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   Chapter 3 A marvelous body

The Way To Be The God! By Micheal Characters: 13105

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Yesterday, Zheng gave caretaker Fang a lesson so today he doesn't see Fang around. Several of his followers put leather armor on Luo Zheng and he was taken to Yanwu Hall,

As usual, a group of Luo's children are practicing very hard early in the morning mist in Yanwu Hall .

Their arms are naked without any protection,struggling to hammer the row of stone men in the corner, each fist smashed stone man with such power.

The meat targets Stand on the other side ,each one looks like a widowers who just lost their wife with towering face and mouth full of bitterness.

Being hit and kicked day and night makes their life really hard, and sometimes they lie in bed with wound all over their bodies ,turn around over and over again but can't fall asleep because of the continuing pain . Unfortunately, they have no freedom at all, they have no choice but to be beaten.

"All The meat targets get ready!" Coach Luo shouted loudly.

All the meat targets standing in a row in an attentive manner, straightened their waists. All the meat targets know the coach Luo's temper very clearly ,as long as he saw a the slightest mistake ,he would beat them hard on their head. Coach Luo's whip is not an ordinary whip, a thin skinned person can easily get their skin and fresh peeled away.

Luo's children choose their own meat targets, the one who selected Luo Zheng looks like strong bear teenager. He is the collateral children named Luo Dalong.

Other meat targets see Luo Zheng was selected by Luo Dailong, showing a show of compassion.

Luo Dalong's talent is ordinary , he is in "skin refining "level which but his inner divine strength is powerful and his strength is equal to "meat refining level . He is ferocious ,brutal and a lot of meat targets are dead or injured severely in his hands .It was undoubtedly very miserable to be chosen as his meat target.

Luo Dalong Praised his fist, exercise his body a little bit,looking at Luo Zheng's eyes with excitement, the death row inmates are not enough recently ,also many death row inmates have been bought by other families. Luo's meat target are not given adequate supplement. Therefore, the target can be considered as scarce resources in the Luo's family.

Beating the meat target can not only exercise his body, but also vent their unhappy feelings from his mind. Another reason why Luo Dalong feels excited is because his meat target was once the young master of Luo.

The young master was high above and now Zheng is going to begging for mercy under his own fists which can make him feel satisfied.

In the face of Luo Long, Luo Zheng frowned, Luo Dalong's strength is particularly powerful,Zheng has suffered losses from his fist last time besides the inner injury he sustained , he took a full recuperation for half a month before recovery.

However, two years of his life as a meat target has let him learn how to calm himself down in every situation,he quickly calmed down, and even arranged his chest leather In a standing posture to face Luo DaLong.

Luo Dalong fiercely come toward him, Luo Dalong is practicing a very fierce overbearing boxing, called "bullish punch", this boxing just overbearing and full of power.

Luo Dailong is like a rage bull, the bull fist went straight to Luo Zheng chest which caused a burst of clutter of wind,

In the face of this amazing boxing momentum, Luo Zheng took a deep breath, stiff the whole chest up, it can take the use of chest leather to maximize the counteract the power of this punch


Although that thick leather armor helped slow the power of this fist down but a strong fist force still infiltrating from the leather to the chest down,as a huge hammer smashed in his chest. At this moment, he quickly exhaled the air out from his chest and let his chest flat in an instant.

"Unloading power!"

The air to quickly shrinked in the chest to form a buffer zone, which can again offset the opponent's power, this is also Zheng's secret of survive from being meat target for two years

However,Luo Dalong's fist force is too fierce, after the second offset the strength is still unbearable.Luo Zheng face showing a bitter smile, the whole body. Felt like a broken line kite, heavy toward the back and fell.

As Luo Zheng laid on the ground, feeling dizzy, He thought it was over. He is afraid that this punch could cause serious internal injuries, but at this time he finds that he did not feel any pain.

Not only does he feel nothing , but a strange warmth emerges in his chest. As soon as those warm currents appear, Luo Zheng's body immediately reacts. He feels that his body is like a hungry wolf, swallowing these warmth rapidly.

These warmth then spread into the entrails ,four limbs ,skin and hair, so that his whole body is comfortably warm and dry.

"What is going on?" Luo Zheng felt a warm currents on his flesh!"

Although Luo Zheng despite his current situation as a slave he still a young master of Luo, so he knows something is going on.

Pills that could cause this sensation is very rare , just a Natural-made magical pills of Luo can Cause various effects on the body. However, the level of natural-made magical pills is top is very rare.It took hundreds years for this big Luo family to have two this kind of pills .from this point we can see that how precious is it.

This effects on the body is a rare phenomeno , luo Zheng laid on the ground thinking for a while, and soon linked it to the strange vision of yesterday.

"Take the flesh body as the device, take the self-spiritual as the soul,thoroughly tempered, wash my body ..."

Is this so-called tempered, you need to be beaten?

Just as recorded in the piece of gold foil, his own body is like a magic weapon, refining device also needs tempered to be able to forge the top magic weapons ?

Only while being beaten produces warmth current to wash the flesh of the body ! As long as being beaten is equal to taking natural-made magical pills constantly.

Think of this possibility, Luo Zheng's mind is also a hot mess, he feels excited and his heart is even trembling .

In order to verify his guess, Luo Zheng climbed up.

Although he was not injured, and Luo Dalong's punch helped him a lot, he still pretended to stood in a very painful way,strenuous effort to stand up and even trembled to avoid doubts from other people .

