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   Chapter 3

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A blue-haired female let out a soft groan as she opened her eyes. Her mouth felt dry and she felt sluggish.

Where... am I? She thought, trying to gather her thoughts. She swallowed a couple of times, wincing at the pain in her throat.

"Cancer?" she heard a soft voice say. She blinked. Why is it so dark?

"Cancer... I“m scared." the voice whispered. Cancer struggled to think. "P... Pisces." She finally said, turning her head in the direction of her voice. She reached out blindly, grasping at thin air.

"Where“s Scorpio?" Pisces said softly. Cancer made another grab and finally closed her hand around Pisces“ wrist; only to be thrown back by some magic spell with a sharp gasp of pain.

"C-cancer!" Pisces yelped. Cancer could hear the blond-haired girl scuffling around, attempting to search for her. "I“m alright," Cancer whispered, her mind still reeling. She slowly placed a hand on her wrist, delicately running her fingers across her arm until she felt a sharp tingle. She immediately withdrew her hand, hissing slightly.

A wristband... why? Cancer thought, but she already knew. She attempted to lift the small puddle of water she had sensed in the corner of her cell.

Another sharp bolt of pain. What... Why would they create something like this? Wasn“t Wateria the perfect paradise for peace? Why would they need something like that? She began to panic. Why are we here? Where“s Scorpio? We“re not dead, are we?

"Don“t use your powers." Cancer said quietly, finally recollecting her thoughts. "And try not to touch your wristband, or just.. don“t pull it too hard."

"What wristband?" Pisces said, only to yelp with pain. "Pisces?" Cancer asked, worried for her friend. There were a few moments of silence, then a soft whisper.

"Cancer... I“m scared. Do you think they... Scorpio..."

Cancer tried not to think too much about what had happened to their friend... their protector. The last time she had seen him he had been running away with them. "I“m sure he“s fine," Cancer said, finally managing to find Pisces in the darkness. She wrapped an arm around her smaller friend. "Don“t worry... I“ll protect you for now."


"So... a blue-haired girl and a blond-haired girl, right?" Leo asked. Scorpio nodded, clearly impatient. "I don“t know where they are. We“ve never heard of any prison cells as far as we“ve been living there..."

"Speaking of which, why were they chasing you anyways?" Aries asked, fiddling with a piece of grass. "We... we wanted to take some risks. Explore a little." Scorpio said curtly, clearly not willing to share this information. Aries decided not to press him. "Alright, then. So we... sneak in and attempt to find them, right?"

"Just follow me." Scorpio replied, nodding. "Leo and Sagittarius, you“ll be distracting them... don“t get caught. Aries, you“re with me."

Sagittarius smirked. "Alright, let“s go." She nodded at Leo and the two made their way back to the crack in the wall. "Three," she began, glancing back at Aries and Scorpio.

"Two." Leo said, readying a flame in his hand.

"One!" Sagittarius yelled, throwing herself through the gap. She immediately summoned a phoenix and a dragon. "Let“s go!"

Aries and Scorpio watched as the two ran towards the centre of Wateria, spewing flames and smoke everywhere. "Please be careful," Aries muttered.

"Alright, it“s our turn." Scorpio said. "Remember, nothing too fancy - grab them and get out of there. They won“t try crossing the wall. They wouldn“t dare."

Aries nodded, summoning a large blade made of fire. "Let“s go." he said, ducking through the gap. Scorpio followed him, a large scythe made of ice in his right hand.

The two sprinted after Leo and Sagittarius. "This way!" Scorpio growled, leading Aries in between an alley. They ran towards the large structure made of ice and stone in the middle of Wateria.


"Come on, you two." A voice broke the silence of the prison cell. "You“re scheduled to meet with the queen."

Cancer blinked her eyes open and winced at the bright light filtering through the open door. "C-cancer..." Pisces whispered, tugging at Cancer“s arm.

The guard rolled his eyes. "I don“t have time for your emotional breakdowns. Either I drag you there or you walk there yourself. Your choice."

