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   Chapter 6

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Aquarius soared through the night sky, her white wings glowing faintly in the dark.

"The stars are beautiful tonight." She said to no one in particular. She slowed down slightly to gaze up at the night sky. "I wonder... are the stars different beyond the wall? Or do we all live under the same sky?"

She was broken out of her thoughts by the familiar light of her village. She quickly located Libra“s dwelling and entered without knocking, knowing by now that Libra wouldn“t mind anyways.

"Libra~" she sang softly, looking around. "GEMINI!" Someone yelled. Aquarius chuckled. "Well, actually, it“s Aquarius, but nice try - oh." She entered the kitchen to find Libra covered with flour.

"Gemini got you again, huh?" she said cheerfully, sitting down on a table. Libra grunted something in response and shook himself off. "I“m going to need to sweep this up... hm."

Libra immediately calmed down and shook his head. "Huh... I really should start predicting Gemini“s pranks."

"Hey, Libra!" Aquarius called. "Listen to me for a second." She hopped off the table and landed in front of Libra. "We“re going to go on an adventure!"

"Hm? Oh, sure. Have fun." Libra said, distracted with his cleaning. Aquarius giggled. "No, silly. We. You know? Me, Gem and you? All three of us? Adventure? Beyond the wall?"

Libra“s eyes widened. "Wait, what did you say?! Us? Beyond the wall? That“s illegal, you don“t know what“ll happen to you -" "Then we won“t get caught!" Aquarius replied, smirking. "Or what? Are you a... chicken?" Aquarius flapped her arms, mimicking a chicken. "Buawk buawk buawk!"

Libra rolled his eyes. "You seriously have to be kidding me." He muttered as he continued sweeping up the flour. "Buawk!" Aquarius replied, hopping around Libra.

"Fine, fine, I“ll bite. What are you talking about?" Libra asked, putting down the broom. Aquarius smirked at her success. "Alright! So, you see..."


"I promise, it“ll be fine! After all, we“re going to save the world!" Aquarius said cheerfully. "Without you, well, what will we do without you?" Libra chuckled at the thought. "True. You and Gemini..." His thoughtful expression vanished. "But... our families. Our people."

Aquarius hesitated. "Well... I guess we can come back after... after saving the world?" "But... it“s illegal... Will they let us in?"

"Once we save the world, they will." Aquarius replied, looking into his eyes, suddenly serious. "Leo... he heard a prophecy. It will come true. It must."

Libra was silent for a few seconds. "Alright, let me see this... Leo person and his mythical prophecy, then I“ll decide whether we should go." He snapped his fingers, the flour and broom forgotten. "Where are they?" he asked, jogging out of the house and leaping straight off the side of the mountain the house had been built on.

Aquarius hardly flinched and simply swooped down to reply, "By the south side of the wall!" she replied. Libra landed lightly on a giant eagle that he had summoned and nodded. "Alright, let“s go!"


"Oh, look, there they are!" Gemini called, hurrying to the edge of the cliff. The other six zodiac signs hurried over to see Aquarius“s shimmering white wings and the shadow of a large bird. "Aqua! Libra!" Gemini yelled, waving wildly. The two figures glided down towards them.

The two wind signs landed lightly besid



For some strange reason, Aquarius felt slightly unsettled. Of course, she was meeting the princess of Airia, who had just caught them right before they broke the law; but something felt... wrong. For some strange reason, Gemini and Libra seemed perfectly... okay with this, and even though she had just met everyone else, she felt that they were acting... strangely.

She sighed and sat up. She was in one of the rooms the princess had offered her; it was massive and it was pretty much everything she“d dreamed of. The bed was fluffy and soft; made from moulted bird feathers, it was also extremely warm.

She checked the clock again. 7:45. Dinner was supposed to be served at 8:00, but time seemed to be passing extremely slowly... or was that her imagination? She groaned in frustration and picked a random book from the bookshelf. She flipped through the pages, her mind elsewhere.

She sighed and stopped at one of the pages. "Might as well read..." she said to herself.

The princess of Airia was beautiful. She was breathtaking - her snow white hair, soft and silky as swan feathers, appeared to dance with the wind. Her skin was milky white, as pale as the moon itself, and her eyes; silvery grey like the very ore itself. The colour of storms and -

Aquarius was about to put the book when the last passage caught her eyes. "Huh...?" she mumbled, squinting down at it. "Her eyes, silvery grey like the -"

The door swung open. "Oh, I“m sorry for not knocking. I“m used to it." Princess Cressida apologised. "Oh, I see you“re reading! That“s one of my favourites; one of my favourite authors dedicated it to me."

Aquarius put down the book and met the princess“s gaze. "Oh, that“s... nice. Um, when“s dinner served?" Cressida chuckled in response. "Eager to taste the food, huh? You can come out and sit down first. Some of your friends are already there... and have I mentioned how happy I am to meet you? I“m sure we“ll have a wonderful time together!"

Still giggling, the princess left the room. Aquarius stared after her, trying to collect her thoughts. For some strange reason, she couldn“t remember what she was thinking about just a moment ago... Frowning, she put the book away and left her room.

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