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   Chapter 14

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King Terrest was rather short for a man for his age, but everyone could feel the power radiating off him. The ruler of Earthia had warm cocoa skin and dark brown hair tucked carefully under his hood.

His green eyes slowly flickered over each elemental. "Now, now... I must apologise for all this... business. My Royal Guard get a little... overexcited when hunting. Now, from what I“ve heard, you“ve caused a lot of trouble throughout Zodiax."

"It“s not our fault! They just... you know, somehow happen to... get in our way!" Leo protested.

King Terrest chuckled softly and shook his head. "Well, well. Aren“t you all troublemakers... we“re lucky to have gotten you before you wrecked havoc in my kingdom."

"If you didn“t try to kill us, then maybe we would“ve just left you and your kingdom peacefully!" Sagittarius added.

King Terrest sighed, but his lips quirked upwards in a smile. "You“ve caused too much trouble everywhere for us to simply let you go. I don“t intend on executing you, though... Galatea never was one to wait and ask questions, but I didn“t expect her to get herself killed."

"Galatea?" Cancer repeated, sounding confused. "That sounds... familiar."

"Ah, Galatea... she was a beautiful woman. A good leader, too. Shame we had to split up." King Terrest continued, before turning his attention to Cancer. "Ah. You must be a water elemental... am I correct?"

"Um..." Cancer mumbled, suddenly uncomfortable with the attention.

"That“s none of your business." Scorpio growled after seeing Cancer“s discomfort. King Terrest turned his attention to Scorpio and an amused smile crossed his face.

"Hmm. You must be a water elemental, too. How... sweet. Caring for your fellow water elementals. You know, you remind me of my son“s boyfriend... what was his name again...? He keeps on sneaking into the castle at midnight to see him. They“re a good couple, but I“m worried on how the people would take it... ah, I wish my son would trust me some more..."

Lycan let out a loud "ahem". King Terrest glanced over at him. "Oh, I“ve gotten off topic, have I? Anyways, Galatea was the former queen of Wateria. I assume she never told any of her people her real name, hm? She never did like it... thought it made her sound less intimidating."

"Just tell us what you“re going to do with us already!" Scorpio snapped. King Terrest ignored him and continued to talk.

"Now... I“ll have to let o

hing felt like it was too hot.

"- we will deliver you back to your homes by next week." King Terrest continued. "We“ll feed you and untie you, but you will remain in your cells until then. I bid you farewell." He turned towards the doors. "Come on, Sir Lycan."

"Hmph." Lycan grunted, crossing his arms. "Are you sure you don“t want guards to watch them?"

"They“ll be fine - now, Lycan, weren“t you telling me about your family“s heirloom earlier?"

With a sigh, Lycan followed King Terrest out. The door slammed - the thud echoed through the hallways.

Leo finally dared to look down at his wrist. The wristband had... melted off? Liquid metal dripped off his wrist and onto the floor. The vines that had bound his wrists and ankles were merely ash on the floor.

Leo clenched his fist and felt fire building up in his hands.

"Leo?" Pisces said in a small voice.

All heads whipped his direction.

"Leo... How did you... do that?" Taurus asked. Leo inhaled sharply and the fire vanished.

"I don“t know." he said softly. "I... had a vision, and... actually, never mind." He shuddered slightly. "But... we“ve gotten our last chance to fulfil the prophecy."

"Let“s not waste it." Capricorn announced. "Leo, try to wait a bit - they“re probably still on alert. If we wait a few days, they“ll believe that we aren“t able to escape, then we can strike."

"Try to pretend you still have your shackles." Virgo recommended him. "And if we... get shocked, try to pretend you did too. Then..."

"I free you, melt your wristbands and we get out of here." Leo finished, smirking. We haven“t given up yet!

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