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   Chapter 1 Return good for evil

The Way To Be The God! By Micheal Characters: 14244

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The day is yet to dawn with the late autumn morning very cold and it's still dark around.

The oil lamp in the Cellar of Luo's House was quietly lit. Luo Zheng covered most of the light of the oil lamp and sat at the table and took a shabby wire-bound book out secretly.

Luo Zheng just turned 17 this year although slim and appears not that handsome, he has a gentle temperament. Especially a pair of bright eyes is shining even under the dim oil lamp light like stars. He spent a month reading Principles of Heaven and all of the principles are great.

Nevertheless only these four words "repay cruelty with kindness" he absolutely cannot agree with as Luo Zheng whispered softly to himself. Staring at the bean-sized flame of the lamp his face revealed a sad expression as he wondered "Had my father not been kind, not believed those words, how could I, the main house's direct bloodline have fallen into such a situation? And he wouldn't have died..."

Whilst thinking he suddenly heard a burst of unlocking sound from the Cellar gate. Luo Zheng suddenly swept away the sadness in his eyes and replaced with the perseverance in his face. He agilely blew out the oil lamp then covered himself with a quilt. The Cellar lock was opened and there seemed to be a few footsteps from far and near. The first person came forward trampling on Luo Zheng's bed and shouted: "Still sleeping? Get the fuck up! Do you still think you are the grandmaster of Luo?" This is a higher ranking worker of the Luo family and he has a long beak, monkey look with a tumor shaped forehead, which make people feel disgusted seeing him at the first look. Luo Zheng came out of the quilt, rubbed his eyes, got up from the bed, wore socks, shoes and clothing without a word. Although these are old and worn clothes Luo Zheng still wore them meticulously and neatly. The care taker rolled his eyes, criticized Zheng then waved his hand. Several men surrounded Luo to forcibly put on him a thick leather armor and shackles. After finishing this, Luo Zheng followed the servants and walked out of the Cellar towards Luo's hall. Luo Family is a big clan in Chongming County, which owns million acres of fertile land, hundreds of mines and is well-known in Chongming County. However, the entire Eastern Region has thousands of county cities, including countless wealthy families and Luo's family means nothing in the entire Eastern Region.

Luo Zheng was escorted by a man. They climbed out of the gloomy Cellar, walked through the numerous pavilions, bridges and galleries before making it to the door of Yanwu Hall.

Yanwu Hall's topography is open. It is a practice place of Luo family's children. The door was decorated with white marble sculptures of dragon, phoenix and lion, and the ground with one square black basalt. You can feel the power standing at the entrance of the building. In the middle of Yanwu Hall, dozens of Luo's children dressed in gray robes are practicing martial arts under the guidance of a teacher. They bawled and their boxes whirred again and again. These Luo family children are more than 10 years of age. In order to win a position in the family, one needs to diligently study and practice hard. It is a windy late autumn, however they sweat and even some of them have their head steaming with white mist around them. On the other side of Yanwu Hall, there are more than a dozen men who wore in the same way as Luo Zheng, in leather armor and shackles. These men were decadent, bleeding and wounded all over the body. Luo Zheng was escorted into Yanwu Hall then stood with those men together. Most of the men whose atmosphere had decaying smell were those who had been bought by the Luo family from local prisons and became the slaves of the Luo family. The role of these slaves was to be live targets for the Luo family's children to assault arbitrarily, for the purpose of training and testing their own strength. A lot of live targets were killed or disabled and we don't even know the number. Luo Zheng was not bought by the family as a death row inmate. He used to be the oldest son of an eldest son of the Luo family, the young master. He was noble in the Luo family, as his peers should bow and salute him with respect, and the family elders are also polite to him. However, something big happened in Chongyang County two years ago. Luo Zheng's father, the head of Luo's family, was poisoned by his brothers and died on the spot. Immediately the oldest branch of Luo's family was set up by the other three brothers. They framed a case against Luo Zheng's family, with the placement of a rebel accusation under the cooperation of the other three brothers which makes the oldest branch completely weak. Luo Zheng, the former young master, was also labeled rebel and became a slave of Luo family. He became a meat target, being beaten up anytime as Luo's children practices martial arts and could never rise again. Luo Zheng has lived like this for two years. Luo Zheng does not know how many fists and insults he had suffered in the two years.

