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   Chapter 15

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With no access to natural sunlight, nobody had any idea how many days had passed. They could only count seconds and guess.

Taurus poked at his cold food. It wasn“t like they were treated badly, aside from the cells - the food was actually good, and they were allowed to talk to each other.

"Hmm." he repeated for the fourth time. He concentrated on his powers again and tried to direct them at his wristband, but all it did was give him a small shock.

Taurus didn“t really know how Leo managed to get his wristband off. He“d claimed that he“d melted his - but how would that be possible if the wristband was supposed to stop you from using your powers?

He sighed and glanced over at Leo“s cell - Leo himself was restlessly shuffling around his cell. Since his wristband had melted, Virgo had lent Leo a simple silver bracelet that she had kept in her pocket to act as a replacement. Hopefully, the guards wouldn“t look too closely at their wristbands.

"I“m bored..." Taurus muttered, leaning against the wall. Thankfully for them, the shackles had been removed, but they were forced to keep the wristbands.

"Then sleep." Capricorn replied. Taurus could hear the earth elemental pacing his cell restlessly as well.

"But it“s not night yet."

"How do you know?"

"I... dunno." Taurus shrugged, then sighed. "Why won“t they even let us walk around outside? It“s not like we would escape."

"I would." Sagittarius pointed out.

"That“s the point." Capricorn sighed again. "They can“t keep track of twelve kids. In fact, it“s probably good they haven“t taken us outside, otherwise Leo would“ve been caught."

"How did he even melt his wristband anyways?" Sagittarius asked, half to herself. "I“m going to need to ask him once we get out of here."

"If we get out of here." Capricorn corrected her. "We might fail."

"We haven“t failed before." Sagittarius replied confidently. "I“m sure we won“t fail this time!"

Taurus felt slightly better about their chances of escaping. "Are you guys... good at running away?"

Sagittarius burst into laughter. "The best in all of Zodiax!"

"Because nobody“s ever had to run away..." Pisces joined the conversation. She seemed to have recovered from the initial terror of having the wristbands on again.

"Or we“ve never heard of them." Cancer muttered, clearly pessimistic about the situation. "They could“ve died."

"Relax, Cancer!" Sagittarius said, shuffling over to the opposite side of her cell. "I“m sure we“ll be fine. Here, let me give you a virtual hug."

Cancer laughed softly. "A virtual hug, huh...? Well, I guess, thank you, Sagi... here, have a virtual hug too."

"Virtual hugs for everyone!" Pisces exclaimed, earning a chorus of chuckles or giggles.

The door swung open. All sound immediately died down.

"Glad to see you“re all getting along!" King Terrest chuckled as he strolled through the doorway. "I“m just here to tell you all that I“ve contacted all the kingdoms and Firea has sent back their reply... they want their fire elementals back. I“m sorry to split you all up; I“ll give you today to say your goodbyes, then you“ll be sent back by tomorrow morning."

The stout man exited the room while whistling a merry tune.

"Well, that“s our cue." Aquarius muttered.

Everyone shared a look. "Alright, then... Time to begin."


Leo placed his hands over the final wristband, which was wrapped around Aquarius“s wrist.

The metal glowed with heat and melted. Pisces immediately shot a jet of water from her hands, which kept their skin from getting any major burns.

Behind them, Cancer and Virgo casted their magic, healing anyone that has gotten burnt.

"Alright, you“ve got the plan, right? No fiery antics or anything of the sort. We have to sneak out of here; we won“t stand a chance against all of King Terrest“s guards. Remember, everything you did before was just a lucky strike." Virgo announced in a hushed voice.

"More like skill," Sagittarius muttered. Virgo purposefully ignored her and continued, "We will attempt to make our way out -"

"Actually, I have a better idea." Scorpio said quietly.

"Did you say something?" Virgo asked, turning towards the dark haired male.

"I“m sure they can sense it -" he gave the other two water elemental“s a glance. "- but there appears to be some sort of water system underground. If we swim through it, we can get outside."

Virgo sighed. "You do know we can“t all breathe under water like you water elementals."

