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   Chapter 36 No.36

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 2705

Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

"That boy was stupid for wearing the jacket. Why would you wear a red hoodie in this town?" the high school student said as she stepped out of the building and under the balcony toward the parking lot.

"Hey, he had a name..." someone snapped from across the crowd. "Mind your own business, faggot, " she chirped back at him.

Evelyn was walking out next to "the faggot." She remembered Jasper telling her his story in the sandwich shop that day and grabbed the guy's arm.

"Hey, don't listen to her. You're not what she just called you, " she turned her shoulders toward the girl making her way through the parking lot. "Watch your mouth! Don't call him that!"

"What are you going to do about it!?" she yelled as she flopped into the passenger seat of her friend's truck.

Evelyn turned back to the g

talie didn't believe him, and she wrapped her hand around the handle of the pistol hidden in her bag.

"That's all, Nat. I'm sorry, " he said as he perched up from the car and turned to walk away.

He walked away feeling happy. He was proud that he apologized, and he hoped Natalie received it well. If he only knew how close she was to pulling the gun out of the bag and letting all of her anger and frustration out on him right there in the busy, loud, crowded parking lot.

She loosened her grip on the gun and grabbed her keys.

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