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   Chapter 47 No.47

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"Genni's dad?C" Derrick started.

"Danny, " Evelyn finished. The smell of coffee was strong. The clinking of glasses ringed in the coffee shop. It wasn't busy, but there were a few scattered friend groups under the fancy decorations. Evelyn and Derrick were sitting on the lime green couch in the corner.

"Yeah, Danny. He didn't just lose Genni." Evelyn's eyebrows rose. "Oh, no."

"I know. Danny lost his daughter and his brother." "His brother? When?"

"Years ago... it was a murder or something, " Derrick took his baseball cap off and sat it on the end table next to his coffee.

"That's RED..." Evelyn's eyes scanned the floor as she tried to piece things together. "Danny is RED."

"I think so..."

"But, wait. That doesn't make sense. He wouldn't kill his own daughter..."

"Maybe he went crazy? Danny is involved somehow, " Derrick was trying his best to put everything together.

"What do we do?" she asked.

"I don't know. An anonymous tip to the sheriff?" Derrick suggested.

"Yeah, you can't bop in there and tell them anything. They hate you, " s

finally getting on the same field. The poles were spinning in unison.

He reached his hand down and unclipped his seatbelt. He reached forward and put his hand behind her smooth hair. He pulled her closer and made the butterflies in her stomach hit another level.

Zach's beard was tickling her face as he kissed her, and she liked it. She reached for his shoulders, not knowing what to do. She had never felt this nervous... this warm. She wanted to keep this moment forever, so she opened her eyes.

When she did, she saw more than just Zach. The windshield was fogging back up, but it wasn't fogged enough to hide the view. Through the misty glass was a red figure, just out of the shining of the headlights.

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