"Actually... I may be able to help with that." Pisces said softly.

"What is it, Pisces?" Taurus asked, turning towards the shorter girl.

"Well... I might be able to share my power - water breathing - with you. I“ve never tried it... Especially with so many people... But I think it might work." Pisces explained.

"We should give it a shot." Libra said, nodding.

"Sounds like a plan." Capricorn agreed. "Now, Scorpio - or any of you - can you sense any exits in the water system?"

The three water elementals shared a look.

"Yes." Scorpio replied. "But we need to blow a hole in the wall to get there."

"Explosions?" Leo asked, perking up.

"No!" Virgo exclaimed.

"Actually, I can help!" Taurus announced, looking proud. "Just tell me where to make the hole!"

"Well... Okay." Cancer said, leading the group further d

" She swam after the group of eleven silently.


"Up." Scorpio ordered. "Stand back up, then kick to propel yourselves upwards."

"Just a little bit more!" Pisces encouraged the others. "We can make it!" She swam upwards, still towing the fire elementals, with several glances behind her to see how the others were doing.

Aquarius seemed to have a knack for swimming; she gracefully shot up after Pisces with several arm strokes and kicks.

She was followed by Virgo, who looked uncomfortable with her surroundings but doing surprisingly well - then Gemini, who enthusiastically waved at Scorpio (who snorted dismissively) before swimming after Aquarius and Virgo.

"How are they doing?" Cancer asked, swimming up to Scorpio. Scorpio rolled his eyes in response. "What do you think?"

Cancer turned to the rest of the group, then turned to Scorpio. "You should try helping them," she offered.

"Hmph." Scorpio growled. "Me? They wouldn“t accept help from me even if I wanted to help them."

Cancer giggled. "Maybe if you look less threatening when you do it," she added. She lifted her hand and a blue glow surrounded it.

"Huh, what“s going on?" Taurus asked, looking around. The water was beginning to push them upwards - the remaining three elementals were slowly floating up towards the tunnel above them.

"I created a water current," Cancer announced, swimming over to the group. "It should help you a little."

"Thanks, Cancer!" Libra exclaimed.

"You“re welcome!" Cancer replied, before turning to Scorpio. "You might want to catch up with the others. I“ll help out these three."

"Alright." Scorpio said, before quietly adding, "Be careful, alright?"

"Of course." Cancer answered. "Can you tell Pisces to wait for us once she gets to the top?"

Scorpio nodded silently then swam past the group of four.

"Come on! Kick your legs repetitively and swim with your arms like this - push down against the water..."


"Finally!" Leo exclaimed, watching the two earth elementals and last air elemental swim up. "You took forever!"

"Unlike you, we didn“t get a ride," Capricorn retorted. "So you -"

"Guys, more action now, arguing later." Cancer announced, swimming in between the two. She glanced up at the metal trapdoor in the ceiling, then turned to the others.

"Alright, what“s the plan?" she asked.

"Hmm... I was thinking - I can fly up and look around." Aquarius offered. "I just need some flat ground to dry myself off - my feathers don“t work when they“re wet."

"Alright, you can do that." Virgo said, nodding. "I assume we can just... push open the trapdoor?"

Sagittarius ran her hands over the trapdoor, then gave it a shove. "It“s really hard to push things in the water." she muttered, trying to push it harder.

"Allow me." Pisces offered, lifting her hand. The water shifted, then a wave of water blasted the trapdoor open with a noisy clang. "Whoops..."

Aquarius immediately made to climb out. "You guys hide," she ordered. "Close the trapdoor if you have to - I“m going to take a look outside. If they spot me, I“ll... give you a signal, then I“ll try to lose my pursuers."

"Be careful, Aqua." Gemini said, "And don“t get caught!"

Aquarius flashed her a grin. "I“ll try," she said, then climbed out.

The eleven elementals watched her leave. Almost immediately, droplets of water splattered the surface of the water, then they saw a dark blur shoot up into the sky.

"Well..." Aries said, watching her leave, "I guess there“s only one thing to do... sit here and wait."

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