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   Chapter 35 No.35

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Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

"You're not supposed to be out, ma'am, " Deputy Evans told her, keeping her flashlight shining in her face.

"Yep, " Natalie said, short and sweet. Her leg was bouncing in and out of the light; she couldn't make it stop.

Deputy Evans leaned in, trying to inspect the inside of her car. If she tilted the flashlight just right, it would expose the gun in her floorboard.

Natalie didn't look up; her eyes were glued on the road where she wanted to keep going. She wanted to keep running, but she couldn't. Maybe Deputy Evans saved her life that night, or maybe someone else's...

After Evans took her license back to the patrol car, she ran it through the identification system. When her face popped on the screen, she remembered it. She remembered the nasty scene sitting right beside the steps to the front porch. Jasper was killed at this girl's house.

Was Natalie this upset that she was

uty Evans to you, sir, " she chuckled. "Hey! I'm the sheriff here!" he smiled.

For a moment, everything was in the back of their minds. RED didn't exist. Jasper, Genni, and the boy in the parking lot were still alive. They forgot about all the horrible things that had been happening in Fayetteville...

Deputy Evans turned from the sunrise and towards the sheriff. Their eyes met... and then closed. Their lips touched, transferring their warmth on the cold morning.

Deputy Marie Evans pulled away, "Is this wrong?" she asked. "I don't care, " he told her as he leaned in for another kiss.

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