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   Chapter 12

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The hideout was small but rather cozy. A wooden table sat nearby, covered with papers and sketches. Several wooden drawers were overflowing with papers and there were papers pinned to a wooden board on the wall. A couch and table sat nearby - both were covered with half-eaten snacks.

"Way too much writing." Leo muttered, sweeping away several papers on the floor to sit down.

"Please, sit down. We owe you an explanation - well, they“ll be doing the explaining." Taurus said cheerfully, sweeping the bags and baskets of snacks off the couch.

Virgo dived to catch them. "I“m not cleaning that up!" she snapped, putting them down on top of all the papers. Taurus chuckled and gestured at the couch. "Come on guys, sit down."

Cancer perched herself awkwardly on the edge of the couch. "Um, thanks." she mumbled. Pisces sat down next to her. "Thanks!" she said cheerfully. "I“m Pisces!"

Taurus“s eyes widened slightly. "Oh, yeah! Introductions! I“m Taurus, and this is Virgo and Capricorn!"

"Pleasure to meet you." Capricorn said, nodding at the other nine elementals. "Honoured to meet you." Virgo added, picking up several papers from her desk. "Now, explanations, explanations..."

The nine elementals seated themselves on the couch and the floor as the earth elementals quickly swept up their papers.

"Um, how did you -" Gemini began, but she was interrupted by Capricorn. "Questions later." he said, unfolding a large sheet of paper.

"Alright. I assume you all must be extremely confused. Now, yes, we know you“re... other elementals. Fire, water, and air... if I“m correct?"

"Yep." Sagittarius said. "How do you know?"

Capricorn turned the sheet around to reveal a large, full map of Zodiax. "We copied down the original map from the king“s quarters and we... overheard some conversations."

"Bluntly speaking, I spied on them." Taurus added.

"We“ve always knew something was up." Virgo said, pacing back and forth. "But we didn“t actually... know what it was until we overhea - spied on them."

Pisces opened her mouth to speak, but she was shushed by Taurus. "Let them explain." Taurus lowered his voice and whispered, "They get cranky when they“re interrupted, especially with their... research stuff."

Capricorn frowned at Taurus. "We do not."

"You do."

"Hmph." Capricorn turned back to the nine elementals and unfolded another sheet of paper. "Anyways, we heard about the other lands the first time we spied on them and pieced everything together after several... after spying on them some more."

"Turns out Earthia and Airia have been... contacting each other rather frequently. That explains the lack of a magic barrier at the wall." Virgo picked up a sheet of paper. "We scribbled down some of their... conversations. Of course, they could only communicate with letters, so we“ve

nounced. "If Leo says the prophecy“s true, it must be true! And everyone deserves to know the truth."

"Too late to back out now." Sagittarius added. "We came so far... what“s stopping us now?"

One by one, the other elementals murmured their agreements. The earth elementals looked at each other, as if waiting for one of them to give a reply.

"Come on!" Leo pleaded. "We need you to fulfil the prophecy."

"We hardly know you." Capricorn muttered.

"Is the prophecy even true?" Taurus added. Virgo stood nearby, deep in thought.

Leo closed his eyes. If... the prophecy is true, can you give me a sign? Whoever you are... please.

"What are you doing?" Virgo asked him.

Please... if you want Zodiax to be saved... show us all that the prophecy is true.

Leo felt a chill run through his body and he opened his eyes with a shudder. His eyes widened as he saw a glowing figure behind the earth elementals.

"It“s you again..." he whispered, lifting a shaky finger to point at it. "What“s your name...?"

The earth elementals turned around. "Who are you pointing at?" Taurus asked. "Are you okay, Leo?"

Leo felt words tumbling out of his mouth that weren“t his own.

"Fulfil the prophecy... Shatter the wall... you must -"

Leo gasped sharply. "Now... now you believe me?"

The earth elementals looked at each other hesitantly, until Virgo finally replied. "I suppose... we -"

She was interrupted by a quiet whistling noise and a thud. Virgo“s eyes widened and became glassy, then she toppled forwards.

"Sleeping darts! One of the Royal Guard“s tactics -" Capricorn slumped to the floor too.

"Run!" Taurus yelled, hurling up a rock wall at the entrance. The rock wall crumbled almost immediately as Taurus lost consciousness.

Before the other elementals could react, several sleeping darts seemingly appeared from nowhere and knocked them all out cold.

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