When Luo Dalong see Luo Zheng get up, his face showing a surprised look. He thought being hit by this punches, Luo Zheng must die

or crippled, however Luo Zheng actually able to climb up, which makes Luo Dalong feels shame.

"Hey,no wonder you are in "fresh refining "level 's peak, you are so resistant to fight! lie down again !" Luo Da-long try to give Zheng another punch, went straight to the Luo Zheng.


Luo Zheng was hit hard again he was like a man-shaped sandbags rolled down on the ground a few laps, while landing he cheer up secretly for himself , that warm current appeared again in the moment of being beating .turned into each small snake Drilled into his internal organs, his veins ,Meridians constantly concocted his fresh body, washing his organs.

"It's Too comfortable"Luo Zheng feels like bathing in the spring breeze, his whole body is at ease .his eyes are as fit as a fiddle ,the more punches he got,his eyes are becoming brighter and spiritual

"Go to the hell !"


"I will beat you to death !"


Each warm stream appears making Luo Zheng's body more minute, Luo Dalong for Luo Zheng, is a hard-working blacksmith, refining Luo ,this handle "Mysterious device"through his own fist constantly.

This strike lasted a long while, Finally Luo Dalong stopped, Luo Dalong's panting looked at Luo Zheng on the ground, extremely surprised, he heard that Luo Zheng can bear heavy beaten before ,but he did not expect Luo Zheng can be this tenacious, suffer So many fists of his own and still climb up, though he is trembling every time he climbs up, looks like he barely stand up ... ...

Luo Dalong doesn't know that Luo Zheng pretended he has a pair of fragile legs and can easily fall down by beating, in fact,Zheng are full of vitality, and he is enjoying the feeling That comes from the warmth stream of body washing.

Those meat targets who saw this scene, but abusive Luo Zheng is a idiot, since climbing up is very reluctant, he can be sent back to the cellar to take a rest no matter what,but why he is still trying to climb up to take the fist?he is so lowly!or he is addicted to being the meat target?He likes being beaten by other people.

Luo Zheng did not get up the last time, in fact, he is still lost in that feeling.he is addicted to the kind of warm body wash feeling .

It was because he was beaten to lie down again and again, but was able to get up again and again , he is too doughty.

People are gonna start doubting him If he gets up again, and Zheng's play can not continue .inevitably someone will see flaws and suspect him, so he decided ... being beaten again tomorrow .

See Luo Zheng no longer crawl up, Luo Dalong is relieved, if Luo Zheng still stand there and he can not beat him down ,he is gonna be disgraced.

At night, Luo Zheng limped back to the cellar, he immediately alive with furious energy when the servants lock the cellar's door .Fang didn't show up today, but he ordered his follower sent three pills of wounds healing drugs to Zheng.he didn't embezzle his drugs this time.

Yesterday, a small discipline scared Fang? he is well-behave now?Luo Zheng shook his head, do not believe it at all.

Zheng knew very well how a villain like Fang thinks.He would never give up easily and probably he is planning some tricks to poison Zheng.

Who cares! Beware of such villains more but not to take him seriously, "soldiers will block the enemies and solid ice will cover the water "

He threw away the three pills directly. Because he doesn't need these cheap pills any more.

Today, after all day's fighting, the whole body was very dirty, and then he took off his clothes. He scooped a large scoop of cold water from the water tank and poured it over to his feet.


Clear and transparent cold water pouring from head , it flows into the ground becomes a dark muddy water, that black mud is also mixed with some light white impurities.

He also discovered when he was beaten, and the impurities in his body were constantly being forced out by those warm washings.

What is "fresh refining" level ?

It means that refines the impurities out of the fresh body.

What is the "bone refining "level?

It means that refining the impurities out of the bones.

What is the "organ refining "level ?

It Means...

These five levels of refining is a process of refining the whole body, the first skin refining, and then flesh refining followed by organ refining it's from outside to inside, step by step, until the impurities in the spinal cord are cleared out, you can break the flesh Realm, the life of sublimation, elevated to a higher level .

The biggest difference between Luo Zheng and others is that other people need to rely on their own exercise, to be able to remove impurities from the body, the process is very slow and time consuming , it can take a few years or decades and even a lifetime.

However what Luo Zheng needs now is to be beaten passively.with that warmth currents aroun his body which has the same effect as natural made magical pills , you can discharge impurities out from the body!

Compared to other people's hard work, discharge a small amount of impurities each year,Luo Zheng is a thousand times faster!

Luo Zhengben reached the "flesh refining " peak already.because of these two years he has been a meat target, there is no time for him to practice, the realm still staying in "flesh refining "peak.

But after today's beating, some impurities in his body has been washed out, he felt that his body seems to have undergone a qualitative change, his flesh is very pure already and he had found that in there are some light white impurities in black impurities when he is taking a shower

Impurities removed from the flesh are pure black dirt, and those pale white impurities which are the impurities that extracted from the bones of his body, this is the proof of entering the "bone refining "level.

He removed his own iron bed and made a place in the cellar to boxing up---ZiTan fist . His whole body was bathed in a purple light , it's roughly the same as the purple light around him that day.

Volley hit a punch, the air suddenly burst into a ring of sound.


Powerful sound waves generate a scattered air flow, stirring clumps of candles, paper and other small objects in the cellar.

Unfortunately, the cellar is narrow, there is no stone lock, Stone Man which can make him try out his own strength, and he is also afraid to make too much sound to let people know.

However, it's an unchanged factor that he is in the top of "bone refining"level .

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