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   Chapter 17

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Author“s Note: Thank you so much for 3K views! I really didn“t expect my story to get this far, and thank you so much for commenting, reading and voting! This is my longest chapter yet - over 4000 words! I really hope you like it!

Every time someone says it! Gemini thought. She forced a smile onto her face and turned to Cancer. "We“ll be fine, Cancy, I promise," she said, pushing back her frustration and disappointment.

Gemini leaped into the fray and blasted several soldiers away with a gust of wind. "Don“t you dare hurt them!" She yelled.

My friends... I hope my family are okay.

She wondered if everyone thought the same thing, too. None of them had ever really talked about their families; Gemini wondered their families were okay, too.

Maybe they“re staying strong for the others, she thought. Like... I am.


"Taurus, duck!" Capricorn yelled as he fended off another attack from a soldier with a spear.

Taurus hurled up a wall of solid rock and ducked - the rain of arrows shattered against the stone. "Thanks, Cap!" He called.

"No proble - ack!" Capricorn“s defence faltered for a second and the solider immediately dived in for the kill.

Taurus hurled several rocks at the soldier - they whistled over Capricorn“s shoulder and slammed into the armoured man. The solider stumbled back with a grunt.

"Thank you!" Capricorn replied, before diving down at the shoulder with his spear of rock in his hands.


Sagittarius fired volley after volley of arrows upon the wolf-eared general. Behind her, Aries swung his dual swords at any soldiers who dared approach them - fire trailed after his wake.

Lycan snarled fiercely at Sagittarius and bounded at her again, claws and weapons flashing. A sharp green glow surrounded his hands and he motioned upwards; pillars of rock shot up from the ground around the two fire elementals.

"Watch out!" Aquarius yelled, soaring in to scoop Sagittarius up. Nearby, Gemini summoned a blast of wind that carried Aries into the sky.

"Thanks, guys!" Aries called. Gemini gave him a thumbs up and lowered him to the ground. "Let“s beat these guys!" She replied, closing her eyes briefly; she immediately split into two.

The two Geminis leaped into the fray, picking up and throwing various objects with their wind generation.

"Great job, Gemini!" Libra called, soaring in to lift away a soldier with his enlarged dove. Libra“s eyes widened as he noticed two of the water elementals, fighting side by side - and there was a single soldier approaching from behind, wielding a sharp spear.

Hardly making a sound, he leaped off his bird after giving it a silent order. He landed by the water elementals and threw his hands up, creating two shields made of wind magic around them. The solider struck the wind barrier with a frustrated yell.

Scorpio hardly acknowledged Libra“s appearance aside from a small nod. Pisces gave Libra a small smile. "Thanks, Libra!" She called.

"You“re welcome," Libra replied, whistling. His dove immediately flew back and Libra leaped aboard. "Good luck!" He called, then he soared away.

Pisces turned back to the battle as the air forcefields vanished. Beside her, Scorpio immediately darted towards the soldier that had been about to ambush them, weapons glinting under the light.

Pisces summoned a rain of ice shards that plummeted a group of soldiers nearby. The soldiers yelped and split up, vanishing somewhere among the chaos of the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Scorpio beat back a soldier with his dual daggers made of ice. The soldier - marked with several scratches and bruises - whimpered and fled.

Scorpio hid a smirk of satisfaction and turned back to Pisces, who seemed to be holding her own with volleys of ice shards and blasts of water. "I“ll be back," Scorpio promised, then sprinted into the battlefield, hacking and slicing with his weapons.

His eyes sought out Cancer - she looked absolutely furious, and her pincer-like weapons were flashing and spinning in the air, snapping and swatting at any soldier who dared get close to her.

Scorpio ran over to her, ducking under flying limbs and weapons. Before he could speak, Cancer answered his unspoken question: "I“m fine, don“t worry about me! Help the others out!"

Scorpio frowned, but nodded. "Alright then..." he muttered, scanning the battleground for his allies.

