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   Chapter 43 No.43

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 3336

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"She is too much of a mess, " Deputy Evans pointed at Natalie through the one-way mirror into the interrogation room. Natalie sat at the metal table; the

One bright light above her bounced off the table and into her swollen eyes. The red rings around her eyes were daunting... she was so tired. So weak.

"She's not RED, " Sheriff Mullins leaned away from the glass. "But we have to handle the gun situation."

"RED will feed off this... you know that, right?" she asked the sheriff.

"Sadly, I know, " he positioned his heavy belt back into its place on his hip and opened the heavy door.

At the table, he reached forward to pat Natalie on the shoulder. She didn't move.

"How did you get the gun, Natalie? It's going to be okay..."

She pulled her hands from her lap and covered her face. She wanted to tell the truth; she really did. But she didn't want to get Robert in trouble. What would happen to him? She loved her mom and step-dad. He is okay, and he still loves you she thoug

they laughed.

Derrick couldn't hear them, nor did he want to. He just kept walking to the almost empty parking lot. He fumbled through his pocket looking for his cold keys. When he looked up, he noticed a truck sitting just a few spaces from his... but it was strange.

Usually, a pretty girl in a blue Mustang parked there. This was a white truck... and the closer he got, Derrick noticed the man in the driver's seat was staring at him. Watching him come closer to his car.

As Derrick made it to his car, he finally noticed who was sitting in the driver's seat.

"Oh, that's just Genni's dad, Danny... what is he doing here?" he whispered to himself.

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