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   Chapter 2

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Aries and Sagittarius sat around a small fire, occasionally glancing towards Leo, who was currently curled up under a tree and sleeping.

The sun was ever so slightly peeping over the horizon, but the air was chilly.

"Do you think he“s gone insane?" Sagittarius asked in a low tone, gesturing towards the blond-haired male. Aries quietly pondered it. "I don“t think so. Maybe... maybe the prophecy really is real."

"And are we going to go running off to find nine people when we don“t even know if this prophecy exists or not?!" Sagittarius suddenly yelled. Aries shushed her and pointed at Leo.

"We should talk to him when he wakes. There might actually be a chance that it“s real... we don“t know what powers people have beyond the wall. Maybe one of them is telling the future."

Sagittarius glowered at Aries, but after a heated staring competition, she sighed and stood up. "Fine! Whatever! But we have to return home after we“re done, you understand?"

Aries stood up as well. "We don“t know how long it“ll take. Maybe we should send them a message so they won“t be worried."

"You idiot!" Sagittarius hissed. "We“re doing something illegal. You know they always say not to leave our kingdom because there are -" she waved her hands in the air for emphasis - "scary things outside."

"But we“ve never actually been told what scary things. We“ve been sitting out here for ages and nothing“s come and get us. Maybe there are actually people out there."

"That“s just some myth. Come on, imagine someone, like... bending water!" she yelled. "It“s possible." Aries replied, beginning to lose his temper. They were about to start literally punching each other when Leo stood up.

"Hey, guys, stop!" he yelled, unconsciously running a hand through his hair to check for any bugs. "I... I heard it all."

The two fire signs froze and turned towards him. "Oh." Sagittarius said slowly. "Don“t worry, I“m not offended." he added, after seeing their expressions. "But... come on! Even if there isn“t some mystical prophecy, why don“t we explore a little? We might never get this chance again."

Aries stared at him, slowly contemplating the thought. Sagittarius was already grinning. "Yeah, come on! Let“s go! We“ll be back before the sun sets!"

Aries put out the fire with a thoughtful look. Leo tugged at his sleeve eagerly. "Come on, Aries, I know you“re curious!"

The red-headed male finally gave in. "Alright, just be careful. And we should travel in a group just in case there really are... things out there. Like that... thing Leo claimed -" "I did see it!" "- he saw."

The three fire signs packed up and headed off, ready to fight off anything in their way.


"Cancer! Pisces!" Scorpio yelled, looking around wildly and hissing as he felt pain shoot through his arm. He hated to admit it, but yes - he did care for the two overemotional girls that were his “friends“... he supposed.

Millions of thoughts rushed through his head. They got captured... no. It can“t be. I should have been protecting them. Why didn“t I stop them from trying to -

An arrow whizzed past his face. Scorpio swore under his breath and turned to run, placing a hand on his cheek as he did so. Pulling his hand away, he realised the arrow had nicked him.

No, no, how can I rescue them now. They must have drugged the arrow. No, I can“t let them...

Everything was becoming hazy. His legs buckled. He desperately lunged for a blurry gap in the wall he had been running along.

Everything went dark.


Aries flinched as he saw something move and immediately sent a fiery spear towards it. A butterfly fluttered up from the small fire he had created, unharmed. "Don“t be so jumpy, Aries," Sagittarius chided, putting out the fire with a flick of her wrist.

"Shh!" Leo said loudly, ducking under a bush. Rolling their eyes, the two other fire signs ducked behind him.

"What is it again?" Sagittarius whispered, nudging him and nearly knocking him over. "Shh!" he said even louder, before losing his balance and falling into a nearby bush. "Ow!" he yelped, pulling away from the spiky leaves.

"Hey, look, it“s your hair." Aries said jokingly, carefully plucking a leaf off the bush. Sagittarius chuckled and Leo playfully punched him, causing him to drop the leaf.

A loud crash echoed through their little “hideout“. The three of them jumped to their feet, suddenly alert. "Here!" Leo yelled, rushing out of their hideout. "Leo!" Aries hissed, trying to grab him, but Sagittarius had gotten up and was running after him.

Aries groaned and followed them, a sword in hand. He followed the path of destruction the two had created, suddenly feeling worried as he noticed another wall towering almost right ahead of him.

"Help!" Leo yelled, finally catching Aries“ and Sagittarius“ attention. The two fire signs raced after the sound of his voice, fearing the worst, only to find Leo completely unharmed... and attempting to pull someone through a crack in the wall.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Aries snapped, but Sagittarius was already bending down to help. "Can“t you see he“s injured?!" she snapped, beginning to pound at the too-small crack in an attempt to make it bigger.

As if on cue, they all heard something shatter against the other side of the wall. Aries flinched at the sound. "Quickly!" the other two fire s

igns yelled.

