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   Chapter 7

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Author“s Note: This chapter will be a little dark, so... be warned, okay? It starts when it switches to Sagittarius“s POV (starts with her jolting awake) and ends at Gemini“s second POV (starts with her tossing and turning in bed). Plus, this is probably the most I“ve written in a chapter.

Libra quietly sat at the oversized table. Everything was a little too grand for comfort; everything seemed to sparkle and shine under the light.

"This is so cool! I can“t believe how... sparkly this place is!" Gemini exclaimed, examining the cutlery. Libra nodded, distracted by the sudden appearance of Princess Cressida.

"Thank you for coming here, dearest subjects and... travellers." Cressida announced, taking her seat at the table. "You may now have dinner: I“m sure you“re hungry." She smiled sweetly at everyone.

Nobody said anything. "Thank you, your highness." Libra broke the silence, raising an eyebrow slightly and looking around. For some strange reason, everyone looked slightly dazed; probably tired. Maybe it“s the foreign environment. He thought, glancing at Aquarius and Gemini.

Aquarius thanked the princess as well with a slightly forced smile, then leaned over to Libra. "You seem... disturbed. Something biting at you?" Libra kept a straight face as he quickly looked over everyone again. Leo was gazing blankly at the princess, Aries and Sagittarius were beginning to eat, but they looked slightly stiff; Cancer looked half-asleep, Pisces was eating as well, and Scorpio seemed slightly tired.

"It“s... nothing." he mumbled, after seeing the princess watching him. "I... I don“t, nah, everyone“s probably really tired."

"If you say so." Aquarius said, turning slightly to see what Libra was staring at. She froze slightly, then forced a smile and turned back to their food.

What... What was I thinking again? Libra thought, turning back to his untouched plate. It sparkled blue under the light... why did it seem familiar again?


Gemini sat on her bed restlessly. Yeah, dinner was great, but it had been so quiet. She had seen Aquarius and Libra begin talking, but for some strange reason, they had stopped talking after looking at the princess. Maybe they“re just awed at her beauty, she joked, then she sighed again. It really was too quiet without her friends.

She jumped slightly as she heard a quiet knock on the door. She immediately ran to get it. "Libra? Aqua?" she asked hopefully, opening the door. To her surprise, she was greeted by none other than the princess herself.

"My dearest subject," she said, smiling sweetly at Gemini. "Oh! Uh, your highness!" Gemini yelped, immediately dropping down into a bow. "There“s no need for that. I came to tell you that you should go to bed now. After all, you have a grand adventure tomorrow."

"Oh! Uh, thank you." Gemini said, slightly surprised. "I“ll... heed your orders." Cressida smiled again. "That“s good to hear. Now, goodnight, and may you dream well." Gemini was just about to meet her gaze, but suddenly her body stiffened and she looked away awkwardly.

"Um, thank you, your highness... and you too." she mumbled, stepping back and closing the door before the princess could say anything else. Her body was thrumming with the sense of danger... but what was there to fear?


Sagittarius jolted awake, gasping for breath. She hadn“t even been sure if she had been asleep or not, or if she was dreaming or not: all she remembered was... actually she couldn“t remember.

She tried to calm her breathing. What had she been dreaming about? Why had she woken up like this? She clambered out of bed, shuddering at the slight chill. She wasn“t used to the climate of other areas... she hadn“t even realised there were other areas.

"I“m going to get some water." she said to herself. She opened her door and looked down the hallway. Huh? Is that... Cancer? Had she woken up too?

"Cancer!" she called, jogging down the hallway after her. The blue-haired girl didn“t respond and turned a corner. "Cancer?" she repeated, turning the corner as well. "Where did you go?"

"Sagi!" Someone called. "Pisces?" Sagittarius asked, slightly confused. Why is everyone awake? she thought, hurrying towards the voice. A sudden chill ran through her body and she stumbled, shivering

r back then...

She could almost hear her mother“s voice in her head. She was like a swan; pure and beautiful, the perfect ruler. Her snow white hair would seem to float around her shoulders, and her eyes were like the calm just before the storm; silvery grey, just like -

Blue eyes. The princess... the princess had blue eyes. Gemini tried to think it through. Why would the princess have blue eyes? Was she wearing contacts? Was she a fake?

Think, Gemini, what did she do to all of my friends and didn“t do to me? she chided herself. Did she... talk to me? I... well, she talked to all of us in general... oh, right. I don“t think I... I looked directly at her eyes while she talked to me. Did they look at her? Did she... hypnotise my friends?

Without even knowing what she was doing, she opened the door and sprinted outside. Already she could feel there was something seriously wrong; there was an unnatural chill in the air, and for some strange reason, all of her friends“ doors were wide open.

Gemini turned a corner and nearly tripped over Aquarius. "Aqua!" she yelped, making a wild grab for the pillar on her right to keep her from falling.


Aquarius felt something slam into her. With a shocked cry, she lost her grip on the pillar, and the wind greedily grabbed her and yanked her closer to its vortex. "We knew you would agree -" the voice hissed. "Never," Aquarius growled, flapping her wings violently.

"Aqua!" someone screamed, but it wasn“t like the wind“s unnatural hiss - it was real and familiar.

The darkness faded away. Aquarius let go of the pillar, gasping for breath. Her nails were jagged and dusty from digging into the pillar, but she wasn“t falling. She closed her wings, still breathing heavily, and realised there was someone next to her.

"Aqua!" Gemini repeated, shaking Aquarius. "There“s... you..." Aquarius inhaled sharply and slowly stood up. "I... Gemini?" she muttered, turning her head and trying to focus. Gemini stopped shaking Aquarius and helped her to her face. "I thought you went crazy." Gemini said, speaking extremely quickly. "But I think I know why! The princess“s eyes... they“re not supposed to be blue. I think she“s using her powers to... hypnotise us! I think all of them need our help right now... we need to help them!"

Aquarius tried to take in all she was saying. "Wait... so, why am I out here? Did I... sleepwalk?" She hesitated for a second, trying to recall everything that happened. "I... went to bed, didn“t I?Wait a second... no, the book... Gemini, you“re right..." she rambled on, still trying to recollect her thoughts.

"You agree too? I... I knew it! We need to help them... I bet they“re all sleepwalking like you, too? But why would the princess do this? I thought... I thought she was nice..."

Aquarius narrowed her eyes. "Let“s go and find everyone."

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