"There!" Cancer growled, still focused on her battle. "Leo!"

Scorpio sighed. "Leo, huh? I should“ve guessed." He made to hurry over, but several soldiers leaped in his way.

Scorpio hissed with frustration and his hands glowed blue - the ice daggers grew in size to become dual swords instead. "Let“s fight," he snarled.

Cancer noticed Scorpio fending off several soldiers to her left. I guess I“ll have to take matters into my own hands, she thought, seeking out Leo in the battlefield. The blond fire elemental had been cornered by General Lycan, who seemed to be wielding some sort of shield made of rock.

Cancer sent a silent order to her weapons. The pincers immediately shot out, beating back soldiers, and Cancer sprinted towards Leo. As she got closer, she reached out; water leaped up from puddles on the ground and slammed into the back of Lycan“s head.

Leo immediately got to his feet and glanced at Cancer. "Thanks, Cancer!" he yelled, coating his hands in fire before launching several swift punches at Lycan. Cancer joined the battle against the wolf-eared general, manipulating the water and damp mud around him to slow him down.

Lycan howled in fury and fought back. Cancer felt sweat bead on her forehead as she concentrated on keeping the mud around Lycan“s feet. Leo growled and pummelled Lycan with fire punches, distracting him temporarily.

"Pesky rats!" Lycan howled, summoning a spear of rock and hurling it at Leo. Leo threw himself out of the way to dodge his attack, giving Lycan a chance to yank his feet out of the mud and manipulate the ground around Leo and Cancer. The two elementals yelped as they felt the mud wrap around their feet, holding them in place.

"Finally, some revenge," Lycan chuckled and prowled towards them. "I“ll enjoy seeing you su -"

He was cut off by a figure barrelling into him from the sky. "Aquarius!" Cancer cried joyfully, as the mud around their feet released them.

Sagittarius and Aries joined them, each hurling their fiery attacks on Lycan“s back as Aquarius punched Lycan several times.

The wind around Lycan started to shift. A small tornado appeared, lifting him into the air. "Don“t let him touch the ground!" Aquarius yelled, her brow furrowing in concentration.

"It“s what gives him his strength!" Virgo added, galloping past atop a stag. The other elementals nodded and started to pummel Lycan with several of their attacks - water and fire shot up and slammed into Lycan as Aquarius held him in place.

Virgo watched their battle from the corner of her eye and an idea popped into her head. "Combine your powers!" she yelled. At the same time, several soldiers heard Lycan“s howls of fury and charged at the group of elementals.

"Not so fast," Virgo growled, galloping in their way. A shield of pure light surrounded her as several animals - squirrels, deer, even mice - leaped out of the undergrowth and attacked the group of soldiers.

Sagittarius glanced over her shoulder for a moment after hearing Virgo“s shouts. "Cancer!" she said urgently. "I“ll lend you some of my power -" Sagittarius grabbed Cancer“s wrist and closed her eyes, expecting the exhaustion to come, like last time. Instead, a surge of power rushed through her instead - and it was clear Cancer felt the same.

Cancer“s pincer weapons leaped to her aid - except, they seemed to be infused with fire. Sagittarius pulled out her bow - the tips of t

mental. He decided to save his complaints for later - Taurus had saved Pisces, after all - though he felt slightly annoyed with himself for not being there to help her in the first place. Still, he felt slightly proud for his smaller friend - finally, she seemed to have unlocked her true potential for her powers.

He stared down at his hands again. "Maybe... maybe I can... try, too." he said softly. He scanned the battlefield for any of his allies and quickly locked in on one - Capricorn. For some reason, the earth elemental had been separated from Taurus earlier and was now struggling to fight several soldiers by himself.

Scorpio glanced down at his hands again and narrowed his eyes. I can do this - I won“t be afraid of my powers!

He locked eyes with Capricorn and summoned a long sword made of ice. He attacked the soldiers from behind; it only appeared to stun them for a short time, but it gave him to time to run over to Capricorn.

