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   Chapter 8

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Princess Cressida of Airia chuckled softly as she watched the travellers stumble around her palace. They were slowly breaking - some faster than others, but they were all breaking just the same. She smiled to herself as she played with her hair. Breaking them would be the fun part, but at the same time, their eternal servitude sounded appealing at the amount as well.

Her eyes glowed blue as she directed another of their “nightmares“. She smirked as she watched the blond haired fire elemental writhe and howl on the floor. He would make a good servant... she chuckled as she watched his worst fears come to life.

Hmm, so he“s afraid of losing control... And... a prophecy? Strange children. She chuckled to herself and closed her eyes. An image of a dark haired boy appeared - a scowl automatically appeared on her face as she remembered his rudeness. It would be satisfying to watch him grovel. He seemed to be rather fond of the other two, really quiet girls... Were they all water elementals? Hmm... the girls are actually quite pretty. What should I do with them...?

She frowned as she looked through the series of illusions and nightmares she had cast over the nine signs. The problem was... there were only eight of them going on. As she watched, one of the nightmares were suddenly cut off.

She stood up and opened her door. Hmm... oh, they“re... my very own air elementals. Hmph. How did they shatter my spell? No matter. I“ll have to dispose of them quickly before they go and wake the others.

She silently began to search for the two rebels, ever so slightly levitating to keep her feet from touching the floor.


Aquarius and Gemini sprinted noisily through the corridors, their footsteps clattering against the floor. "Hey, look, it“s... the water elemental!" Gemini called, seeing a blond haired girl curled up on the ground. She was whimpering and hugging herself.

"Cancer... No, Cancer, no... Scorpio, why are you..." Pisces mumbled, still immersed in her nightmare. Aquarius immediately got down next to her and began to shake her violently. "Wake up!" she hissed, trying to drag Pisces to her feet.

Gemini waved her hand in Pisces“ face, sending a gust of wind into her face. Pisces flinched slightly and her eyelid twitched. "She“s a water elemental, isn“t she? Maybe she“ll be revived with water?" Gemini suggested, looking around nervously. Aquarius hesitated for a second, then nodded. "That“s actually a good idea." she muttered. "If only I could control my powers well enough..."

Aquarius furrowed her brow in concentration. A tiny rainstorm appeared in the corridor and immediately pelted the three with water. Pisces let out a tiny sigh of relief and her expression immediately became more relaxed. "Wake up, Pi... Pisces?" Gemini said, shaking the water elemental“s arm.

Pisces groaned and opened her eyes. "Where... where am I?" Aquarius hauled her to her feet. "Not much time to explain. Evil princess. Illusions. Help your friends."

Pisces stared blankly at Aquarius for a few seconds before realising what she was saying. "Wait... oh, I see. Then why are we waiting? Let“s go and find my friends!" she yelled. Gemini cheered in response and began running, but she immediately slipped on the large puddle that had formed.

"Aquarius, can you clear this up?" Gemini asked, gesturing at the mini rainstorm. Aquarius concentrated again. The rain began to lessen slightly, but the puddles stayed. "Let me help." Pisces offered, gesturing at the water. Almost immediately, the puddles evaporated and the rainstorm vanished. Even the water droplets on Gemini and Aquarius vanished, leaving them and their clothes perfectly dry.

"You need to teach me how to do that sometime." Aquarius said with slight admiration in her voice. Pisces smiled slightly at her, glad to see they were warming up to each other. "When we get out of here. Now, our friends...?"

Gemini nodded and flapped her wings, hovering in the air. "Let“s go!"


The trio had decided to stay together for safety, but they soon decided to split up after realising how large the palace was.

Gemini flapped through the corridors, listening carefully for anyone. "Hey, you!" she called, quickly spotting a brown haired girl stumble past her corridor. She easily caught up and grabbed her arm, turning her around so she wasn“t walking towards the window. "Fire elemental girl... Sagi! Sagittarius! Wake up!" she yelled in her ear, but Sagittarius seemed completely deaf to her cries.

