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   Chapter 16

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Author“s Note: Thank you so much for reading! I can“t believe we“re at 2.5K reads now and you won“t believe how happy I am. Thank you so much for spending your time reading this story and I hope you enjoy it!

It felt great to finally open her wings. Aquarius couldn“t help but release a small sigh of relief as she stretched.

She glanced down at the trapdoor - she could see the blurry, dark shapes of her friends underneath the water, waiting for her to report back. She summoned a blast of wind that dried her clothes and hair almost immediately.

"Alright, let“s go. They“re counting on me." she muttered, unfolding her wings. Her feathers - once well kept and snowy white, they were now coated in dust and a grey-brown colour. Aquarius shook her wings off, getting most of the dust off as well as she could, then took to the sky.

She flew in several tight circles to avoid hitting the trees around her. The trapdoor had apparently been placed in the middle of the forest for some reason - after a quick look around, she realised they were still rather close to Central Earthia.

She ducked back below the cover of the leafy foliage and flew back down towards the trapdoor. She landed lightly and knocked on the steel cover. "I think we“re safe," she whispered.

Cancer“s head popped out of the murky water. "Thanks, Aqua." she said, reaching up and gripping the side of the trapdoor in an attempt of climbing out.

Aquarius offered the blue haired water elemental her hand. Cancer gratefully took it with a whispered “thanks“ and Aquarius hauled her out.

One after the other, the rest of the elementals scrambled out of the hole. Capricorn kicked the trapdoor cover shut after Pisces climbed out. "Alright, where are we?" he asked, turning towards Aquarius.

"We“re too close to Central Earthia for my liking," Aquarius replied. "And there are too many trees for me to see a good path out of here."

"Out?" Taurus echoed.

"We“re fugitives here, Taurus." Virgo reminded the brown haired earth elemental. "We can“t stay. Maybe we can find a home beyond the wall - if we can even pass the wall - and we can live there together. But... we“re not going to be able to live here again."

The look on Taurus“s face was heartbreaking. "But... my family..." he whispered.

"No." Leo said quietly. His voice rose in volume as he continued, "We won“t have to leave. We“ll... we can save them all."

"Oh... you mean your prophecy?" Virgo asked, turning towards him. "It“s not that... I don“t believe you, but, well, the prophecy... it might not come true."

"It must!" Leo insisted. "We can try - no, we can fulfil it! But we need everyone!"

"Why everyone?" Scorpio muttered. "I get it, you... helped us, but... why do you need everyone?"

"The prophecy wants three people from each element... there are four elements, and it“s no coincidence you“re all here!" Leo retorted. "Look at how powerful we were when we combined powers and joined forces. We can“t hide the truth from our fellow elementals!"

"The... truth?" Libra echoed.

"We couldn“t have been like this from the beginning of time." Leo continued, his brain clicking and putting the puzzle pieces together. "Some time... I don“t know how long ago, but we must“ve been aware of each other. Firea, Wateria, Airia, Earthia... we must“ve... we might“ve been allies!"

"Leo, you“re spouting nonsense again." Sagittarius said, patting him on the head playfully - however, she looked slightly doubtful.

"I“m not!" Leo yelled. "It“s probably no coincidence that our kingdoms... they“re named in a similar fashion! The former leaders might“ve had a meeting or something, and that would mean the kingdoms might“ve been allies before!"

Around him, the other eleven elementals stared at him, trying to comprehend what he was saying.

"It“s... possible. There might be enough evidence to prove it... if we have the time to actually look for evidence." Capricorn finally said.

"Wouldn“t it have been amazing?" Gemini said dreamily. "Being friends with other elementals... legally?"

"But what changed? What made them raise the wall?" Pisces murmured.

"And why does it seem like nobody even knows about the other elementals?" Aries added.

A long silence filled the small clearing.

"A war." Scorpio finally said. "They might“ve been killed... and that might explain why the kingdoms don“t talk often."

"But King Terrest seemed to be pretty friendly with everyone. He even sent messages to the other kingdoms." Taurus pointed out. "I mean, he“s always really friendly, but... wouldn“t he remember a war?"

