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   Chapter 21

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Updated: 2017-12-08 12:04

Author“s Note: Sorry for the short chapter, but I needed a bit of space in between the action. Hopefully, the next few chapters will be longer and more action packed!

Leo stared blankly at the spot where Ophiuchus disappeared. So called... Saviours of Zodiax. So called. But... If the glowing figure was him, then... Who guided us on our journey?

Aries gently patted Leo on the back with his wrist. "Hey, Leo...?"

"What?" Leo said dully, turning back to Aries. He already knew the answer to his own question, but... It couldn“t be. He refused to let it be... But...

"Ophiuchus." Aries muttered, trying the name. "So... What you saw... It was him?"

"And what did he mean by ether elemental? What even is ether?" Sagittarius asked, quietly walking up behind them.

Aries shrugged. "I don“t know. Maybe he“s bluffing and there isn“t a... So called “ether“ element."

"Maybe? There“s always been four elements and that“s just fire, water, air and earth! There is no fifth element." Sagittarius muttered.

"Just a few days ago, we were convinced our own element was the only one." Virgo said, placing a hand on Sagittarius“s shoulder. "Seeing as he“s able to... Send versions of himself, or create visions, probably means he has some sort of magic."

"It didn“t seem like any particular element, though." Capricorn offered. "If he... isn“t a so called “ether“ elemental, he might just be a normal elemental with an enchanted object."

"Enchanted object?" Taurus asked.

Capricorn shrugged. "There has to be something to explain his.

smile. "No matter what."

"Guys..." Leo trailed off, speechless. "Thank you." He finally said. "For... everything."

"No need to thank us yet, Leo," Aries announced, pointing out at the horizon. "Let“s beat this Ophiuchus guy and restore peace to Zodiax!"

A resounding cheer echoed through the barren wasteland.

"For Zodiax!"


There was no day or night - just smoke and dust filling the sky. The twelve elementals trekked on silently, deep in their own thoughts.

"We should get to one of the places if we continue walking in one direction." Leo said, glancing up at the sky. "Hopefully we can get some help... if there“s anyone still there."

"From how long we“ve walked... we should only be around an hour away from the closest place." Capricorn said, squinting out into the distance. "All I can see is a mountain..."

"A volcano." Sagittarius breathed.

"Firea... our home." Aries whispered.

Leo gritted his teeth. "We can think about the past later. Now... let“s stop Ophiuchus from conquering Zodiax."

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