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   Chapter 56 No.56

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Adam's boots were slushing in the mud in the backyard. He jiggled the keys to the shed in his left hand as he held gasoline cans in the other. The gas bounced and splashed around inside the container. He slid the key into the lock on the wooden door. He pulled the door open and put the gas cans away where they belonged.

"There we go, " he smacked his hands together.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Kathrine asked Zach from his passenger seat.

Zach turned off the highway and onto the long back road that took them to the lake house.

"Derrick's going to be there. I haven't seen him in a while, " Zach said.

"Do you trust Adam?" Kathrine asked. "I'm okay with Derrick being mad at you if that means we don't have to deal with RED."

"I don't want to deal with RED either, " he shrugged his shoulder. He thought that was obvious. "...but I'm sure we're safe, " his voice was shaky.

"I don't know about this, babe." Kathrine rubbed her forehead.

"We won't stay long... how's that sound?" Za

pistol. The gray barrel and wooden handle shined from the overhead kitchen lights.

"I messed up last time... I can't do it??" Natalie started.

"I don't care. If someone tries to hurt you..." Pam handed the gun to Natalie and wrapped her daughter's hands around it. " shoot."

"I love you, Mom." Natalie met eyes with her mom. Tears were starting to build up in Pam's eyes.

Natalie opened her bag and slid the gun inside.

Honk. Honk.

Natalie turned to the door. "Evelyn's here to get me."

"Don't shoot her again, " Pam chuckled as she wiped her running nose from her emotions.

"Only if I have to, " Natalie said. She zipped her bag and walked outside.

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