"Thanks, Scorpio," Capricorn gasped, struggling to catch his breath. Scorpio didn“t respond; instead, he clenched his hands and summoned his powers. He wasn“t even sure how this “combining powers“ thing worked - he simply followed his logic and did what he thought worked.

He hesitated for a second before cautiously grabbing Capricorn“s wrist. Capricorn flinched at his touch, but relaxed slightly and let out a small gasp. Capricorn cautiously placed a hand on Scorpio“s shoulder and concentrated.

Scorpio grunted as he felt a strange feeling rush into him. He hadn“t even realised he was tired until Capricorn transferred his power to him - now, he felt much more energised. A soothing, earthy scent filled his nose as he immediately summoned his sword again. The shining blade seemed to be laced with a golden-brown glow. Beside him, Capricorn summoned a scythe; the edge seemed to be glowing blue with water magic.

Without even glancing at each other, the two burst into action; hacking and slicing at the soldiers and knocking them out of the way.

The pain and exhaustion Scorpio had expected was simply... not there. Instead, strength and a strange, foreign magic filled him; he couldn“t believe how easily he was beating the soldiers.

"There seems to be a lot less people than before," Capricorn pointed out, after they had sent the last few soldiers running. Scorpio realised that the white haired earth elemental was right - at least half of the enemy soldiers seemed to be fled from the battle.

"I think we“re beating them!" Capricorn exclaimed, his eyes lighting up. Scorpio felt his lips curl up in a slight smile. "Of course we are," he said.

He scanned the battlefield again; what caught his eye was a large, swirling tornado made of fire. Strangled howls seemed to come from the centre of the tornado.

"I think Lycan“s in there," Capricorn said, following his gaze. "Do you think they need help?"

"Let“s try to clear off some of the last soldiers - they can hold their own for now." Scorpio said, lifting his sword.

Capricorn nodded. "Alright, then. After you."

The two elemental sprinted into the fray, weapons swinging and flashing.


"I think we“re winning!" Sagittarius exclaimed, firing off another volley of arrows into the centre of the tornado.

Cancer gave the battlefield behind them a quick glance and smiled. "I think we are," she said softly. "But when are we going to let this... Lycan guy go?"

"When he surrenders." Aries replied confidently. "He“ll give up any moment now - no one can stand this much heat aside from us fire elementals."

Another enraged howl came from the centre of the tornado and several rock spears shot out, only to be intercepted by a gust of wind from Aquarius that shattered them to dust.

"Any moment now," Aries added, hurling a fire dagger into the tornado.

"The only time I“ll surrender is the moment I die!" Lycan shrieked back, clearly enraged at his words. "I“ll never surrender to the likes of you -"

A large rock - glowing slightly blue - shot through the air and slammed into the tornado. A battered body was thrown out of the whirlwind and hit the floor with a thud.

Gemini immediately shot over and hauled the earth elemental off the ground. Libra hurried over and waved a hand in Lycan“s face. "He“s alive, but unconscious." He reported. "He“ll be out for quite a while."

"Ha! See who“s surrendered now." Leo growled, hurrying over. Libra glanced up at Leo. "Are they gone?" he asked.

"They all ran away after Taurus knocked Lycan out." Leo replied. Taurus himself, accompanied by Pisces, quickly hurried up to the group. "Have we won?" Pisces asked breathlessly.

"Does that mean we can finally fulfil the prophecy in peace?" Capricorn asked, hurrying up the them.

"Oh. The prophecy. Right." Leo echoed. "Uh, yeah, I think so!"

"Then let“s get this over with quickly." Virgo added, jogging over to the group.

Scorpio nodded. "Before Lycan wakes up," he growled, giving the unconscious body a death glare.

"Alright, guys." Leo said, looking around at all his friends. "Let“s finish this, once and for all."

A chorus of voices echoed through the forest. "To fulfil the prophecy!" "And to destroy the wall!"

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