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   Chapter 49 No.49

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"When can I leave?" Natalie leaned against the front desk. Her labeled bracelet pressed against her wrist 24/7 and was making it itch. The barcode and letters gave her an identity to the doctors, but she wanted to rip it off.

"You guys have to see that I'm not crazy." She pulled her hair to the side and made sure to keep her cool. She didn't want to be locked here any longer. "I messed up, and it was an accident."

"Ma'am, we are doing everything we can."

The smell in this wing of the mental institution was sterile, like a bomb of high-class Germ-X exploded on the walls, which was strange to Natalie. It smelt and looked like a hospital, but she wasn't sick.

"Baby..." Pam, Natalie's mother, said from the door to the youth wing.

"Mom!" Natalie felt it like a tidal wave. She hadn't seen her mother in a few days but it felt like years. She ran to her arms and let the tea

t enough, so he thought he needed to do more. He rubbed his scruffy beard that was getting too long. He wasn't wearing his wedding band, but he kept trying to spin it around his ring finger the way he used to before he took it off.

"Everything that's going to happen is for you, Genni. I have to do this... for you, " he whispered.

If Genni could have heard him, she would have toned him down. She would have told him no.

Genni wasn't here anymore... but someone was...

Across the cemetery at the far building??where Derrick was watching him before??was someone in a red hoodie.

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