"Today's boxing practice is over. You guys can select your own meat target! Hitting the human body allows you to fully understand the actual combat skills, get familiar with the weaknesses of the human body and the distribution of bones!" After the coach's order, the kids started finding their own meat targets. Soon sounds of slaves begging and pleading for mercy could be heard in Yanwu hall. These Luo kids did not treat these slaves as human, with fists to the flesh without any mercy.

Many of them particularly try to find Luo Zheng, beating him harder and with more aggression because to ravage the former young master gives them more sense of accomplishment! In the face of Luo's children's fists, Luo Zheng protected vital parts of the whole body with calmness since he is used to it.

Before long, a few people came into the door of Yanwu hall, with a young man in the front dressed in finery, with smiles across his face.

"The young master is coming!"

"Young master, your practice has finally come to halt. Upon seeing your spirit refreshing, you must have progressed greatly in your ability and power!"

"Our young master is intelligent. He is the talent of our Luo family. He must have grown stronger and surely has entered the higher level of bone refining."

Those children who were present stopped beating, and walked to the young master, trying to talk to him. It's obvious that they all flattered the young master. Luo Zheng's eyes fell on the young men, as his imperceptible anger quietly rose. That young teenager, called "young master" by Luo families, was Luo Peiran, the eldest son of the second branch of Luo. He is in the same age as Luo Zheng. Luo Zheng was relegated to slaves and Luo Peiran replaced Luo Zheng to be the young master of Luo family. Luo Zheng heard that Luo Peiran retreated to practice some time ago, and disappeared for a long time. It seems like he has improved a lot after retreating practice. Luo Peiran is very sensitive and he turned to look at Luo Zheng when he became aware of Luo Zheng'

s unfriendly eyesight. He smirked as he walked straight forward to Luo Zheng and said: "Luo Zheng, I retreated for a long time. I didn't expect to see you alive?"

"All thanks to your lucky words, I'm fucking alive." Luo Zheng muffled back.

"How dare you take such liberties! What kind of tone is that? How dare you speak this way to the young master?"

"You are just the least slave here, kneel down! Fall to the ground quickly and apologize to our young master or you will regret ever being alive." Several children of the Luo family shouted, as if Luo Zheng did something very unforgivable to them. Luo Zheng look around indifferently. These people used to behave like little dogs in front of him in the past and they were even scared to breathe. Once he lost his power, their attitudes changed so quickly like turning the pages of a book and immediately turned to be Luo Peiran's dogs. Luo Peiran waved his hand to stop those excited Luo children and spoke to Luo Zheng with a triumphant smile: "Luo Zheng, do you know why I had the retreat practice?" Luo Zheng did not speak as he just looked at Luo Peiran with dull and heavy face. "You should know that our family has two magical pills. Well I took one of them some time ago." Luo Peiran said with pride: "This magical pill is really extraordinary. The pure magical power empowering all my flesh, helped me to be reborn from the 'flesh refining' level into the 'bone refining' level and the efficacy of the pill works on only one-tenth. Others remain in my body and supply to my flesh endlessly.I just need to cross a fine line to get to the 'organ refining' level, and the marrow refining level is also just around the corner!" These two pills are the most valuable treasure of Luo's family, the holy pills left by Luo's ancestors. It's said that they were stored in the most hidden place in the family and most people are not allowed to use.

