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   Chapter 5

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The sky was still dark as they finally decided to take a break. The two boys had regained consciousness and seemed to have recovered from their injuries, thanks to Pisces and Cancer.

"Can you tell me about what happened? Why were they trying to... kill you?" Sagittarius asked the two girls. The boys had fallen asleep, tired from their long battle; Sagittarius couldn“t sleep, her mind filled with thoughts about the new area they had discovered.

Pisces whimpered slightly. Cancer wrapped an arm around her and gazed at Sagittarius from across the fire they had created. "Well... It“s a bit of a, well, sensitive topic." Cancer began.

Sagittarius nodded. "Oh. I see. Well, maybe... could you tell me a bit about yourselves? You know, about the water-bending thing."

"Oh. Well... if you didn“t know, I“m Cancer, and she“s Pisces." Cancer said, relaxing slightly. "Well, I assume... you can control fire, right? That“s... That doesn“t exist back at home - Wateria." She lifted her hand and glanced towards a nearby puddle. "We“re all... water elementals. We didn“t realise there were... other elementals."

With a serene smile, she flicked her wrist. The puddle jumped into the air, forming into the shape of a dolphin. Cancer closed her eyes and recalled her memories of her childhood; calming her little brother by creating dancing people and leaping creatures with her limited water manipulation.

"Hey, hey... why are you crying?" She was snapped out of her thoughts by Sagittarius“ voice. Cancer looked up, blinking away the tears she hadn“t realised she had been shedding.

Sagittarius gently ran a finger across Cancer“s cheek, wiping away some of her tears. For some strange reason, Cancer and Pisces... they reminded her of someone she had wanted to protect.

"Oh... it“s nothing. I“m just... my family... I hope they“re okay." Cancer said softly, letting the water fall back to the ground. "I“m... your family will be okay." Sagittarius said, gazing into the fire. "We“re going to help everyone... there must be others out there like us. We“re going to help everyone."

Sagittarius recalled Leo“s “prophecy“. Yes, she had been ignorant - she“d thought he“d been muttering gibberish. However, when she thought about it; they“d already found a group of water elementals. Why wouldn“t there be air or earth elementals out there, too?

Cancer sat quietly, while Pisces slept against her shoulder. "You don“t have to... comfort me, you know." Cancer said. "I know... my family“s probably already dead. Or soon to be. I... I couldn“t protect them."

Sagittarius stood up and walked over to Cancer, crouching next to her. "It“s not your fault... we“ll find a way." They sat by the fire silently as they took in everything they had said.

"Now... we should sleep, shouldn“t we? It“s probably not very comfortable sitting and sleeping." Sagittarius said, standing up and scooping up Pisces in her arms. "Come on, Cancer."


"Good morning!" Leo announced, shaking Aries and Scorpio. "Breakfast is served!"

Scorpio growled something at Leo, his eyes still closed, and grabbed his wrist. "Hey, wait, whoa!" Leo yelped as he was yanked to the ground.

Scorpio let go of Leo“s wrist and stood up. "Don“t do that." He snapped. "He was only trying to help." Aries yawned, standing up. Scorpio frowned at the two of them, but said nothing and turned away.

"It“s that way." Leo said helpfully, gesturing towards a small fire in the middle of their temporary camp. Scorpio stood there for a few seconds, before muttering something and walking towards it.

"Huh?" Leo asked. "What did he say?"

Aries smiled slightly. "He said thank you." He said, watching Scorpio crouch down by the fire. After the battle... he felt like he understood Scorpio a little better.


After a surprisingly good meal, the six of them headed on their way. "We need to find... three of each element right? Seeing what we have now... so we“ll either find three air elementals, or three earth elementals."

"Are we headed anywhere in particular?" Pisces asked, walking alongside Sagittarius and Cancer. Cancer shrugged. "Well... he... Leo seems like he knows where he“s going."

"He thinks he“s following some mythical prophecy." Sagittarius added. "Since we have nowhere to go anyways... might as well follow him."

They walked in silence for a while, entertaining themselves with Leo“s rambling.

"Hey, look... that looks like a village, doesn“t it?" Aries asked, breaking them out of their thoughts. "There seems to be a lot of birds around there."

He took a step forwards to get a better look - and was immediately swept off his feet by some invisible being. He let out an shocked yelp as the wind threw him into the air.

"Halt! Intruders!" A feminine voice yelled. A girl flew down towards them and grabbed Aries by t

he wrists, suspending him in mid-air.

