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   Chapter 37 No.37

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Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

"She'll love this, " Evelyn said under her breath as she leaned away from her memo board she made Natalie. She knew Natalie was going through way more than she could handle, and she wanted to make her feel loved. It had pictures and memories of all the great times they have had together. From laughing in a photo booth to being kicked out of the park for being too loud too late.

She slid it into the floor of her truck and dropped a blanket over it. Next to it was a basket of all of Natalie's favorite foods. A nice little care package made with everything to make Natalie smile. But, Evelyn made sure not to include anything with the color red in it.

She sat in the driver seat with her messages open on her phone. She was going to message and make sure Nat was home, but if she wasn't s

g over her shoulder as Evelyn opened the trunk of her car.

"Here it is, " Evelyn lunged forward to keep Natalie from seeing... but she dropped it and made another quick move into the trunk. If only the basket hadn't slipped. If only the lunge forward didn't trigger a wave of emotions in Natalie.

"No!" she screamed. Natalie stepped back, in pure terror. Evelyn's simple move set her off... she reached back and grabbed the pistol and didn't even aim. She pointed it at Evelyn and pulled the trigger as fast as she could.

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