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   Chapter 50 No.50

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 4301

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Danny parked his car at his house. He stepped toward the house but turned to the left. He passed the shutter-covered windows and stepped over the dead leaves. The crunching would tell everyone where he was going.

He thought he was alone... but there was someone behind him. Keeping their distance and their red hoodie on, they had been to this house before. They watched Danny. He had to go. He couldn't keep digging.

Danny made his way into the woods and kept going. He passed over the dry creek with mud sticking to the bottom of his boots. RED was following behind, pivoting behind trees to make sure he couldn't turn and see them. It was like a ghost in the distance watching Danny, making sure every move was accounted for. Danny wasn't getting away.

Where are you going, Danny RED thought. Their breath was moving up in the cold air. Even though RED had a backpack full of weapons and tools to take Danny out, they were still scared. Their heart was beating. Faster. Faster.

Almost out of their chest. Their breathing was heavy, but they were getting better at keeping it quiet.

"There, " RED whispered. Their eyes followed Danny as he moved into the tiny cabin.

Danny pulled his blanket off the table to reveal all of his papers and sat his gun on the table. The re

igger three times.


He bolted forward and slung open the door. He thought he would see splattered blood on the back wall of the tiny cabin. He thought RED was inside.


Danny slung his head around, looking through the windows. He was so angry that he didn't notice the clear liquid running over the window. He had stepped over it in the doorway, too.

"No, I've got you, " RED yelled from outside the cabin.

RED ran the match over the box and sparked the end with a small flame. RED slung their arm forward and let go of the match.

The liquid at the doorframe, the gasoline, went up first. Then, the flames quickly moved over to the windows. Every exit to the tiny cabin was lit. Burning the gasoline... then the wood of the cabin.

RED pivoted away and let the cabin turn from wood to ash... with Danny inside.

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