"Hey, look! An air elemental! And a pretty one, too." Leo said, looking back at his friends. "Hey, wait; don“t shoot her just yet!"

"Yep, just what the short kid said." The mysterious girl said, smirking down at them. She had pale purple hair in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, and most surprising of all - large, white wings extended from her back. "Plus, I have your handsome dude hostage. So... right, intruders. Why are you here?"

Sagittarius“ hands tightened around her bow. "Release him now." she snarled, aiming a flaming arrow at her face. "I can shoot with deadly accuracy, and believe me, I“m not afraid to shoot a girl in the face if she“s threatening my friends."

The purple-haired girl laughed. "Release him? Not a chance; well, not until you“ve explained to me what you“re doing here. You shouldn“t underestimate me, too." She smirked and put out the flaming arrow with a gust of wind.

The arrow lit itself automatically. The girl“s eyes widened slightly with surprise. "Well, well; look what we have here. Now, who exactly are you?"

Sagittarius trained her arrow on her face, refusing to answer. "Aw, come on. Fine, I“lll introduce myself first. I“m Aquarius, and you are...?"

"I“m Leo, that“s Sagittarius, and there“s Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces... oh, and that“s Aries." Leo said, pointing at each one of them when he said their names. Aquarius nodded, still grinning. "Oh, okay. Now, answer me - what are you doing here?"

"Exploring -" Aries began, then he was cut off by Leo. "We“re here to fulfil a prophecy! And we“re going to need your help!"

Aries would have facepalmed if he hadn“t been dangling in mid-air.

"My help, huh? Why?" Aquarius asked, suddenly interested. Pisces finally spoke up. "Well... um, release Aries and we can discuss this... you know, down here?"

Aquarius laughed. "Alright, alright. I“ll put down - Aries, was it? - and we can talk." She glided down, dropping Aries in an undignified heap next to Leo. "Now, what was it about a prophecy?"


Gemini chuckled to herself as she glided down from one of the tall trees in the forest by the wall. "I bet Libra will be so pleased to discover my latest prank," she giggled, scanning the surroundings for Aquarius. "Where is she, anyways?"

She landed lightly on another tree and looked around. Farther in the distance was the menacing, grey wall; for some strange reason, Aquarius loved exploring near there.

"Aquaaarius!" Gemini called, summoning a gust of wind to give her a better vantage point. "Aqua! Qua-qua! Aquarius!"

She finally spotted her friend“s purple hair in a clearing. She tossed her red and orange hair over a shoulder and dived down towards her.


"A prophecy by some mythical being, huh? Sounds fun!" Aquarius exclaimed cheerfully. Leo opened his mouth to continue talking, but his eyes widened as he saw something hurtling towards her. "Careful -" he began, but he was too late.

Aquarius was bowled over by a girl with lavender wings and red and orange hair. "Aaaqua - wait, who are you?!" the mysterious girl yelped, jumping to her feet and pointing towards the group of six.

"What are you doing here, Gemini?!" Aquarius exclaimed, getting up. "Finding you. Now tell me, why are you flirting with a group of hot guys and girls?!"

Aquarius facepalmed. The group stared blankly or wide-eyed at Gemini.

"Uh... hey?" Leo said awkwardly. "I“m Leo, and -" Gemini interrupted him. "Ooh, I know! That“s angry emo-person -" she pointed at Scorpio, who looked like he was about to attack her. "- awesome looking girl with the bow -" Sagittarius looked slightly flustered at that. "- two cute girls - aw, don“t be shy!" Cancer and Pisces shrunk away from the talkative girl slightly. "- aand a hot guy!" Aries stared wide-eyed at Gemini, not knowing what to say.

"She“s like that all the time." Aquarius added, after a moment of silence. "Anyways... You can go back first, Gemini. These... travellers are telling me about something interesting!"

"Travellers? I thought... you know, there isn“t anything beyond... that." Gemini waved her hands at the wall. "Anyways... I want to hear too!"

"Huh?" Leo asked, surprised. Gemini nodded eagerly. "You know, whatever you were saying. Count me in!"

"Um..." Aries began, sharing a look with Sagittarius, but he was cut off by Leo. "Oh, of course! We needed... three, right?" Gemini let out a squeal of excitement. "Ooh! We should include Libra, too! I know he“ll love it!"

Aquarius smirked. "Alright, then! You people wait here. I“m going to fetch Libra!" She took off with few flaps of her wings. "See you later!" she yelled, soaring away.

Gemini smirked at the group, who were looking at each other uneasily. "And you“re stuck with me!" she said cheerfully. "Now... what should we do first?"

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