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   Chapter 24

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Author“s Note: Thank you so much for 11K views! I“d never believed that I could“ve made it up to here - it“s all thanks to you guys! Thank you for sticking with me for all this time and I hope you enjoy this chapter!


As soon as they left the camp, they sprinted behind a large rock. The smoke disappeared almost at once.

Leo breathed a sigh of relief as he glanced behind him.

"Everyone“s present and no one seemed to have noticed us." Libra stated, as if voicing Leo“s inner thoughts out loud.

"The footprints of the army..." Pisces pointed at the mass of footprints leading away over the horizon.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let“s go." Gemini said.

"Be careful and quiet." Cancer warned. "We don“t want to be caught before we... find Ophiuchus."

Leo nodded and gazed out into the horizon. "Alright... let“s get a move on." He said.


The group walked after the trail of footprints. The camp had disappeared behind them a long time ago, and there hadn“t been any other sign of life aside from the footprints.

"We have a long way to go." Aries said, peering over the horizon. "Let“s rest for a bit."

The twelve eagerly sat down under a rock, sighing with relief as they stretched out their aching legs.

Aquarius reached behind her back and touched her wings. The twisted stumps had healed, thanks to Aidan, but her feathers hadn“t grown back. She sighed as she ran a hand down her wings and glanced at Leo“s pocket.

As if noticing her distress, Capricorn glanced over at her. "If Aidan“s bottle really works, Virgo or Cancer might be able to heal you." He offered.

Aquarius nodded. "I hope so." She replied, gazing out at the sky. "You know, if we make it all the way... even if we die, I hope we died trying."

Capricorn nodded. "I hope so, too."


"The sky“s increasingly becoming dark," Virgo noted. "It“s either it“s becoming night, or something really bad is about to happen. I think the latter, since we haven“t seen any change in the sky for the last few days."

"Or we“re getting closer to our target. Which is... good, I guess." Sagittarius pointed out. Her eyes widened and she abruptly stopped.

"What is it?" Taurus whisper-yelled, nearly bumping into her. "Why did you stop?"

Sagittarius shushed him and pointed over the hill. Everyone gathered by her side in an attempt to see what she was pointing at.

"Is that... Firea“s army?" Cancer asked softly.

Scorpio nodded in response. "I believe it is. It looks like they“re taking a break... I don“t think it“ll be a good idea to head this way. Maybe we should walk around them..."

"I don“t want to risk sitting here and waiting for a lone soldier to come up and find us." Aries pondered. "How about... we walk around them, far enough so they won“t spot us, and continue heading forwards. It“ll take longer, but it“ll be safer... as long as we“re careful."

Everyone murmured in agreement.

"Alright, then." Leo said. "Single file. I“ll lead, I guess."


"Does anyone know where“re we“re headed?" Pisces asked, when they were far enough from the army.

"I believe Ophiuchus would either make his home base in the middle of Zodiax or at the edge." Libra said. "He sounded confident that he would... win."

"I wonder what powers he has." Gemini said quietly. "All we know is that he can... send visions are something. Deimos claimed he was very dangerous..." Gemini trailed off. Nobody spoke for a few moments.

"Anyways," Taurus announced. "Let“s get a plan going. I don“t want to rush into this not knowing what to do."

"Right," Sagittarius said, nodding. "We“re going to have to drink the contents of the bottle just before it“s too late, otherwise Ophiuchus will sense us before we even find him."

"We“ll have to sneak up to where he is beforehand," Aries continued, "and try to ambush him."

"We“re strongest when our powers are combined," Leo said quie

teeth. "That“s our target," he stated. "We“re extremely close."

He scanned his surroundings for a brief second, then yanked the closest person - Aries - behind a large pillar of rock. The others followed him without a word.

Leo crouched and peered up at the sky. Everyone followed suit, looking around nervously or glaring at the mass of darkness in the sky.

"Now what?" Taurus whispered, shuffling over to Leo.

Leo studied the clouds above with narrowed eyes. "Now..." he breathed. "We wait for Ophiuchus to appear." His hand tightened around the bottle in his pocket.


Ophiuchus sat at the edge of a cliff quietly, staring out into the distance. From here, he could practically see all of Zodiax - and the long scar that ran around and through it.

It was peaceful, as usual. Beyond the wall, there was nobody - only him and his serpentine friends, once condemned to a lonely life in this barren land until he passed away.

"Ether has always been part of the elements," he said to no one in particular. He was used to talking to himself - after all, talking to his snakes had become boring after a month or two.

"There has always been five elements," he continued. "and Ether has been the one to hold it all together. To fill in the spaces..." He sighed. "Look what happened to Zodiax after they got rid of Ether."

He stared down at his hands, which were faintly glowing with pale light. "Let me prove to them that the forgotten fifth element is the one that will bring them all together..." He hesitated for a second. "Even if it means getting rid of several people."

Deimos. Galatea. Cordelia. Terrest.

"They were once my friends," he breathed. "We were insperable. Why did they have to take that all away from me...?"

He was distracted from his thoughts by a small snake slithering up to his feet. He glanced down at it and picked it up so he could hold it to his eye level.

"Your portal is ready, Sir Ophiuchus," it hissed softly. "Would you like anything before you leave? Weapons or armour, perhaps?"

Ophiuchus slowly shook his head. "I believe I will be fine," he replied. "After all, I have been training for twenty years... Weapons and armour wouldn“t be any use to me now."

"As you wish," the snake bowed its head slightly. Ophiuchus lowered it to the ground and stood up. "It“s time to finally enter Zodiax, for the first time in twenty years. I can“t wait to meet my old friends... and new ones, too." A small smile crossed his face as he thought about the young elementals he had persuaded to help him. "It“s time to initate the final part of my plan."

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