"Pi... Pisces? Hey, come back..." she mumbled, trying to remove herself from Gemini“s grip. "No, wait -" Gemini blasted her face with a strong wind. "Hey, wake up!" she yelled in Sagittarius“ ear. Sagittarius groaned slightly as the illusionary nightmare faded away. "Ugh... Pisces? Cancer? Leo?"

"Nope, it“s Gemini. I“m just going to explain this very briefly -" Gemini felt a chill run through her. Her eyes widened as she detected the unknown presence slowly moving through the hallways. "Oh. Sagittarius, I know it“s suddenly, but - RUN!"

Gemini grabbed Sagittarius“ wrist and shot down the hallway, her wings flapping wildly to keep her afloat. Sagittarius stu

might be the better choice since we“re water elementals... I mean, if you want..."

"Oh, sure! Go ahead." Aries said, looking slightly relieved. Cancer couldn“t help but wonder why he had been so eager to help Scorpio... and so exhausted when he had woken up. Maybe Scorpio had been in his nightmare? She blocked out the thoughts - those weren“t important when an insane princess was flying around the palace hunting for them.

She easily summoned water and splashed it against his face. She called some of her healing powers at the same time; a rush of satisfaction went through her as Scorpio immediately woke up.

"C-cancer... you“re okay." he mumbled, attempting to get to his feet. Cancer helped him to his feet - she was surprised that he wasn“t arguing about it or anything. Usually, he hated being helped. "Are you okay?" she whispered, even though she had already looked him over for any physical injuries.

Scorpio was silent for a few seconds, then he shook his head. "I“m fine," he began, but he was quickly cut off by Aquarius. "You done? Good! Let“s find the others! Do I need to carry the new guy?"

Aries shook his head vigorously from behind Aquarius. "Um... no." Scorpio said, frowning at the air elemental. Aquarius just shrugged, completely unaffected, and flew down the hallway. "I can feel the presences of my fellow air elementals. Just an... air elemental thing." she added. "Libra and Gemini are this way -"

As if responding to Aquarius“s comment, the group of five sprinted around the corner with looks of terror. "She“s right behind us! RUN!" Gemini yelled at Aquarius. They didn“t even have to hesitate - the group of four joined the five and they all sprinted down the hallway. "Try not to lose each other!" Libra called.

"Are we just going to run until she gets tired or something? That“s not going to work!" Cancer asked, gasping for breath between sentences.

The nine of them quickly thought about it. They definitely wouldn“t be able to fly away from the princess before she killed them or something.

"We need to fight! For the prophecy!" Leo yelled, his eyes lighting up with a familiar, determined fire. He dramatically skidded to a stop and spun around, summoning a wave of fire to send Cressida to a halt.

Everyone murmured their agreements and summoned their powers. "We don“t have to kill her... let“s just knock her out." Pisces added quietly. Scorpio and Aries winced as they remembered the death of the queen of Wateria - but they had to. It had been for survival.

"What about a plan?!" Libra yelled, flashing a worried glance at the wave of fire. It was being blown away by an increasingly strong gale - the princess herself floated in the air, her eyes glowing blue.

"Who needs a plan?" Leo forced a smile. "Let“s make this fight epic. And we“re going to win."

The wave of fire vanished. Cressida let out a hawk-like screech and faced off the nine zodiac signs. "Pathetic children... you won“t stand a chance against me." she shrieked, sounding like some sort of enraged eagle.

"We trusted you... but you betrayed us." Gemini said softly, but loud enough for Cressida to hear. "You tried to take our lives... so you“re going to pay." Aquarius added, glowering at her former princess. Libra nodded with agreement. "Let“s teach her a lesson - to not mess with us."

Leo felt a real smile form on his face as he heard the positive cheers from his newly made friends. "Let“s... do this."

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