According to the old doctrine, only those who have reached the "bone refining "level before aging sixteen are qualified to use the natural-made magical pills. The practice of the body has five realms: the first one is "skin refining" level, the second is "fresh refining" level, the third is "bone refining" level, the forth is "organ refining" level, and the fifth is "marrow refining" level. Each state of the five realms has a big difference, and it's very difficult for most people to break through. It's impossible to break through from one level to another without decades of quenching, beating and practicing. Generally speaking, a person who reaches the third level before 30 years old can be deemed as a talent. According to the ancestral doctrine, only people who reach the third level, which is the bone refining leven, before 16 years old are qualified to use the natural-made magical pills! People who reach the "bone refining" level before sixteen years old are undoubtedly strong. Even the entire Chongming County has never seen someone like that before. That's the reason why the natural-made magical pills haven't been used in the past three hundred years. Originally, Luo Zheng is the most promising one to take the natural made magical pills. At the age of fourteen, he entered the top of the "flesh refining" level and was praised by the king of Chongyang County as the hope of Luo family's prosperity, the pride favored by God, and the talent in talents! However, it was a pity that just in this year, as the family suffered from internal strife and his father had been killed by his own brothers, Luo Zheng has ever since been relegated to slavery, and became a meat target and a prisoner. So he couldn't practice any more and lost the chance to take the natural-made pill. Luo Peiran is ordinary and doesn't have any talent, as he just reached the second level of flesh refining at sixteen years old. He did not have the qualifications to use the natural-made magical pills but he still took it. This natural-made magical pills should have belonged to Luo Zheng. Unexpectedly it was taken by this moron without any talent, even though Luo Zheng has calmed his mind down already in these two years, his heart wasn't at peace. He still could not help but get angry. "Luo Peiran, how dare you ignore the ancestors' doctrine and took the holy pill without permission, you son of bitch!"

"Well, you are even worse than the insects in the crevices in my eyes and good for nothing! I have stepped into the peak of bone refining level. I can hold a thousand pounds in one hand! You, the least slave, I can crush you in one hand. Today I just finished the retreat practice, and in order to congratulate myself I want to find a meat target to try!" Luo Peiran ignored what Luo Zheng said and pointed at someone randomly. "Okay, I choose you!" He did not choose Luo Zheng but found a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man saw Luo Peiran point at him, trembling all of a sudden. Although he wore a thick leather, which can resist a lot of damage, in the face of Luo Peiran who has reached the "bone refining" level, he can not help but shiver and piss on himself. Then Luo Peiran took a deep breath with two fists assuming the unique posture of "Zitan Fist", the exclusive kongfu of Luo's family. He was trying to show off and ran the inner power to the best, with his body covered in vague purple light. "Please... Please...Young master! I beg for your mercy!" When The meat target saw Luo Peiran's momentum, his eyes revealed a desperate look. He would be absolutely dead if this fist smashed him. He was kneeling down while begging for mercy.


Luo Peiran would never listen to the begging from a meat target. He punched right on the meat target's chest. Out came a dull sound. The leather on the chest of the meat target used to protect against the hits abruptly collapsed. The man hits the wall in Yanwu Hall directly and bounced to the ground motionlessly. This one punch killed the meat target completely.

"This powerful fist is very mighty! Young master! Nobody among our Luo's youngsters can be stronger than you."

"Our young master will make Luo's family thrive and carry the whole family forward."

Family members of Luo didn't lose the chance to lick the young master's boots. Luo Peiran seemed to be very satisfied with the effect of this punch, then he looked at Luo Zheng viciously.

Luo Zheng subconsciously stepped back. Although he is much stronger than the middle-aged man, he still could not take Luo Peiran's punch. Luo Peiran laughed, reaching out to flap Luo Zheng's shoulder fiercely twice, "Relax, I will not kill you so fast. I want you to watch me, and know that I, Luo Peiran, am much stronger than you! Rubbish!"

When Luo Peiran stopped talking and was about to leave, he remembered something suddenly and turned around and said: "Yeah, I forgot one thing. I heard that my genius cousin isn't doing well in Qingyun Zong because she offended one influential person. She has been sent to the Hell Mountain for her punishment. I will go rescue her when I reach the 'organ refining' level, ha ha ha..."? These words tightened Luo Zheng's heart.

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