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   Chapter 39 No.39

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The hospital monitor above Evelyn's head beeped in tune with her heartbeat. The wires connected to her were intimidating, like a robot morphing to her body. She was awake, but she slept as much as she could. Her parents were in and out of the room, but Zach couldn't visit her as much. Kathrine was on her way back to Fayetteville. He knew Evelyn would be okay, and he wanted to be there with Kathrine when she arrived.

Knock. Knock.

Derrick's knuckles softly bounced on the glass door behind the tan curtain. Evelyn's mom looked up from her old, open book.

Derrick nodded and rose his hand, "Is it alright if I?C"

Evelyn's mom propped up from the leather chair, "Yeah, I'll give you a minute." She closed the book but kept her finger on the page she was on, "Derrick, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, " he smiled.

"I'll be in the hall, " she

here, " she opened her arms the best she could.

Derrick leaned in and gave her a warm hug in the cold hospital room. "Now, go finish your apology tour!" She let go of him.

"Hush it, " he joked as he made his way back out of the hospital room. He nodded at Evelyn's mom right outside the glass door. But, he couldn't help but notice that her finger didn't move from that spot in her book... She didn't read a word out there. She was just leaning at the opening in the door.

She stared and watched Derrick as he walked down the hall and turned the corner.

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