"We need to show them that they should block everyone off like that. They have the right to get to know people beyond their land." Libra said quietly. "Even if they never knew there were people beyond their lands..."

"Maybe the prophecy wants to seek the truth, too." Aquarius offered. "It“s not right for all of us to be... separated. If I“d never met you... where would I be now?"

"Leo... you said you saw a glowing figure. Who do you think they might“ve been?" Sagittarius asked, suddenly serious.

"I don“t know!" Leo said, surprised at the sudden question. "A former leader who wants the kingdoms to join again, maybe?"

"A ghost?" Aries muttered. "I didn“t realise those... existed."

"Maybe the leaders were powerful enough to exist as ghosts?" Cancer offered. "And maybe... they want us to

ell, visible, since we“re so close to it." Aries commented.

"Really? I“ve never seen the magic barrier before..." Taurus trailed off. "Oh yeah, Leo, we were supposed to be finding a spot to... cast magic and fulfil the prophecy, and I don“t think casting magic... up here is going to work for us. Well, mostly me, and I guess Cap and Virgo, but... yeah."

"Oh, alright then." Leo said, nodding. "Libra, would you mind...?"

"On it," the grey haired air elemental said with a nod. All the birds soared down and descended right next to the wall. Leo immediately jumped of his bird and looked around.

"It“s so wet and muddy." Sagittarius complained, jumping off as well. Her boots made a squelch as she landed in the mud.

Aquarius hovered over the ground, her wings beating slowly as she looked around. "Let“s try to find some clear space," she offered. "Me and Gem will look for a clearing. Stay right here..."

Gemini nodded. "Alright, let“s go!" She said cheerfully. A gust of wind blew the two air elementals into the air, then they flew away.

Libra patted the head of the last bird. "Thank you for your service." he whispered. The bird let out a soft caw and took off.

"So, uh, Leo, how are you planning on going about with this?" Taurus asked.

"Um... I don“t have a plan!" Leo said with a shrug. "We can just... combine powers and blow this wall down, no problem! ... Right?"

"Really?" Capricorn gave Leo an incredulous look. "So what happens next? This isn“t some sort of magical fairy tale where everything ends happily."

"We“ll figure it out when we get to it." Leo replied, shrugging. "Besides, if they really don“t accept us for... revealing their entire life was a lie, then, uh, we can just live in a cabin beyond the wall?"

"Sounds great," Aries joked. "Anyways, Aquarius and Gemini seem to be back."

Leo looked up at the sky to see the two air elementals land gracefully with a few beats of their wings.

"We found the perfect spot, guys!" Gemini said enthusiastically. "There“s fresh air above, and a clearing, and everything we need!"

"It“s not far from here," Aquarius added. "I“m sure you“ll like it."

"Great! Lead the way!" Leo said. His heart jumped with excitement - I“m finally going to fulfil the prophecy!


"It“s perfect!" Leo exclaimed, running his hands across the large, flat rock on the floor. "It“s almost like a mini map of Zodiax!"

"This flat, red rock for Firea," he said, "And there“s a puddle of water from the storm for Wateria, and there“s fresh air above for Airia, and finally, earth for Earthia!"

"What a coincidence." Scorpio quietly commented.

"It“s almost like it“s made for us," Libra said - he“d summoned an enlarged dove, which stood quietly next to him.

"A little muddy, but it“s fine," Virgo added, analysing the muddy ground. "It“ll work for us."

"It“s all going too smoothly," Cancer worried. "Remember the last time we -"

Gemini placed a hand over Cancer“s mouth. "And remember the last time we said that? You“re going to jinx it." she joked.

"Really, though - wouldn“t they have found us?" Cancer murmured. "And where did that... Lycan guy go?"

"Shh, just relax and enjoy the moment for a while." Gemini comforted her. "It“ll be fi -"

A loud howl echoed through the forest and a figure burst out of the undergrowth, on four feet - or paws, even - and tackled the closest person - Sagittarius.

Several soldiers leaped out of the undergrowth and followed suit; weapons were drawn and several people screamed or shouted something at once.

"-fine..." Gemini trailed off. "Not again..."

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