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   Chapter 22

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Firea had been turned into a wasteland. The usual pale, sand-coloured rocks or the dusty orange dirt had been reduced to dark soot and ash. There was no movement and no sound aside from the crunching of their shoes on the dirt.

A large scar in the ground marked where the wall once stood. Nobody said anything as they passed over it.

"I can“t recognize anything." Leo said, half to himself, as he scanned the surroundings. The once well worn paths had disappeared under a layer of black ash, leaving the land nearly impossible to navigate.

"All we can do is walk forwards and... hopefully, we“ll find someone." Sagittarius added. "Maybe they can help us."

"Or they won“t," Aries said, frowning. "They“ll probably recognize us as the... people who ran away. Or worse, the people who caused all of this."

"But... won“t they help us if we tell them we“re trying to help?" Leo asked.

Aries sighed and said nothing.

The group of twelve continued moving on through the wasteland.


They stopped to rest under an outcropping rock.

"We“ll continue heading on after a few minutes," Leo announced. "I“m afraid there isn“t any food or water right now, but if we keep heading forwards, we should come across Central Firea. Hopefully... they“re still alive."

He turned away to gaze out at the sky.

They... my family... if they“re...

Leo tried not to think about it and concentrated on searching for signs of life in the sky instead.


"We“re about to go." Aries announced. As he waited for everyone to get up, he scanned his surroundings - and frowned as something caught his eye.

"Did you see that?" He said softly, taking a step towards Sagittarius.

Sagittarius glanced towards him. "Hm?" She said.

"Movement... do you think we“re being followed?" He replied, looking around again.

"Maybe... at least that would mean there are others out here." Sagittarius answered, frowning.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Libra asked, tapping them on the shoulder. "We“re just waiting for you two."

"Of course." Aries nodded. "Let“s continue moving on."


A single figure darted behind another rock as they watched the twelve teenagers set off again.

The tall red haired male glanced around again. The figure held their breath and stayed perfectly still.

The male didn“t seem to notice them and continued walking. The figure breathed a silent sigh of relief and continued watching them from behind the rock.

They weren“t even sure what had taken place in the last few days. One second, they“d been enjoying a meal with his family, the next, everything had been blown to dust. Thankfully, none of his family was hurt.

King Deimos had immediately gathered all able elementals to set up a temporary residence and to search for survivors. Currently, they were one of the first elementals to go out to seek out survivors - and to their knowledge, the first to find some.

They eyed the twelve teenagers and frowned as they quickly calculated the distance between them and the camp. If the twelve continued walking onwards, they would walk directly into the camp.

Should I knock them out? Do they mean harm?

The figure shifted to another outcropping rock again to get a closer look. None of them had used their powers from what he could see - could it be that they were saving them for a special occasion?

The figure frowned. I don“t want to injure children... surely they don“t mean harm. Maybe I should continue following them for a little longer.

Now set, the figure continued moving after the group.


"I swear I can hear someone behind us." Aries muttered to h

es?" he announced, choosing the closest person. "Your turn."

"Alright." Aries said, nodding. Aries glanced down at Leo“s hands as he passed. "So... he can heal burns." He half whispered to himself.


Leo sat quietly on the carpet, staring down at his hands. Thankfully, the burns had mostly healed, and his some of his strength had returned... now all he had to do was...

He took a deep breath and held out his hand, willing for a burst of fire to appear.


He sighed and put down his hand.

"Nothing?" Aries asked, glancing over at him. Leo sighed again and shook his head. "I really hope it“s temporary... I don“t want to be powerless forever."

"There won“t be a forever if we don“t put a stop to Ophiuchus“s plan." Aries replied, turning away.

Leo didn“t respond. Instead, he concentrated on staring at the shadows moving behind the curtain.


"Done." Aidan stated, reappearing from behind the curtain with a bottle in his hand. "You twelve wait here for Blaise."

He hesitated for a second.

"Better prepare your speeches. King Deimos will most likely be with her."

Aidan turned around and left the tent, leaving the twelve alone... again.

"So, can any of you summon your powers?" Leo immediately asked. Everyone shook their heads, looking disappointed.

"Does he know you guys are... other elementals?" Sagittarius announced.

"He seemed suspicious of our injuries, but aside from that, no." Aquarius replied.

"Anyways, so, how will we... explain to the king?" Taurus asked, quickly changing the subject. "Are we just going to... announce we“re... other elementals?"

"I mean, he“s probably going to know that you guys aren“t fire elementals." Aries pointed out. "There“s not much point in hiding the truth... especially if we“re going to ask for his help."

Leo nodded. "Alright. I -"

Before he could say another word, Blaise appeared at the entrance of the tent.

"King Deimos will now speak with you." She announced, taking a step to the side.

"I“ve heard a lot about you. In fact, very specific orders were sent out to capture and kill you." King Deimos entered the tent without a hint of emotion on his face. "I assume you know what“s going on with this sudden... apcolypse."

Leo shivered slightly at the king“s presence. He quietly made out a, "y-yes... your highness. We do..."

King Deimos towered over them. "Well, then. Start talking."

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