Aries summoned a large fire spear in his hand. "Coming through!" he yelled, slamming it into the wall. A crack appeared. Leo tugged at the unconscious figure, finally getting his legs through.

"Run!" Sagittarius yelled. Leo and Aries managed to tug the boy out of the way before a surge of water rushed through the gap. She threw up a fire shield to protect the four and watched as the water evaporated.

She heard something that sent chills through her veins. "He“s probably dead. Whatever. Let“s go back and see what she wants to do with the two girls."

She turned around and extinguished the fire shield. "What have we gotten ourselves into." she mumbled, beginning to help Aries and Leo carry the boy away from the wall.


"G-gah!" the mysterious boy cried out, flinching slightly.

The three fire signs surrounded him. "I think he“s having a nightmare." Leo offered. Sagittarius rolled her eyes. "Doesn“t take a genius to figure that out."

Aries finally secured the bandage around the boy“s left arm. "There." he said. "So First Aid classes did come in handy."

"Now that we“re away from all of that... what happened?" Leo asked, conjuring a small fire to warm his hands.

"Well... we just... uh, rescued some stranger and pulled him through a wall. Yeah, he“ll definitely be happy with us." Sagittarius muttered.

"C-ca -" the figure suddenly shifted again, and a blast of cold water put Leo“s fire out. "Gah!" Leo yelped, jumping back. "C-cold!"

"He“s waking up." Aries said, ignoring Leo. Sagittarius glanced at Leo and rolled her eyes. "You“re a fire elemental. Warm yourself up."

"W-who are you?!"


Scorpio awoke to see two faces staring down at him and faint yelping from someone farther away. He immediately jumped to his feet and yelled, "Who are you?!"

Well, it didn“t turn out the way he“d thought it would. His voice cracked and he ended up falling to the side after his legs refused to support his weight. Great. He just embarrassed himself in front of a bunch of strangers.

He finally managed to stand up with the help of the red haired boy, much to his annoyance at receiving help in the first place.

"Where am I. Who are you. Where“s Cancer and Pisces?!"

"Hey, hey, hold on." said the blond-haired boy who had finally stopped running around in the background. "One question at a time."

Scorpio snarled at him and nearly slapped him when he felt a bolt of pain rush through his left arm. The boy didn“t seem to notice; he had been looking away just at the right time.

"Let“s introduce ourselves first." The red haired boy offered. Scorpio decided that he seemed to be the least stupid out of the three. "Scorpio." he said. The red-haired boy nodded. "I“m Aries, she“s Sagittarius -"

"Call me Sagi if you want." she offered, appearing to have finally warmed up to him. Scorpio scowled at her.

"And this is Leo, who you... doused in water." Aries said, gesturing to the blond-haired boy. "Speaking of which... how did you do that?"

"What." Scorpio said, frowning at him. "You mean... wait. If I really did just douse him in water, why is he still dry?"

"Well, obviously. We“re taught this when we“re toddlers." Sagittarius, or “Sagi“ as she called herself. Scorpio felt like slapping everyone for being so stupid. "First, why would you dry yourselves? Water will obviously power up your abilities. What, are you trying to be as weak as possible?"

Sagittarius growled at him, suddenly angry. "You“re the one who seems to have some mental issue here! We -" she gestured at herself - "do not “power up“ with water. What do we look like, water elementals?!" she snorted with laughter. "Like they exist anyways."

Scorpio was about to yell at her again when Aries stepped in between them. "I think I“ve pieced it together." he announced. He turned towards Scorpio. "You“re... a water elemental?"

"Who isn“t?" he said, shooting Sagittarius a glare. "And we“re fire elementals."

Scorpio snorted. "Yeah, and I“m a snail. Fire elementals do not exist. Except in myths."

Leo lifted a hand and conjured a flame. Scorpio felt all of his words vanish as he stared, wide-eyed, at the flame. "Wait... where did you come from anyways?"

"Uh, Firea." Leo said, scratching his head. "And what“s... your side of the wall called?" "Wateria." Scorpio replied, beginning to realise what in Zodiax they were talking about. "You mean... they do exist." he muttered. Suddenly his eyes widened as he remembered his two companions.

"Wait - Pisces, Cancer! I left them!" he yelled, losing his composure for a second. "Uh, who?" Leo asked, but Scorpio was running towards the wall, cradling his bandaged left arm.

"You“re injured!" Aries yelled after him, beginning to run after him. "They“ll kill them if I don“t rescue them first!" Scorpio yelled back, forcing down his panic.

Aries easily caught up to the struggling, dark-haired male and stopped him in his tracks by placing a hand on his shoulder. Scorpio flinched at the heat that his hands emitted.

"Then tell us what happened. Let us help you." he said quietly, as the other two fire signs ran to catch up. Scorpio was about to shake him off, to tell him to mind his own business, when an image of his two friends being executed came to his mind.

"Fine." he said finally. "I... please help my friends. Please help me."

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