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   Chapter 55 No.55

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Derrick threw himself back to his pillows. His bed was finally colder. It had been warm from him being in it all the time. He wasn't out and about the way he really wanted to be anymore. He was thankful for his meeting in the coffee shop with Adam and Evelyn, but he couldn't turn his mind off. He was obsessing over RED, almost as much as Danny was.

He didn't find anything on Adam online. The search only pulled up news articles and websites about his dad, one of Fayetteville's best doctors.

The other thing on his mind wasn't a crazy killer... it was how lonely he had felt lately. It was frustrating him. Like a bug he had accidentally swallowed and he couldn't get it to stop. The butterflies flew around in his stomach and somehow it gave him anxiety. He was watching all of his closest friends move on... he didn't blame them, but it still sucked.

He needed a new start and was desperate f

himself. "RED could be anyone... is this a good idea?"

His mind went back to the other topic it sat on. He thought of how alone he would be sitting at home. He wanted to be safe, and he wouldn't ever give RED a chance to get him... but he wanted to live. He wanted to not just be alive. He had to have his friends. He had to get them back or there wasn't a point anymore. No more nights crying alone. No more wishing he had his best friend Zach back. He had to live... and hiding from RED kept him alive, but he wasn't living.

That sound so fun, man. Thanks! What time on Friday? Derrick sent.

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