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   Chapter 23

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"Starting from the very beginning...We, well, I... I went out exploring myself and I tripped -"

"Sagittarius and I were following him to make sure he didn“t get into any trouble. He tripped and fell over the hill by the wall, so we decided to take him outside so he could rest." Aries visibly flinched after saying that, as if expecting a physical blow from King Deimos.

"Go on." The king of Firea growled.

"I woke up," Leo continued, "and, I..." He glanced nervously at Sagittarius.

"You shouldn“t hide anything from me," King Deimos warned. Leo bit his lip and nodded.

"I saw... A vision. A glowing person -" Leo visibly tensed at this, "- told me a prophecy."

"A prophecy...?" King Deimos rumbled. "Hm. Recite it."

"Three of them will pierce the wall,

Nine of them will answer the call,

Fire, water, air and earth,

Will rise together and prove their worth." Sagittarius quickly recited.

King Deimos was silent for a few seconds. Sagittarius shifted away slightly, Aries looked away and Leo stared at his feet.

"Well, go on." King Deimos growled.

"And I decided to go fulfil the prophecy, since I assumed the prophecy was calling for us, and we went to Wateria and we found Scorpio and he told us -"

"Slower." King Deimos ordered.

Leo nodded nervously and took a deep breath. "And he told us, uh, his Queen had taken his friends, Cancer and Pisces, prisoner. So we decided to help him, since, uh, the prophecy said so..."

"We left Wateria after... that, and we went to Airia, repeat, and Earthia, repeat." Aries stated.

Blaise“s mouth gaped open in surprise, but she didn“t say anything.

"And, uh... we joined forces and destroyed the wall with our powers... And possibly caused a world apocalypse? And it turns out the... Glowing person that gave Leo the prophecy... Was actually a guy who called himself Ophiuchus."

King Deimos was silent for a second.

"Ophiuchus?!" He snarled.

Everyone jumped at his outburst.

King Deimos“s amber eyes swept over the twelve teenagers, practically alight with fury. "If a stranger told you to murder someone, would you?"

"Well -" Leo began, when no one spoke.

"Silence." Blaise stated. Leo glanced over at her, eyes wide with shock. "Bl -"

"You“ve just sentenced all of Zodiax to death," King Deimos continued, beginning to pace the room, "because of your stupidity."

He turned to glare at them. "All twelve of you running off, breaking the rules - there are rules for a reason and you know this!"

"Ophiuchus is the fifth element. The most dangerous of them all, and that is why “Etheria“ doesn“t exist! The ether element... a small army coul

person... but that“s all you“ll get if you want everyone to have some."

Aidan pushed the bottle into Leo“s hands. "Just use the dropper -" He opened the lid of the bottle and showed the group. "- and squeeze a single drop in your mouth. Not your skin, not anywhere else - your mouth. Then... if it works, you“ll know."

Leo took the bottle and put it in his pocket. "Thank you... Aidan." He said quietly. "Be safe, alright?"

Aidan let out a dry laugh. "I should be saying that to you guys." He gave the group a sad smile. "So... be careful, alright? If you come back... I“ll be here. Hopefully."

He turned away and gazed out at the entrance of the tent. "I“ll cast some of my smoke over you. It should hide you for a little while... just stick together, be quiet and leave the camp as soon as possible. Just follow the footsteps in the ground and you should find Ophiuchus."

Aidan closed his eyes and whispered something. Dark grey smoke swirled from his hands and coated the group of twelve.

Aidan didn“t turn around. "Good luck." He whispered, then he exited the tent.

"Thank you." Leo said softly, but he was already gone.

The group of twelve stood silently for a moment.

"Well, let“s go." Scorpio finally said. "We don“t have all day."

Taurus nodded in agreement. "Let“s walk in a line, single file." He offered. "Leo, would you like to lead?"

Leo jumped slightly at the sound of his name. "Uh, me? Um... sure." Leo brushed away the curtain and gazed out at the camp. Nobody seemed to notice him.

He quickly made his way out and walked towards the exit of the camp, not daring to turn around in case he bumped into something.

"This is it... do or die." Leo whispered to himself as he made his way out of the camp and to freedom.

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