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   Chapter 2 Vessels Refining Theory

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Chapter 2 Vessels Refining Theory

Luo Zheng doesn't care about being relegated as a slave, or being the meat target of Luo's children, or even losing the magical pill which was robbed of by Luo Peiran.

Only his sister, Luo Yan, is his biggest weakness!

Luo Yan is the only hope of the oldest branch of Luo Family. She became a student of Qingyun Zong and left home at the age of thirteen, as she is extraordinarily talented. Hence, she survived her family unrest.

In the past two years, Luo Zheng, as a slave, was unable to know anything about her sister's whereabout. He was very worried after Luo Peiran made bad comments about her sister's current situation.

He was left vulnerable then, taking all the punches from Luo's children, and finally gained back control of his mind after taking several whacks.

In the evening, Luo Zheng returned to the cellar with excruciating pain all over his body.

"This drug will help you recover!" The caretaker of Luo Family threw the drug at Luo Zheng and made his way out of the cellar.

After all, meat targets are not made of steel. If there is no wound healing medicine, they would die because of internal injuries after a few days. So the caretaker distributes the drugs every day to these meat targets to help them recover as soon as possible.

However, these healing drugs are just normal drugs whose healing effect is not very good.

Luo Zheng opened the paper bag of the drug, only to see a pill inside. "Fang! Why do I only have one pill today?" Luo Zheng said angrily with a serious facial expression.

"You should be grateful for what you have now. What's up? Is it not enough for you?" the caretaker answered in a weird tone.

"It is stipulated that three healing pills will be distributed every day. But now here is only one. Obviously, you embezzled the pills. It's a felony to embezzle in Luo family. How dare you do that, Fang! Are you afraid of death?" Luo Zheng shouted with his eyes fixed on Fang.

"Hey. Of course, I am afraid of death, but I'm not afraid of you. a little slave. So what? You want to rebel? I hate your attitude. Do you still take yourself as the young master? Look in the mirror to see yourself clearly. Ha ha ha!" Every word he said is very harsh for Luo Zheng.

After hearing these words, Luo Zheng calmed down instead of getting angry. Luo Zheng looked at Fang composedly as if he was dead, clear eyes with a strong intention to kill him.

Fang got scared and felt uncomfortable when he saw Luo Zheng's facial expression. He walked to Luo Zheng and fpointed his finger at Luo Zheng's chest saying "Got piss off? Why do you look at me in this way? You want a piece of me?"

Luo Zheng emitted an intense power out from his chest all of a sudden, and the power passed and spread throughout Fang's whole body. Fang couldn't stand stably, then staggered and fell to the ground.

"You ... you little slave, want to rebel?" Fang stood up from the ground with a panic facial expression.

Lou Zheng walked two steps forward, cracked his knuckles and snapped: "A caretaker who isn't even a member of Luo family dare to be so arrogant? Do you think I dare not beat you?"

Fang did not want to stay in this kind of situation any longer. So he fled as soon as possible, and snapped the cellar's iron gate.

"Villain's behavior!" Luo Zheng sneered, shaking his head. He does not want to be bothered by such kind of person.

He sat down quietly, took out the firewood to ignite the oil lamp, and turned a few pages of books hastily. He couldn't read any words because he is worrying about his sister Luo Yan. People can not focuse when he feels annoyed and irritated.

I can not stay here anymore. However, I have just reached "fresh refining" level. It is hard for me to leave this cellar, let alone go to Qingyun Zong.

Luo Zheng walked quickly in the small cellar, his chest fluctuating, like a beast trying to find a way out.

He wondered that he was not strong enough, or he would not get trapped in this place.

But all the practices in this world need to be taken step by step. I'm a slave now and forced to be the meat target for Luo's children who assault me everyday. I don't have any spare time to practice. I would be killed by them sooner or later if I don't take any drastic measures.

The more he thought, the more anxious he became. He casts his gaze on the table where the dreadful "Principle of Heaven" laid quietly.

"This damn book has a bunch of life theories, but it doesn't do any good to me. Why should I read it?" Luo Zheng picked up the book angrily, torn from the middle, put it on the lamp, and set the whole book on fire.

With the bean-size lamp flame, the book was instantly ignited.

Looking at the burning book, Luo Zheng regreted, complaining: "Luo Zheng, Luo Zheng, why did you bother to get angry at a book? This book teaches people to be good, tells people what is shameful and wrong, as well as what is wise and right. It doesn't do anything wrong. You should blame yourself for not being strong enough, thus being like a little lamb which is easy for people to control.

Unfortunately, the book has become a pile of ashes by the violent fire.

Suddenly, Luo Zheng saw a ray of golden light in the ashes as he was stuck in frustration.

"What is that?"

Luo Zheng pushed the ashes aside, picked out the gold which emitted a ray of light, and found a thin gold leaf.

He didn't find this gold foil when he was reading this book before. Presumably this gold was hidden in the interlayer of the book.

What is the use of a piece of gold?

The most indispensable thing is the gold in this world. Especially for the great family like Luo, gold is as useless as clay.

However, when Luo Zheng focused on the gold, the strange vision appeared dramatically!

That gold foil was engraved with dense words, shaped like tadpoles. Luo Zheng didn't understand any of them.

