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   Chapter 18

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Author“s Note:

Sorry for the long wait! I promise this book is not dead - I was just really busy with practicing for my piano exams. I“ll try to write more once I“ve finished them!


Leo could feel everyone“s eyes on him, seeking confirmation. "Alright, to your areas," he directed.

He watched as everyone split up and shuffled over to their designated areas. Leo could almost feel the excitement hanging in the air as he padded over to where Aries and Sagittarius stood.

"Right, what next, boss?" Sagittarius joked, playfully nudging him.

Leo opened his mouth to speak - and he closed it as his eyes flitted behind Sagittarius“s back. Behind her was a figure - Leo would“ve mistaken it as someone“s shadow if it hadn“t been glowing faintly. Its light cast a warm glow around them; a surge of triumph filled Leo as he watched the figure.

"Leo?" Aries echoed, poking him in the ribs.

"I“m fine." Leo said, shaking his head and blinking. The figure was gone.

Leo felt warmth rise up and envelop him. He looked down at his hands; they were glowing with an ethereal golden fire. "We shatter this wall," Leo announced, glaring at the wall before them, "and we show everyone the truth."


Aries“ eyes widened. Leo was glowing - literally. Golden flames licked at his skin and cast the entire clearing in a fiery glow.

"Who knew we“d end up doing something as crazy as this?" Sagittarius chuckled.

"We should“ve known what we were getting ourselves into when we befriended Leo." Aries replied, amusement flickering in his eyes. "But... I“m glad we did. I can“t imagine a life without them, now..."

Sagittarius smiled. "Me too." They stood in silence for a moment.

"Alright," Aries muttered, steeling himself. "Let“s do this." He clenched his fists and called upon his fire; he could feel it building up inside him, hot and vicious. He was temporarily brought back to his brief “stay“ at the Water Palace; shaping his fire into a ram - the freezing touch of Scorpio“s water powers -

Aries shuddered and forced himself to concentrate. The fire was fighting against him, burning, trying to b

holding in his magic was tiring now. How long had they been at it - seconds? Hours? He couldn“t tell. His hands shook as he slowly lifted them up and directed them at the wall.

This is what we“ve worked so hard for... Time to see the results.

Leo inhaled sharply. His skin was burning, like he had jumped into ice cold water: except it wasn“t the “cold“ sort of burning. It was unfamiliar but familiar at the same time...

His eyes flashed open. His power reached its tipping point.

He faintly heard himself screaming something that sounded like, "NOW!"

Then fire filled his vision.


Twelve people - only teenagers.

Fire, water, air and earth.

The clearing was hardly a clearing anymore - the grass caught alight and was extinguished, again and again, chunks of the ground floated up and smashed to the floor once again.

However, the clearing wasn“t the only thing that has been destroyed. The wall - once majestic and intact - was now merely a scar on the earth. Chunks of rubble and debris lay around the slash in the earth. Smoke filled the air, thick and dark.

The twelve teenagers lay, nearly unmoving. The only sign of movement were the slow rise and fall of their chests.

Just beyond the four kingdoms, a snake uncoiled and lifted its head with a small hiss.

As if responding, someone chuckled. "Poor Leo. I hope he“s not dead; I“d been looking forwards to thanking him."

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