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   Chapter 11

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Author“s Note: Sorry if this is a little messy. I rushed a little on it, but I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

"I“m tired." Pisces muttered, leaning heavily on Scorpio. Leo strode on ahead, clearly undeterred.

"Hey! Blond boy! Some people are tired and they need a break!" Scorpio yelled. Leo turned around and squinted at the other eight.

Pisces and Cancer seemed tired from walking - they probably weren“t used to walking so much. Scorpio was glaring at him, with one arm supporting Pisces - Leo noticed that he seemed to be tired from walking too. Maybe it was a water elemental thing? The air elementals didn“t seem tired, but sweat beaded over their foreheads. Aquarius fanned herself with one large wing, while Gemini tried to cool the group off by manipulating the wind. Libra wandered alongside Gemini - with so many trees, Leo could already tell there was nowhere for him to summon a bird. Sagittarius and Aries didn“t seem deterred by the heat, being fire signs after all - but they walked with less enthusiasm.

"Alright, we“ll rest." Leo decided, ignoring Scorpio“s “nickname“ for him. He glanced up at the sky - it was probably two or three in the afternoon and the sun beat relentlessly down on them.

"Hours of walking and nobody in sight," Cancer sighed, perching herself on a rock. "And there are so many trees..."

Pisces sat down next to her and patted Cancer. "Don“t worry! I“m sure we“ll find them soon." she said cheerfully.

Cancer gave Pisces a tired smile. "I hope so."

Pisces cupped her hands and concentrated. Water began to pool in her hands - her makeshift bowl slowly began to fill.

"Here, Cancer!" Pisces said, opening her eyes and giving her friend a smile. "Thanks, Pi." Cancer said gratefully - the water leaped out of Pisces“ hands and into Cancer“s. As soon as Cancer began to drink, she immediately looked a lot more refreshed.

Leo had been watching the two water elementals talk, but he turned away when he felt someone tap his shoulder. "Stalker." Gemini giggled.

"Hey, I was not!" Leo protested. Gemini simply giggled again at his expression. "Right. Anyways, do you want me or Aqua to fly up for a few seconds and see where we are?"

"Um, okay. Just be careful and don“t get caught." Leo said, sitting down on the grass.

"Okay!" Gemini replied, summoning a gust of wind to carry herself upwards. "Come on, Aqua! Let“s take a look around!" she called. Aquarius redid her hair into a ponytail and followed Gemini into the sky.


"Alright, we“re pretty close to the main city." Aquarius announced as she flew down to rejoin the group. "How do you want to find your earth elementals?"

"Um... I... don“t know?" Leo said sheepishly. "I mean, you guys just... came to us, right?"

Practically everyone mentally facepalmed.

"Well... I don“t think it“s going to be that easy." Aquarius pointed out. "We only found you because I was out patrolling... myself. I don“t think they“d send out children patrolling if they could control it..."

"Hmm." Leo said, crossing his arms. "Well, I guess..."

He was interrupted by a grunting noise. A stag burst into their clearing, snorting and grunting. The nine elementals scattered, attempting to avoid its giant antlers.

"Where in Zodiax did that thing come from?!" Sagittarius yelled, pulling out her bow. "Don“t shoot the poor animal!" Pisces shrieked, tugging at Sagittarius“s arm.

Sagittarius reluctantly put away her bow, but kept her eyes fixed on the thrashing animal. "Why is it here?" she growled, stepping back.

"Because you“re intruders." A mysterious, deep voice came from one of the trees. The animal immediately stopped bucking - the sudden silence unnerved the nine elementals.

A man - probably ten or twenty years older than them - elegantly leaped down from a tree. He was dressed in a cloak and carried a spear - the dark brown hood covered most of his face, only revealing a few strands of black hair and dark green eyes.

Sagittarius had already pulled out her bow. Before she could fire it, vines shot down from the trees and wrapped around her hands.

"You“re coming with us to Central Earthia. He will decide what to do with you - if you“re lucky, maybe you“ll get executed quickly a

ds the canopy of leaves.

Virgo spotted the trio as she scaled the tree. Below her, the guards were unknowingly chasing the stag she had tamed and released, giving her time to find the remaining three.

She quickly ran a check of the surrounding areas again. Four of the travellers had gotten into the hideout a few seconds ago - two of them had entered it a few minutes ago. According to her calculations, there should be three left - and the remaining three were currently making quite a lot of noise as they attempted to fly through the canopy.

"They“ve got the area on lockdown!" she called, hopping over to the next tree in order to catch up with them. "You don“t stand a chance of escaping now - just come with me to the hideout!"

"Huh?" Gemini asked, turning around and summoning another gust of wind to keep her afloat.

Virgo rolled her eyes. "Quickly!" She gestured towards the forest floor.

"Gemini, you can“t be thinking of following her! She could be leading us into a trap!" Aquarius growled, glaring at Virgo.

"No, I am not. If I had, they would“ve found you ages ago." Virgo rolled her eyes. "Besides, your six friends are in the hideout already. You“re the last three."

She jumped off the tree without checking to see if the three elementals were following her.

"Come on!" Gemini called to Aquarius and Sagittarius. "They have our friends! I“m sure it“s safe."

She glided down after Virgo. Aquarius hesitated for a second before flapping down after her.


"Through here." Virgo told them, gesturing down at the gap. "I“ll round up the other boys. Your friends are through there, if you“re wondering."

Gemini immediately crouched and clambered through. "I can tell Libra“s in there!" she said excitedly. Aquarius sighed and followed her friend through.

Sagittarius hesitated, glancing at the gap. "Excuse me, but... how many... uh, of those... your friends. How many friends do you have? No, wait, I don“t mean it that way -"

Virgo raised an eyebrow. "If you“re wondering, there“s me, Taurus and Capricorn. The three of us. Is that what you wanted?"

"Oh! Three! Uh, yeah! Thanks! I“ll be going now." Sagittarius crawled through the gap between the roots.

Virgo watched her leave, then ran a scan of the area again. She whistled softly and a fox appeared from the undergrowth.

"Round them up," she ordered. "Hmm... Taurus is to your... right. A bit... go find him. I“ll get Capricorn, then we can explain to those... travellers." She thought back to the nine travellers - they appeared to be able to control fire, water and air, like how she and the rest of the citizens of Earthia could control earth.

"Hmm... Firea, Wateria and Airia. So they really have been hiding something from us." she said softly, before hurrying through the forest to pinpoint her friend.

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