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   Chapter 28 No.28

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Zach shoved his face deeper into his pillow. He squeezed the ends of the dark blue pillow case until he almost ripped it apart. He leaned up, tears rolling down his face, grinding his teeth in anger; he slammed his fist into the pillow.

"No!" he yelled. Over and over again. As if he could beat his pillow into making Jasper come back. He lost another friend... all over again.

Evelyn's shadow emerged in his bedroom door. He leaned up, but his tears still blurred his vision. He could see her silhouette change to her wiping her face, too. A sniffle broke the silence.

"Me too, Zach, " she whispered between her tears. She made her way over his dirty clothes and untied shoes to sit on his bed. Zach leaned up to meet her, leaning on her shoulder.

"Who would do this? Why Jasper?" he asked.

Her hands were shaking and she took a deep breath to try to hold back her tears, "I have no idea... if I knew, I would do anything to stop them. But I'm scared that this is so much bigger than we think..."

"It's bigger than we are... it's bigger than I am..." he whispered. "What?" she asked.

"I can't do this, Evelyn. Ho

uld to the press would be helpful.

After Sheriff Mullins gave his speech, he used just the right words for the news outlets to turn it into a catchphrase. There's the Zodiac Killer from California, the Phantom Killer from Texarkana... It didn't take but three hours before all the major news networks shared the term. They showed the picture Jasper took on the square of the person in the hoodie walking down the sidewalk. That was the famous picture.

But nobody was saying "the person in the hoodie" anymore. Everyone in the news made a term that would never be forgotten, and everyone in Fayetteville would hate that color for the rest of its existence... or at least until they figured out the identity.

The killer finally had a name: RED.

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