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   Chapter 51 No.51

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Evelyn tapped her purple pen on the ugly desk over and over. She stared at the whiteboard with assignments written in the corner of the board.


She didn't care. It was Wednesday, and she hadn't even started on that stupid paper. Maybe she'll crank it out tonight, or maybe even Thursday night. It was like school was the last thing on her mind. She didn't even focus in class anymore. She used to make good grades, but now she didn't even know what her grade was in this class or any other.

The doorway had students walking through it from time to time. The class was starting soon, and everyone was making their way from the lunchroom. Every time someone walked in, Evelyn would turn and see who it was; then she would turn her head back to her desk within a second.

Then, someone walked in that held her attention. In fact, she almost gasped.

Natalie brushed her hair off her shoulder as she step

ould only turn the waterworks on even more.

"Oh, poor guy, " Evelyn whispered. "What's wrong?" Natalie asked.

The girl sitting behind Natalie looked up from her phone. "His parents are getting a divorce."

Natalie turned around and Evelyn leaned in.

"Adam Stone's parents are getting a divorce?!" Natalie whispered. "Yep. That's what I heard, " she said.

"Welcome to the club... poor guy, " Evelyn said. "You should go talk to him, " Natalie told her.

"I will after class..." Evelyn turned back for her desk.


"That's the bell, " the teacher stood from her desk at the head of the room.

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