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   Chapter 9

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Author“s Note: Thank you so much for reading, commenting and voting! Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate that you guys took the time to read and vote on my story. Thank you so much for being here! And I made a new cover for this story!

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Leo turned back to Cressida - the once beautiful princess was now hissing and spitting like a cat, her eyes a blank slate of blue and a blue mist floated around her.

"You“ve become far too pesky to become my playthings," Cressida snarled, her voice a serpentine hiss. "What a shame. I had been planning great things for you nine... especially you, blonde boy."

Leo glared back. "I see nothing of the beautiful princess I had fallen in love with." he replied, earning a mental facepalm from Aries and Sagittarius. "All I see is a sadistic demon who tried to torture my friends - and for that, princess, you“re going to pay."

Cressida chuckled softly - the same, soprano tinkle that didn“t match her current expression. "Hmph. Brave words, little one - but you are merely a child. Nine children, even - but that won“t be a match for me."

Leo tensed up slightly, but refused to be deterred by her confidence. "Let“s fight." he said softly, conjuring a flame in his hand. Time sped up as he hurtled towards Cressida, fire gushing from his hands.

Cressida spread her wings and shot into the air. With a hawk-like screech, illusions sprung up from the ground. Leo let out a frustrated yell as he rammed into a stone pillar that had appeared from nowhere.

"I thought these were illusions!" he yelled, rejoining one of three groups that had begun to circle around the floating princess. "They are," Gemini replied, still keeping her eyes on the princess. "Unless you really believe them."

"Huh?" Leo asked, confused by her words. Gemini was just about to answer when a tornado appeared in the middle of their circle. "Run!" Cancer shrieked, sprinting away from the column of wind.

Leo made a dash for the stone pillar he had ran into earlier. He glanced up at the princess, who seemed distracted with Aquarius“s and Sagittarius“s attacks. He had only gotten halfway up the pillar when a large bird-like creature appeared on the top and immediately began to peck at his fingers.

He yelped with pain and lost his grip, only to be caught by Aquarius. "I seem to have a hobby of catching weird boys," she said with a grin. "Hey!" Leo protested, but he couldn“t help but smile.

"Don“t even think about flirting." Aquarius warned. "Libra!" she yelled, then threw Leo into the air with surprising strength.

A large eagle shot through the air and caught Leo. "Get past her defences!" Libra yelled up at Leo, before throwing up a forcefield of air to protect Leo from a rain of arrows. Leo was just about to give him a thumbs up when the eagle whisked him away.

While Leo attempted to rain fire down on Cressida, Pisces was sprinting across the ground, summoning jets of water to knock away any pieces of debris that would fall towards any of her allies. "Cancer!" she called, hurrying over to her friend.

Cancer looked up, but her mind was still focused on her task - healing Sagittarius. "Thanks," Sagittarius said as her wound closed up. She inhaled deeply and sprinted back into the fray.

"Hey Pisces," Cancer said, her eyes darting across the battlefield. "Are you injured?"

"Me? Um, no, but I think you should help out Scorpio and Aries. They seem to be having a hard time."

Cancer“s eyes widened slightly. "Me? But I“m just a healer. I can“t... fight -"

Pisces shook her head at her worried-looking friend. "Cancer... we both know that... we want to help. Believe in yourself, Cancer!"

Cancer hesitated, looking between Pisces and the two boys. "I believe in you!" Pisces said, giving her a reassuring smile.

"You know me too well, Pisces," Cancer said, as a small smile crossed her face. "Alright. But if you see anyone injured, report to me... and thank you." Cancer closed her eyes for a split second, forcing herself to remember her nightmares and fears - her friends being killed, being helpless...

Following her instinct, she lifted her hands. Two large, pincer-like weapons - similar to a crab“s pincers - appeared in the air, following her movements. "I... believe in myself." s

be strong in front of the - my... friends.

Libra shrugged slightly, hiding a slight smile. He knew she was probably worried about them, but being... well, Aquarius, she probably wouldn“t admit it. "We should get out of here before we get mobbed by the guards... speaking of which, where were the guards? They must“ve been woken by the ruckus."

"Hmm... I don“t know. Maybe they fell down a hole?" Leo offered, staggering over with one of Sagittarius“s arms over his shoulder. Aries struggled to follow him. "Hey, stop moving so fast! How am I supposed to carry her with you?"

Scorpio walked over to the two air elementals, completely emotionless. "I“ll take her." he said simply, hefting Cancer over his shoulders. Cancer immediately quietened - her pincers melted away and she finally relaxed. "Is Pisces alright?" she whispered weakly, finally feeling tired.

"She should be fin - Hey! Don“t touch her!" Scorpio yelled, hurrying over to Pisces. "You“re not going to be able to carry her." Libra pointed out, already lifting the water elemental in his arms. "He“s right... just trust our friends for once." Cancer mumbled. Scorpio glowered at Libra for a second, before turning away with a "hmph".

Aquarius lifted Gemini in her arms. "Alright, Libra - get us out of here." Libra nodded and summoned several large birds with a snap of his fingers. "Three on a bird - okay, let“s go." He gestured towards one of the birds and put Pisces down on one of them.

Aquarius sat Gemini behind Libra, then sat down behind her so Gemini wouldn“t fall off. "Come on!" she called.

Aries helped Scorpio secure Pisces and Cancer on his bird - Pisces was unconscious and Cancer was half-asleep. "We“ll be behind you so we can catch them if any of them do fall off." he offered, glancing back at the last bird, carrying Leo and Sagittarius. "... Thanks." Scorpio muttered, before boarding his bird.

Aries watched Scorpio“s retreating back before turning to his bird. "I don“t think Sagittarius is going to be too happy if she finds out you hugged her while she was unconscious." he added, sitting down in front of Sagittarius and Leo.

"I“m just keeping her from falling off!" he protested, before the bird shifted slightly and took off after the other two birds. "Oh, and Libra! We should try to find the last three - the earth people! You know, for the prophecy?"

Libra yelled something back in response, but his voice was snatched away by the wind. All three birds tilted slightly and they swooped towards the wall. "To find the earth elementals!" he yelled, pumping a fist in the air.

If any of the air elementals of Airia had just happened to look up and squint, they would“ve seen three birds, with their passengers, flying away as the sun rose. And if they strained their ears, they would“ve heard muffled screaming from a certain Leo as they descended beyond the wall.

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