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   Chapter 4 Luo Zheng pummeled the steward ferociously

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Luo Zheng is too excited and can barely sleep for more than half an hour .The following morning, Luo was let out of the cell handcuffed and made to put on the leather armor. After entering the "bone refining " level, his body also produced a qualitative change, this change can not be described with words and the way he walks has also changed, every step he took was more relaxed, more coordinated and more labor-saving for him. If not for these damn cuffs tied to his hands and feet he could have made a run for it. Under the leadership of the servants Luo Zheng finds out he is led to another place instead of YanWu Hall like usual. The entire Luo's house occupies a great area and the housing planning is in order. In addition to Yanwu Hall, Council Pavilion, Planting Park and device refining workshop also belong to the family share area.Almost all these places were planned and built in the vestibule part of the home. Now this path is leading to the inner area of this house. It seems to go to the back of Luo House's backyard! Luo Zheng's brow wrinkled slightly, he did not say anything, let’s wait and see he thought to himself. Luo Zheng has not been to the Luo House backyard for a long time so a lot has changed for him, especially the other two branches of Luo's mansion, they added a number of pavilions,open halls, hewed out a few ponds, built bridges over them and Waterside pavilion pool. These building's workmanship are exquisite, the buildings cannot but inspire people, carved with light beams, Dragons are drawn with gold and the roof are designed wth aright gem. After seeing how these two branches of Luo's appear, Luo Zheng could not help but wonder, although Luo is a rich family, only the stronger people can survived in this world, for a warrior, glory should be the last thing to think about because if a family is so comfortable with the pleasures of life. Just as his whole family was ruined by Zheng's uncles.

After Luo Zheng passed through a pond, he turned into a second yard.There he saw two people who were sitting there and enjoy the tea. Luo Zheng looked carefully and realized one of them is Fang who had disappeared for two days. While the other one who is wearing gorgeous satin clothing which was more than fifty years old. Luo Zheng also knew him as Huang Ge, who was the servants of Luo's family before. Because Huang Ge's wife is Zheng's third Uncle's eldest son Luo Chengyun's nanny. Huang Ge is very good at flattery and knows how to deal with the relationship with all branches of Luo, that's why his status has also been getting higher. In Luo's family, Zheng's second and third Uncle is in full power Huang Ge's status is also going up, he is the steward of Luo's family now. So he doesn't even pay any attention to luo's offshoot children. Before Luo Zheng made his way inside, he heard What Fang say to Huang, "this house awarded by Chenyun master really is a masterpiece, if my memory serves me right the jade dragon carved on the door plaque is made up of a very good material named corundum seed, right? Huang Ge giggled and said: "only you know the goods, not only this jade dragon, can you see the roof designed with encaustic tiles, also that copper lion statue are all made by the best craftsmen of Chongyang County...". Fang appreciated one by one and said: "Dear Huang, your house is perfect but lacks of one thing. "I have everything I want in my house , what is lacking " Huang Ge relied proudly. Fang giggled and said: " the lack of a servants who are smart and hardworking, helping you with your daily diet, so I brought you one to be your servant. I'm sure it's quite decent to have him as your servant! "Who is that guy?" Huang asked out curiosity. Fang points toward the entrance of yard and said: "Dear Huang,look!" Huang Ge looks in the direction of Fang's finger and sees Luo Zheng immediately. This is the former famous young master, the oldest master of Luo, how could he not know? Luo Zheng he heard clearly what Fang and Huang Ge were talking about while he stood in front of the house, with an angry heart he wondered how dare those dogs take such liberties and talk ill about him! Although Luo Zheng is a slaves, this happened in Luo's house and is very offensive to him. Even those patriarchal children did not dare to be too unreasonable in front of him after all Luo Zheng is still the eldest son of the oldest branch of Luo. How dare Fang urge Huang Ge on to let him be the servant. Huang Ge looked Luo Zheng from head to toes and had a smile across his old wrinkled face. Call this kid to take care of my diet, it is not a bad idea to ask this boy to take care of my daily diet but I'm not sure my master in Chenyun will be okay with it ? ",“Don't worry Dear Huang, you are taking care of all the affairs of Luo's family, you can dispatch Luo Zheng from YanWu Hall to your place easily, Luo Zheng is a nameless sub-house slave now. sending him to YanWu Hall to be the meat target and being beaten hard everyday is all what he is used for here. It's much comfortable for him to be your servant, the worst thing for him is just cleaning fecal matter. what Fang said finally persuaded Huang Ge. People like Huang Ge who made it from the bottom of society to the top take their reputation seriously, Luo's former young master is going to clean his dirt. It is indeed An interesti

ng thing, Huang Ge nodded his head to show his agreement. "Just do it!" Fang nodded his head, stood up and ordered his follower to bring Luo Zheng in.However, Luo Zheng still stood there, feeling reluctant to move a muscle till Huang’s men attempt to move him. Although these people have some strength, but how can they move Luo Zheng who has reached the "bone refining" level? Luo Zheng's feet is like a wedge smashed by a hammer, deep nailed to the ground, those servants used all their strength, their whole body were dipping with sweat and all of them are out of energy. Fang stated "Luo Zheng, I am giving you a chance to serve Huang so don’t make it difficult !"