With his eyes sweeping across the gold foil, this piece of gold quickly tore apart into thousands of small pieces of gold, each carrying a tadpole word and flying towards him.

Face, eyes, neck, arms, body, legs ...

Every part of Luo Zheng's body were covered by

these small gold foil.

The last piece of small gold foil went into Luo Zheng's brain directly. Luo Zheng felt as if he was hit by a large iron hammer. His whole body was shaking violently, with all those small pieces of gold foil shining brightly on his body at the same time.

After the golden light gradually faded, those thousands of small gold foil quietly penetrated into Luo Zheng's body. Some memories, which does not belong to him, emerged out of the void.

"Grand vessel refining theory ..."

"The first ancient refining theory ..."

"Use the flesh as the vessel, use your body as the soul, tempered thoroughly, cleaning the body for great vitality ..."

Is this a "vessel refining" method?

Although Luo Zheng doesn't know how to refine vessel, he clearly knows that vessel refining master is a popular career. Luo family can't even hire a lowest level of vessel refining master with its strong financial resources. It is obvious that how popular a vessel refining master is.

But use the flesh as the vessel? What does it mean?

Does this theory mean to refine myself to be a treasure?

This incredible speculation soon became reality.

Suddenly his body became hot like he had a cold or fever, and the temperature rose sharply.

So hot! He will be roasted if he doesn't do anything.

In haste, he rushed to a water tank at the end of the cellar. The water is for daily use for him.

He jumped into the tank without thinking.


The tank is billowing out of steam, and soon, all the water in the tank was evaporated by his body temperature, leaving the entire cellar mist-filled.

The water failed to lower Luo Zheng's body temperature, instead, his body temperature is still rising, and his skin emits a dark red light, like a piece of red hot iron.

He turned two circles in the same spot and fell down in the mist-filled cellar.

Luo Zheng's mind is undergoing incredible changes.

Suddenly a huge black furnace with nine dragon relief on the wall came to his mind.

Each dragon is painted with different colors, including cyan, black, white, purple ..., baring their fangs and opening their claws vividly.

Eight of them close their eyes, while the one at the bottom opens his eyes, staring at Luo Zheng.

With a deep eyes which may have gone through tens of millions of years or hundreds of millions of years, the dragon looked at Luo Zheng without emotion, which makes him feel great power.

"Cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle ..."

Luo Zheng's soul was constantly trembling under the gazing of the dragon, and the soul started cracking soon with a sign of collapse.

Murmurs came out from dragon when Luo Zhen's soul was about to collapse. Then the giant furnace pinned up continuously, and flames poured in the furnace.

That is a kind of black flame!

This color of the flame is amazing, as if it could burn everything in the world!

The giant furnace covered Luo Zheng on his head very soon and the blazing dark fire wrapped his soul immediately so that he had no time to marvel at what he saw.

Not every ordinary people can endure the pain of the soul burning. Luo Zheng didn't loose consciousness from this unbearable pain because he is in the soul state. The only thing he can do is to grin and bear it.

"Ah ah ah, let me die!"

At this moment, Luo Zheng just wanted to die to relieve this pain.

But for him, even death is a luxury. In the soul state, he can not bite his tongue to commit a suicide.

Whenever his soul can not sustain the pain and is about to break and go into annihilation, this furnace suddenly emit a colorful glow to repair Luo Zheng's soul immediately.

Burning, crushing, repairing and then burning, crushing and repairing again ...

On endless repeat.

He doesn't know how long this deadly pain will continue. It stopped finally.

"I finally get through this unbearable pain." Luo Zheng took a long breath. He has have not yet got over the scare. At the same time, he found his soul exudes golden light.

After a long time, he was detached from his mind, sobering up slowly.

In his mind, the giant furnace had stopped revolving, but the black flame in the furnace never extinguished, and the fire was just under control and looked less horrible.

Luo Zheng has already understood that his soul and body have been refined in that furnace.

In the great world, wonders never cease. Some vessel refining masters use all kinds of strange ways to refine weapons. Some masters commit innumerable murders to gather human blood for refining. What is worse, some masters even seal the souls of mankind into the weapon, making it a kind of evil weapon.

However, this vessel refining theory advocates refining people's own body into a magic weapon. Luo Zheng has never heard of it before. It is so crazy ...

Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise, and vice versa. After calming himself down, Luo Zheng figured out what happened to him might not be a bad thing!

The magic weapon is divided into five stages in this world, namely mysterious weapon, spiritual weapon, fairy weapon, sacred weapon and divine weapon, each of which is also divided into top, middle and lower grade. All have extremely high value.

Luo Zheng's body has just been refined into a magic weapon, which belongs to the lowest level of mysterious weapon.

It is really a strange thing to describe himself with the grade of magic weapons. Luo Zheng's face revealed a bitter smile.

Looking out from the only vent in the cellar, the day dawn is breaking. He has been tossed up overnight without knowing the time is passing.

It's strange that he does not feel even tired after this sleepless night, instead, he has very good spirit.

At this moment, he has calmed down completely without anxiety which prevailed last night. What the book says is absolutely true: everything goes on by destiny, even if eating and drinking are pre-determined. Only with a stable mind, one can deal with every difficulty calmly.

After he cleaned the ashes of the burned book carefully and moved the water tank back to its original place. A burst of unlocking sound came. It is time to receive a beating.

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