Cancer couldn“t help but snap at the guard. "Isn“t Wateria supposed to be a paradise of peace?! Why are you... threatening us like this?!"


e guard was silent for a few seconds. Cancer struggled to her feet and glowered at him.

"Come." he finally said harshly. "The queen doesn“t like being kept waiting... and I suggest you say your prayers. She“s not going to be happy."


Scorpio flattened himself against a wall as a guard walked past. Luckily for him, the guards seemed to be preoccupied with doing something else. And this “something else“... Scorpio feared the worst.

"Hurry," he hissed at Aries, running down the corridor. He hesitated in front of a door. They“re here, his mind screamed. Ignoring Aries“ whispered warning, he grabbed the handle and nearly tore the door right off its hinges.

The room was empty and dark. Scorpio snarled in frustration. They had only been here a couple of minutes ago.

"Did you find them?" Aries asked, hurrying up behind him. Scorpio shook his head and turned around - then his eyes widened as he saw a blond-haired figure turn the corner. "Pisces!"

"H-hey, Scorpio, wait up!" Aries yelled, trying to follow Scorpio to the best of his abilities. Scorpio had already taken off after her, his scythe glowing blue.

"You won“t take them away from me this time." Scorpio growled under his breath, turning the corner and charging through the entrance, Aries hot on his heels -

The door slammed shut. Scorpio immediately recognised this room; he“d never seen it, but every child who lived in Wateria knew about it. The room where the queen resides - an extravagant throne sat at one end, completely unused, and several marble sculptures lined the room.

There were two girls kneeling in front of the queen, looking slightly dazed. The queen herself wasn“t a very large person - she was surprisingly petite, but beautiful in the sort of deadly way. Her face was nearly as white as her marble statues and her hair was a mixture of blue and green, like the sea. Her eyes were a deep blue and her skin was completely smooth, as if untouched by time.

Currently, there was a small, cruel smile on her lips. Four men stood by the kneeling girls; two keeping them from moving, and the other two wielding axes. For Scorpio, it was his worst nightmare come true.

The queen hardly batted an eyelash at Scorpio and Aries“ unannounced entry and simply said, "Execute them."

"Ms Queen, let“s sit down and talk about this! They“ve done nothing wrong -" Aries began, but Scorpio cut him off. "Why?! You promised. You said this was a perfect world of peace and harmony. There is no need for... executions like this! You“re lying to them. You“re lying to us! How... why?!"

The guards paused. The queen let out a cold chuckle and slowly stood up, brushing down her elegant dress as she did so. "Oh, dear, innocent child. Hmm, what was your name? Sc... Scorpion? Scorpio?"

She walked carefully, precisely. Something about her presence made everything colder; the two boys froze. She walked up to Scorpio and almost gently caressed his face. She was even shorter than Scorpio - she had to reach up to do so. Aries would have laughed at the situation if there weren“t two girls about to be executed right now.

"You see... you can“t have peace without violence. That“s how we keep the peace." she smiled, as if recalling a fond memory. "Rulebreakers must be punished... that was how we agreed to create the perfect utopia. Of course, commoners -" she spat the word out as if it tasted foul. "- like you didn“t need to know about this. After all, why would you want to break rules in a utopia like this? And of course, we don“t need you going off telling everyone about this... so I guess we“ll have to execute you too."

Scorpio“s expression darkened. "I... see." he said simply, before taking a step back. The queen froze for a second. She slowly touched her shoulder and felt the scythe sticking out of her back. The guards stepped forwards to help her; then she slowly removed it with a cold smile and a shake of her head.

"I didn“t become queen for nothing." she said softly, laughing at the shocked expression on Scorpio“s face. "Seems like you couldn“t protect them after all... just like the pathetic weakling you are."

Scorpio could only stand and watched as the queen hit him where it hurt most. Still laughing, the queen turned to Aries. "And you. I never expected to see a fire elemental after the walls were created, but I guess that“s just how it“ll be."

She turned to her guards. "Kill them all."

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