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   Chapter 53 No.53

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The photographer let the shutter click in their camera as the flash went off. Sheriff Mullins stood behind them next to Deputy Evans. The red hoodie nailed to the tree was sagging lower than when Danny shot it.

Surrounding them was a yellow police tape wrapped around and between the trees. The wind was making it flap in the air. Other cops were walking around in the crime scene perimeter. The blue lights were flashing in the distance.

"They left a note..., " Sheriff Mullins crossed his arms.

"Not that easy, " Deputy Evans repeated the note. "Was this for us? Or for whoever is in that cabin?"

Deputy Evans walked away from the tree and toward the burned cabin. "They didn't just kill someone out here... they were up to something."

Sheriff Mullins followed at Deputy Evans' side. "With Genni and Jasper, it was a crowbar. With the Thompson boy, it was a gun." He leaned down and grabbed a small log and tossed it from their path. The orange leaves were crunching beneath their feet. "If this was RED that burned this cabin and killed the man inside, why did he do it like this?"

"RED didn't just kill them... they took out his cabin, too. Something was in this cabin."


mean what are we going to do about that? RED has these trademarks now. It's like he's a mythical creature or something. Red hoodies and crowbars everywhere taking people out..."

Sheriff Mullins pulled his hat lower over his face. "I'm about tired of RED killing people in my town. We're finding this bastard, and we're finding him

Fast." He tightened his fist around the arm of his chair. "It's one of those kids in Derrick's squad. They've been under our nose and we just play their games. It's over. We're cracking down."

Deputy Evans grabbed the corner of the bag with the red crowbar and walked out of his office.

Sheriff Mullins leaned forward in his empty office and spun his thumb around his index finger harsh enough to make it burn. "This isn't happening. Not in Fayetteville."

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