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   Chapter 19

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Author“s Note: I finished my piano exams, so I can finally write more again! I“m sorry this chapter is short, but I hope you like it!


Leo“s eyes flickered open. His cheek was pressed to the coarse dirt; with a pained groan, he shifted over so he was staring at the sky.

I don“t want to get up...

The sky was dark with smoke.

Weird... wasn“t it... blue before...?

Leo lay there for a few moments, quietly breathing and staring blankly upwards. Everything felt numb.

What did I do again...?

Leo“s head was swimming.

Why am I here...?

Leo“s eyes widened with shock.

Aries, Sagittarius - the others!

Leo rolled over and tried to push himself to his feet. Searing pain laced up his arms and he winced.

What happened...?

He gritted his teeth and forced himself to sit up. He leaned heavily against a large piece of rubble, panting for breath.

Leo sluggishly lifted a hand. What met his gaze was horrifying; dark gashes covered his arms. His skin had been coated with a layer of sweat, dirt and dust, but what was strangest was that his hands were scorched black, like how a leaf would turn into ash after being burnt...

But that was impossible. He was a fire elemental, and he knew that he was immune to fire. He“d even swam in rivers of lava without breaking a sweat.

He shuddered and put down his hand.

How long has it been...?

Leo stared out at where the wall had been. Forests had been completely demolished and whatever was left was burning.

Destruction... No wonder they didn“t want us to... meet each other.

Leo shook slightly. His hands curled into fists, but another fresh jolt of pain laced up his fingers.

What have I done...?

Leo twisted around to stare at the unmoving bodies of his friends.

Did I... kill them?

He struggled to his feet. Everything hurt - it was like he had been plunged into ice cold water. He made towards the closest person - Sagittarius, who was slumped over Aries.

He limped over. His entire body was shaking from the pain. As soon as he neared her, he fell; but he kept on going. He scrambled over to her on his hands and knees and rolled her off Aries.

"Sagittarius!" he tried to say. His voice came out in a rasp and he coughed. Smoke trickled from his mouth.

He leaned in closer. His heart jumped with joy after he heard her quiet, but steady breathing. He checked Aries“ pulse and sighed with relief.

His dull blue eyes flickered over their bodies and was immediately drawn to their hands. Like his, their hands had been burnt badly.

He flinched at the sight. However, he was interrupted from his train of thought by a quiet groan. Leo jumped slightly as he heard movement.

"L... Leo...?" Sagittarius whispered. Leo helped her sit up and lean against a piece of rubble "What happened...? Did we save the world...?"

Leo blinked. Saving the world...?

Leo looked out at the destruct

too bad. We“re earth elementals and we“re not going to be held back by some injury." The brown haired male hauled himself to his feet, despite the protests from the other two. "If you two can“t move, then I“ll go myself."

Capricorn sluggishly got to his feet. "Typical, stubborn Taurus." he joked, reaching down with his uninjured arm to help Virgo up. "Let“s go find the others."


Leo stumbled over another piece of rubble. Sagittarius reached out to catch him, but winced. "Ah, right, the burns."

Aries frowned. "Well, we“d better find the others. Cancer and Virgo have healing powers, right?"

"Yeah, they do." Sagittarius sighed. "But most likely, they probably... used up all their energy in destroying the wall, like we did."

Leo opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out. He found himself staring directly at an all-too-familiar glowing figure.

Leo gaped at it for a few moments, unable to speak. Finally, words tumbled out of his mouth, hot and furious.

"You said it“d save us all! What“s up with you and your stupid prophecy, you, you... why -"

Aries came to a stop next to Leo. "Are you hallucinating?" Aries asked, concern lacing his tone. Sagittarius mumbled something but it was drowned out by Leo“s yelling.

The figure simply turned around to face Leo. Leo“s jaw dropped at the sight.

The glowing figure gave Leo a mysterious smile, then vanished.

Sagittarius awkwardly patted Leo“s shoulder with her wrist. "Let“s find the others first, then we can... decide what to do."

Leo stared blankly at where he“d last seen the glowing figure.

My friends... I hope they“re alright... Did I lead them all to their deaths...?

When Aries saw no immediate response from Leo, he sighed and began to lead Leo along. "I think he“s having another hallucination again," he told Sagittarius. "Let“s just find the others."

Sagittarius nodded silently and followed them across the barren land.

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