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   Chapter 52 No.52

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The bell rang and the teacher was still pumping out whatever English lesson they were learning that day. But when the bell rang, the bell rang. It didn't matter if the teacher was in the middle of the most important thing in the world... class was dismissed.

"Hey, " Evelyn reached forward and grabbed Adam Stone's arm as he walked in front of the classroom. His felt jacket was soft on Evelyn's fingers. The jacket seemed like it cost more than a hundred dollars.

"What?" Adam turned around. He stopped in his tracks and was willing to look at Evelyn. Before class started, he wasn't really able to hold back his emotions and everything was being let out. Now, his eyes had gone back to looking normal, and his cheeks weren't flushed red anymore.

"I'd like to talk with you... if that's okay, " Evelyn asked, still holding on to his arm.

"About what?" Adam didn't tug his arm away from her.

"I just want to make sure you're okay... I think we can relate, " Evelyn let go of his arm. "It's important to talk about stuff."

"I guess so..." Adam looked around the room as the other last student walked passed th

phone and dropped it to her lap. "What is it?"

"I heard her last night in her room... She seemed to be doing really well about the shot and everything. She always appears to be in a good mood and seeing the best in things, right?"

"Yeah! I don't know how she does it, " Kathrine put her elbow on the console between them and leaned her head on her hand.

"I think it's all an act... she was crying really hard in her room last night." "Did you talk to her?"

"I tried... she wouldn't let me. I knocked on the door and asked to come in. She chirped up and shooed me away. She was trying to act like herself... but I know deep down, she's hurting."

"Try to talk to her again today..." Kathrine suggested. "I will if I can, " Zach said.

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