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   Chapter 42 No.42

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"Why don't you even try anymore, Danny!?" Genni's mom yelled. "I am doing more than you know, " he told his wife.

"You're a pig, and I would still have my daughter if you had done more." She slammed her empty whiskey glass on the dining room table.

"Shut up, " Danny, Genni's dad, jumped up from the table. "You get out of my house!"

"No!" She threw the whiskey glass on the floor, letting it shatter like their relationship after Genni's body was found. "You get out of my house!" she yelled back him.

Danny threw his hands up. He stood up from the table and grabbed his heavy jacket from the back of the chair. He didn't say a word as he passed the fireplace on the way to the door. He looked back at Genni's photo above the fireplace. The wooden frame surrounded her smiling face. The burning candle bounced light off the photo. He stared one last time...

"For you, Genni... For you, Steven."

He turned and left it all behind... his wife, his house, ever

sper and Genni's friends... they're so involved in this. I don't think it's all innocent..."

"Here you go!" the carhop handed the food through the window after trading the receipt for the money.


Knock, knock.

"Hey, Mr. Fisher..." Kathrine said, not knowing how to respond. "Hey, " Danny, Genni's dad, turned toward Zach, "Zach, " he nodded. "How are you?" Kathrine asked.

Beep. The hospital machines beeped in the background... he didn't answer her question.

"How is Evelyn?" he asked.

Zach shot his awkward eyes at Kathrine.

"She's okay, " she said with a smile. "She's going to make it." "Well, isn't she lucky..."

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