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   Chapter 46 No.46

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"This is crazy... Danny's brother was killed years ago and then Genni?" Derrick's shaking hands fumbled as he tried to pull his phone from his

Pocket. He bit down on the fuzzy yarn of his gloves and slid them off. He kept them between his teeth as he typed.

Man, I'm coming over. I have to tell you something crazy. You home? He texted Zach.

He acted normal as he moved from the corner of the building back to his car. The butterflies and energy made him want to run, but he couldn't make a scene. Then, Danny and his dad would notice him in the distance. He kept his cool and kept his pace. His breathing was heavy but he was getting it to slow down. He put his gloves back on his hands.

He looked over his left shoulder back toward the cemetery. Gone. He couldn't see them anymore. Greenlight.

He took off running, kicking gravel up with every long stride. He grabbed his keys and had them ready as soon as he got to his car. He had to tell Zach. Everyone had to know that Danny was more involved than they thought.

He slammed the heat as high as it could go. He rubbed his ha

on his bed and slid his phone onto the end table.

"Ugh, " he groaned. "I just want my friends back."

It was just a message without a response. He was probably busy and wasn't doing this on purpose. Zach wasn't really trying to ditch Derrick... but it was easy to think that.

Maybe he is. Maybe he is actually done with me just like everyone else. He thought. I don't deserve their forgiveness anyway...

Then, his phone buzzed on the table. He was hoping to see Zach's name, but it wasn't. It was Evelyn.

Hey, I'm home from the hospital and doing fine. I wanted to get coffee with you if you wanted.

He smiled at his phone.

Sure. Be at the coffee shop in ten? Yeah!

I have crazy news to tell you, Eve...

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