At this time, there is a fierce flash in Luo Zheng's eyes, he took a deep breathe as his ribs contracted because he reached the "bone refining level. So he keeps standing his grounds and out like a thunder and shock came from the ground. it's like an explosion, all the servants also Huang Ge feel uncomfortably numb in their ears." Even if my second uncle Luo Bingquan was here, he wouldn’t even dare to ask me to be his servant. You two hypocritical servants can be so arrogant. I do not know who gave you the courage to dare to talk nonsense. Luo Zheng's newly found power scared fang to step back and hid behind Huang Ge. Today, Fang brought Luo Zheng here intentionally,his purpose is to let Huang deal with Luo Zheng. When he saw Luo Zheng's angry face, he knew he was close to success. Huang Ge, urged the stewards of Luo because his biggest taboo is others tryin to disrespect him, Luo Zheng is definitely in real trouble today. Huang Ge is motionless and calm, with his eyes narrowed he said: "Luo Zheng, do not forget your situation now, you are a servant not the young master any more. Luo Zheng forcibly push over those servants as he struggled to maintain his stands. Huang Ge after witnessing that asked luo Zheng “ do you want to rebel?” In accordance with the family rules, you should be executed! Luo Zheng sneer loudly, laughing while walking saying "family rules? How can a stranger like you dare to talk about my family rules in front of me. Luo Zheng in an attempt to beat Huang Ge maximized his strength a bit more." Luo Zheng, dont you dare! If you hit me my master will never let you go beside you are just a powerless meat target in the Luo. Aren’t you afraid of being beaten to death?... ..." Luo snapped as he slapped on the his face of Huang Ge a number of times after the end of his talk.The old face of Huang Ge got pale with luo zheng’s fingerprints imprinted clearly on Huang's half swollen pig lookin face. With each slap in the face, there is a mass of blood fog burst out, Fang's whole body trembled when he saw what happened.

According to Fang and Huang’s standard Luo Zheng is just a meat target so he doesn’t need to angry, be obedient rathe he dares to beat Huang G. Fang would prefer Luo Zheng turning the other cheek to violence is because he wants to feels powerful. At this point the scene has attracted a lot of Luo family children to witness, everyone is surprised and also vent out there dislike. Some offshoot children have been bullied by Huang Ge but they don't retaliate because of his current position. Huang Ge doesn't know how much he is hated by people who serves him but today someone stands out to teach him a lesson. These Luo family children are very clear that the reason why a stranger is eligible for arrogance is because they have a strong reliance. That is why the arrogance of Huang Ge grows.because of the relationship between Luo Chenyun and him. Although Huang Ge is arrogant to other people, in front of the second branch and the third branch of Luo, he is extremely humble. Luo Zheng is in big trouble now,looks like this scene might cause his death. Luo Zheng slapped a few times before stopping, Huang Ge's face has been bloody and badly mutilated so different also all his gray hair is also scattered open, shaped like a ghost. Huang Ge threatened Zheng after his unfortunate beating. Before Huang Ge could finish his words, Luo Zheng slapped Huang Ge's on the face again. Huang fainted to the ground. After teaching Huang Ge a lesson, Luo Zheng's gaze look toward Fang. Upon realizing Luo's Zheng' s gaze, he could not help but trembling and shivering." what's wrong with being a Slave?" Luo approached Fang step by step while he asked."Dare to offend me, my position is higher than you!" Fang said. "What is the low position? What is the higher position? My name is Luo, even i'm a slave, I'm still a family member of Luo, and you forget my fist are stronger than you. I 'm above you! My strength is stronger than yours, I am above you! My kungfu is better than yours, I am above you! Luo Zheng said while he grabbed Fang with one han. His strength has reached the bone refining level, so people were like an obedient and well behaved chicken in his hand. He grabbed Fang in the hands and slap on Fang's right and left face for a couple of times. After having enough of slapping Fang he finally threw him to Huang Gas both screamed in pain, Luo Zheng said: "Today this is a lesson, you have to remember to respect! Luo Zheng turned around and walk out of this house, the Luo family children and the group of servants who crowded the door immediately rushed to disperse when he was about to go out of the door.

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