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   Chapter 31 No.31

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"Sit down, honey, " Kathrine's mom turned the television off and patted on the space next to her on the couch.

Kathrine dropped her head and rubbed her sweaty palms together. She tried to rub it off onto her jeans but her nerves were getting the best of her.

"You have to promise not to be mad at me..."

"I can't promise that, Kat. You need to tell me what you did. I'm here for you..."

Kathrine let the memories rush back. All the things they said. All the things they did to her. She wasn't those things they called her. She didn't deserve the things they did to her... then she took matters into her own hands.

"Remember those people that wouldn't leave me alone... they wouldn't leave

Us alone."

"I won't forget them, Kat. I can't."

"I wanted to get back at them... so I took their pets. Their sweet dog, one of their cats, and really anything I could get my hands on."

"So, you stole their pets?" her mom looked at the ceiling with her eyebrows scrunched together. "I'm confused..."

"I killed their pets. All of them."

Kathrine's mom let go of her hand. "Why did you do that? That's not okay, Kathrine."

"That's not all..."

She didn't respon

to his car. When he found Genni's body in the river with his dad, he thought he'd never be the same. He had nightmares about that day in the cold river... he even thought about seeing a counselor.

He wasn't thinking when he left his house to go to the store... Why that hoodie? Why today?

Genni's father popped the door open and stormed over the yellow parking spaces to meet him at his car.

"Hey!" he yelled.

He looked up, letting his face hit the light. His red hoodie flopped back to reveal his identity. If only Genni's dad knew who this kid was and what he had done for the Fisher family.

"Hey?" he said. "Ummm, can I help you?" "Yeah, you can, actually."

Genni's dad rose the pistol from the inside of his jacket, set the boy in his aim, and pulled the trigger.

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