just took the last natrual-made magical pill, this month I have to retreat, the efficacy of the pill will refine and wash my flesh body, How about make it on Ethnic refining day, I will choose him as the object of deathmatch in that day, and kill him with my own hands.

Luo Cheng Yun's face emitting the endless evil spirits. Ethnic refining day is a day to review all the luo's children's strength.the matriarch of Luo clan will show up in that day and inspect the results of Luo's children's practice.

At the same time, ethnic refining day is also a chance of meat targets.

As long as the meat targets can survive in the environment of deathmatch in the ethnic refining day, they will be able to regain their freedom.

Even the most lowly meat targets have the desire to freedom. If they can not see the hope of freedom, they will soon be unable to carry the pressure of daily beating and die quickly.

Set this rule is to make all the meat targets have a trace of hope, hoping they can survive in the ethnic refining days, so that they will be able to go out from the Luo family and don't need to be the inferior meat target anymore.

However, the environment of "deathmatch" is not fair in itself. The meat targets are often beaten everyday, suffering from various injuries and disease. How can they duel with those well-trained elite children of the Luo Family?

Numberless meat targets were killed living in ethnic refining day, the matriarch of Luo clan will show up in that day to inspect the results of Luo's children's practice and the children will be given a certain reward according to their strength. every Luo's children wil call forth all their energy so their fists are most powerful and relentless in that day.

"Good idea, Chenyun master, then let that kid live a month more!" Huang Ge gives Chenyun another few kowtow, then stand up quikly, the eyes below the gauze showing hatred of the fierce light.

When Luo Chengyun left, the middle-aged woman persuaded Huang Ge: "Luo Zheng is a poor teenager, Why do you have to force him to death? He should not hit you, but give him a little lesson is enough. " However, Huang Ge said: "You are just a woman, you don't know any shit apart from having petty kindness.

Scolded by her husband, middle-aged woman speaks a few words haltingly, and finally sighed and didn't say any word anymore.

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